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Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 31 - Finally

Thank you Ce Ce  !!!!!!!

Yes we're finally on the last day of Janathon - actually it's a bit of a sad day, I'm going to miss my exercise challenges, think I might have to come up with something else, there's plenty to choose from.  Unfortunately my gym membership runs out next week - I'm holding out for a good deal offer to come along!

Another gym day :-

Bike : 11.86 km in 30 mins
Swim : 30 mins

30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - 30 secs
Tricep Dips - 50
Squats - 100
Super Easy Push Ups - 20


Total time spent exercising - 42 hours plus 15.5 hours doing physio strengthening & stretching

Miles Biked - 114 miles

Miles Walked - 60 miles

Total planking time - 30 minutes

Tricep Dips - 1250

Squats - 1450

Super Easy Push Ups - 541

Weight lost - 3 lbs (1 inch lost of waist and hips)

So what did you get out of taking part in Janathon?

Me personally - I know it takes pissing off the rest of the family to a whole new level - having to wait for dinner and clean clothes because you're spending time exercising must be such an inconvenience!   I'm only joking - they've been great really, apart from encouraging the dog to commando crawl under me whilst planking and shouting abuse encouragement.

I think the bingo wings are starting to disappear and  I can definitely feel a difference in my glutes.  They feel much stronger and are becoming toned.

Janathon is great motivation - I spend the whole of January worrying that I haven't done enough and when I'm going to do what I've got planned.  I love the encouragement from other Athoners even if it's only a quick tweet or a well done comment on the blog.

Thank you for reading the blog this month - and for entertaining me with your blogs and tweets!

Til next time .............. that'll be Juneathon then !   I'm off to catch up with the washing and ironing!


  1. That's some impressive stats...well done!

  2. that is incredible! huge WELL DONE you are amazing xx

  3. Bye bye *waves sadly*

    Happy ironing.