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Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 17 - POETS Day

It's Friday, at last!

I've come to the conclusion that having a rubbish night's sleep does not help planking performance, neither does having an audience eating breakfast (the audience (daughter) I might add gave up on plankaday on Day 4 - no staying power the youth of today)!

30 day fitness challenge

Plank - pathetic 40 secs
Squat - 45
Tricep dips - 55
Super easy pushups - 24

The fingers are feeling much better today (at the time of drafting this post 0922!), so far, the blister plasters are still insitu and they only get sore when I start using them - as opposed to last night when they just hurt ALL THE TIME.   When I told hubby I'd had an accident he automatically thought I meant on the bike - thanks!   Anyway, thanks everyone who came to my virtual rescue - especially my mate Nikki who said she'd come over and cook me some tea if she lived nearer and Rachel for the blister plaster tip!

Today is POETS day, so that was what I did - left work half an hour early, rushed home to have my passport photos done and head to the beach with the dog !

Dog walk : 5k 1hr 15 mins

Turbo time : 35 mins (say 8k but really no idea)


Bike : 72 miles (6 hours)
Walking : 34 miles (15 hours)
Cross training : 2 miles (time spent 1 hour)
Total time : 23 hours (not including fitness challenge and physio exercise time at 45 mins a day)

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