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Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 13 - Hail Hurts

Eurgh another 5.15 alarm this morning, thank god it's the only one this week.

I've added a couple of new stretches to my physio list - glute stretch & hamstring stretch!

30 day fitness challenges :

Tricep dips : 45
Squat : Rest day
Super Easy Push up : 18
Plank : 60 secs (but I did do it in 2 goes - my core is rubbish)

Dog walk - 1 mile, half an hour in the very dark at 6am.

Boring day at work, nearly fell asleep posting invoices!

I rushed home to take Archie out for his afternoon walk as the sun was shining through some bits of cloud.  By the time we got to the river bank the sky looked like
This on one side 

This on the other side

and this behind us!
We were quite happily doing this

That is a ball by the way - just in case you were wondering!

When it started to hail, rather hard and Archie picked up his ball and headed for home!

I did manage to catch him up by which time the hail and rain had stopped and we carried on with our walk - 2 miles in 1 hour and a bit!   Archie had a lovely warm shower when he got back - wish I'd captured how dirty he was but I wasn't quick enough.

I know I said I was going to put in some proper Janathon effort today, and I did plan to do something unfortunately the bike hadn't made it back on to the turbo and Mr B was cooking dinner when we got in, then I was going to fire up the Davina Fit DVD but dinner was ready - no chance after cos Mr B is sitting all cosy watching telly!

I promise I will do something more worthwhile tomorrow - I'm back in the gym, might even get to have a swim this time if I get in there early enough.

Thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday - MIL has been discharged from hospital.  She's not too badly hurt and has no recollection of what happened - but that's the Alzheimers.  They move into the temporary accommodation on Wednesday so hopefully they can have a couple of months of settling down time.

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