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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Hump Day - Janathon Day 8

Didn't have a very good night's sleep - dog decided it was cuddle night & wouldn't get off the bed, or sleep in a convenient place on the bed, plus I had a niggling pain in my knee so I was a bit grumpy this morning.

Hump day also brings Wednesday Weigh In - I've lost 1lb, which I'm pleased about considering most of the week has been spent clearing up the odd bits of Christmas delights - there's still some chocolate to go! Shaun has done wonders with evening meals this week, I've just got to get my head round the rest of the day.   Only another 27 lbs to go and I'll be in a much better place.  Good job I've spent so long on the turbo!

Physio exercises took a bit of doing this morning - probably due to lack of sleep.  Side plank on my left side was hard work but the right was much better, and I'm really feeling the difference with the resistance band for my glute exercises.

30 day fitness challenges went a bit like this :-

Tricep dips - 30 (although I did have to have a break at 20 and then do the other 10)

Plank - 45 secs (another shaky, wobbly, swearing, crying 45 secs - just looked at the plan and it reckons I'm going to do 60 secs tomorrow - pah, I don't think so, will need to adjust that I think)

Super Easy Push Up Challenge - Rest day

This afternoon's dog walk was very enjoyable - we walked to Riverside Park and walked along the riverbank

It was extremely muddy, but Archie still enjoyed a good game of ball - we did about 2 miles and were out for over an hour until it got dark!  I did wear my Garmin to measure it but it reckoned we only did half a mile and were out for 15 minutes - whatever!

I'm not turbo-ing today, lower legs are a little sore today and I've got two days to go of double dog walks.  I need to be sensible about my recovery so no more bike until the weekend.   I'm now sitting on the sofa with my "chopped liver" ice pack on my shins.   

I will have to find another challenge to add to the list.

Happy Hump Day


  1. 30 tricep dips!!! yikes

    1. 35 tomorrow! it's the 60 sec plank I'm stressing about, 45 secs is swearing enough :)

  2. 30 tri dips is pretty good (as is 20 + 10 later!) the planking is all in your mind! you can do it!!

  3. I always do horrible things like tricep dips in sets of 10s! Well done on a 1lb gone. Slow and steady works and stays off!