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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 15 - Are We Nearly There Yet?

Wednesday is weigh-in day.  Bit frustrated that I didn't lose anything this week, need to concentrate a bit harder on what is going in I think !

30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - should be a Rest day, but I did 40 secs
Triceps - Rest day
Squats - 90!
Super Easy Push up - 24

Today is also the day which marks 1 month to go until Danni goes on her Lapland trip - got lots of kit and a bag, just need to work out how it's all going to fit in!

Gym session today :-

Bike - 40 mins 16.5k
Rowing machine - 12mins 1.5k
did my stretches properly too as Cathy, my physio, was in the gym!
Swim - 25 minutes

Back to dog walks and turbo training tomorrow (if Mr B puts the bike on the turbo - if not, I'll dust down Davina Fit).

I picked up my OMM Sonic Smock from Runners Need today - it's very thin and scrunches up very small, it's going to be ideal for taking out on the bike in case of inclement weather, and look at the colour! It's very bright.

Thank you to Steve and Jo for giving me the gift card for Christmas x


  1. Surely there is some muscle weight there?! All those squats! This is why I don't weigh myself and go on how clothes fit and how I feel.

  2. Haha I think maybe the squats are working but, my clothes don't fit and I feel fat, and the big roll of fat around my waist is stopping me from tying my shoelaces without needing oxygen after :( I need to start taking measurements I think :) I don't weigh all the time, it's normally when I don't that I put on weight, only weighing once a week during Janathon. Hubby says I need to stop eating ...... biscuits ;D

  3. I agree with Cat - have you taken some measurements - you've probably lost inches as you've done so much. I speak for experience as in the last 2 weeks I've lost an inch each from my hips and waist but no weight!