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Sunday, 5 January 2014

It's not raining .......... yet!

What is this not waking up until 9am - good job it's not a work day!

Mr B wanted to go out on the bike this morning - only fair as it wasn't raining, so I took the dog out for a walk.   It was supposed to be the longest walk I've done with him since the injury but absolutely no idea what's wrong with the Garmin, but it thinks we did 4 miles in an hour - which considering we left the house at 10am and got back at 12 is a tad confusing.   I can't even download the stupid thing on to RunningFree so I'll just have to enter it manually!

This is where we walked - the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve - it's well and truly flooded now and a great place for Twitchers! 
 It's also part of the Cycle Network and is a great place for running!

The path eventually ends up at a local attraction called Tide Mills, and then on to the beach, locally known as East Side (or during bad weather - the side of town that always gets flooded)

In the background you can see Seaford Head - yes that's Archie with his favourite toy - a ball!

As soon as we got back I changed into my cycle kit and did 35 minutes on the turbo trainer whilst Mr B lovingly cleaned his road bike, and then I did my glute strengthening exercises and 30 day fitness challenges.

Tonight I am tackling the hugest piling of ironing anyone has ever seen !

Janathon Day 5 stats :-

Stretches = done
Dog walk - 4 miles according to the Garmin in 2 hours (it lies - its probably more like 5!)
Turbo - 35 minutes
Glute strengthening = done
Plank (even though today is a Rest day on 30 day fitness challenge - 30 secs)
Tricep Dips - Rest day
Super Easy Push ups - 5


  1. Sounds very tiring! Well done!

    1. I'm struggling to get the ironing board out of the cupboard - just want to sit here :(

  2. Blimey - that's a lot to squeeze into a day - well done!

    1. I did wonder how I was going to get through the day ! Tired now

  3. Oh you've been a busy bee. You're so lucky living near the sea!

    1. Haven't I? We are lucky, I love living here, lots of lovely places to walk, run and cycle :)

  4. Looks like a great place to run/cycle etc etc. I love the beach.