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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day 25 - Busy, Busy, Busy

As I said yesterday, hubby's working all weekend so I've had to do EVERYTHING.  Before heading out with the dog for morning walkies I did my calf stretches, and put some washing on.

1 and a bit miles - 40 minutes - it was a bit foggy along the river and out to sea!

I then had to go and do the food shopping - this involved first going to Aldi and getting everything on the list that I possibly could - anything leftover meant a quick drive next door (you can't leave your car in either car park cos of the fine thingy!) to Tesco where I finished the list.  The only thing left over was my favourite yogurt which comes from Lidl, which is on the way home.

Once I'd unpacked it all and put it away I made myself a fish finger sandwich for lunch - that has got to be one of the best lunches ever invented on the whole planet.  I had the posh version with tartare sauce!

Having caught up with Friday night's Silent Witness I took the dog out for a longer walk to Tidemills - tomorrow's weather is not looking good so a decent walk was needed today.
bit choppy out at sea
4.9k in 1 hour 45 mins (we bumped into a friend & got chatting and played lots of ball)

On the way back we watched this lovely sunset

After the dog walk I made a start on my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges :-

Tricep dips - Rest day
Squats - 50
Super Easy Push Ups - 34

PLANK - 75 seconds


  1. Busy lady! great photos :)

  2. Fish finger sandwiches - yum! Lovely photo's :-)

  3. mmmmm fish finger sandwich droooooooooooool