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Friday, 10 January 2014

So glad it's Friday

We're a third of the way through Janathon and I honestly can't believe I'm still going (if I was running I probably would have wussed out by now) especially with these early starts - another 5.15am get up this morning.   I will be so happy to wake up naturally with the daylight tomorrow!

Usual shenanigans between 5.15 and 6ish and then I took the dog for his 1 mile bimble to the marina and back in the pitch black.

30 day fitness challenges :

Tricep Dips - Rest day - back to it tomorrow

Plank - 50 secs (I need to find a way of my feet not slipping on the carpet - anyone got any great ideas other than putting my trainers on?)

Super Easy Push Up - 18 (should have been 16 but I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see what I'd written down)

Easy Squat Challenge - 50 (buns of steel)

I treated myself to a Costa this morning - I think I deserve after all the hard work this week.

This afternoon's dog walk was lovely - we headed over to the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve again, but instead of taking the left fork we took the right fork for a change to the observation "wall".   
There goes the dog!

Didn't know my phone could take such a lovely photo!

The observation "Wall" for watching the birds
I didn't really think the walk through before we left - I didn't take into account that the east side of town has been flooded twice in the last couple of weeks.  The path was fine, things got a bit tricky when we went off into the wooded footpath area - luckily I only fell over once.   I think we'll avoid going that way again until we've had some colder, dryer weather.  

Total dog walking miles today - 5 !

Starting to get excited about taking my bike out ON THE ROAD tomorrow morning with Mr B.   We have a plan, which is a start - and it doesn't involve setting an alarm clock (well I don't think it does).  Also getting a bit worried that I won't enjoy it as much as I think I'm going to or that I get scared and cry - my anxiety knows no bounds!

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