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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back to Work

The dreaded day has arrived - post new year back to work. Thank god it's only 2 days and then it's the weekend.

Got up a bit earlier today to get my physio exercises done and dusted.  Bit weak this morning which made the side planks "interesting".   I did manage to start day 1 of the easy push up challenge, although I've made it ultra easy on myself and done it on my knees instead of a proper press up (I did try a proper one, but ended up in crumpled heap on the floor!)

Today's 30 day fitness challenges :

Plank - 20 secs
Tricep dips - 10
Easy press up - 4 (made really easy by doing it on my knees)

I got a bit distracted by birthday cakes in the office this morning - there was a lone Belgian Bun in a sea of Krispy Kreme donuts - it looked a bit out of place and no-one else seemed to want it!

I took my SAD lamp in to work today, I put it on for half an hour whilst drinking my coffee first thing and then turned it off and got on with some work *.   A bit later on I started to feel shivery and tired, and then it started to feel stuffy in the room so we opened the window.  That didn't help so I stuck the lamp on again - hey presto 20 minutes later we were both feeling much better!

Got home just after a nasty downpour and took the dog for a walk down to the West Beach and back - 5k done!

After a sit down and a coffee I jumped on the turbo trainer and managed 20 minutes.

Got a real treat tomorrow - I'm back in the gym :)

*got distracted by Twitter


  1. Those SAD lamps are fantastic. I have one of the alarm clocks. Just out of interest have you given your Brighton Half place to anyone?

    1. I've got an alarm too - but it's cheap and doesn't really work, need to get a more expensive one! I'll DM you x

  2. I have to do side planks as part of my physio too. I'm terrible at them though and can only hold it for 5 seconds. Apologies if you get this comment twice! This is my 2nd attempt at posting it

    1. Side planks are so hard - I nearly puked this morning :( that's funny, I've had trouble replying!

  3. I am dreading going back to work - I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off.

    Well done on your press ups! I cannot do a press up (easy or proper ones) to save my life and I am always impressed by those who can.

    1. I'm disgusted with myself that at nearly 48 years old I can't do a proper press up! Mind you it's taken me nearly a month to do a proper plank ;)

  4. Well done, you did a lot today! I need to get back into doing press up, I can manage about 5 full ones before collapsing!

    1. Thank you! I did 5 super easy on the knees ones today! Will be nice to have some upper body strength to support myself & do them properly!