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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 21 - A pain in the arse!

Got up a bit late this morning so only had chance to do calf stretches and roll, which meant I spent the whole day worrying about when I was going to get my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges done !

First thing that needed doing when I got in from work was to walk the dog.  Another lovely clear, dry day out so we headed to the river bank which is now drying out nicely.   On our return home Archie decided to knock his tennis ball down the bank into the river.  Unfortunately Archie doesn't really like water and won't swim out to get a ball floating in the water, but he will stand at the waters edge barking for all he's worth for someone else to get it for him.  I was stood at the top shouting at him to leave the ball but he wasn't interested, only one thing left for it - me to go down and get him.  Well that was a really stupid idea - this was the photo I tweeted just after
my left arse cheek!
Scrambling back up on to the path was fun!

When we finally got home I showed the damage he'd caused!
2 miles in 1 hour 15 mins including a slide down the riverbank!  Oh and just in case you were wondering - the tennis ball is probably somewhere in the English Channel heading to France.

I then had to do my physio rehab exercises and 30 day fitness challenges (interrupted by a phone call from the mother)

Plank - 65 secs
Tricep dips - 65
Squats - 75
Super Easy Push Up - 30

As soon as I finished that lot I headed to the shed for 40 minutes on the turbo trainer (about 12.5k).

Day 21 well and truly done.