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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 26 - Oh My Quads!

Although hubby was working this morning he didn't start until a bit later so he kindly got up and walked the dog for me this morning, and made me a cup of tea which I drank in bed!

As it was absolutely tipping it down and daughter wanted a lift to work I had to do my physio and 30 day challenges in two bits but here are the totals :-

Squats - 125!!!!!
Tricep dips - 80
Super easy push ups - 36

PLANK - 80 secs

I then went out on the turbo trainer for 45 minutes

 - my quads now hate me.   I did wear my new cycling shoes which hubby got from Halfords for £20 !

I find it quite funny that my leisure footwear now outnumbers my everyday footwear !

Luckily the rain stopped/calmed down at about 3pm so I headed out with Archie for his afternoon walk - 2 miles in 45 minutes and we saw this amazing rainbow.

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  1. Oooooh lovely noooo shoooos! And a very pretty rainbow.