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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 14 - A Lie In!

No early dog walk this morning as Mr B has a day off so I was allowed to lie in til 6am!  Busy morning even before getting off to work packing some healthy lunch for me and Danni.   Physio exercises and stretches done, interspersed with 30 day fitness challenge :

Tricep dips : 50
Super easy push up : 22
Easy Squat : 60

Yesterday I tweeted a young lady I'm following on Twitter after she'd said she'd done a 100 secs plank. I asked her for some tips as you'll all know I'm struggling with getting past 50 secs without a bit of a wobble and a mild amount of cheating.  She suggested grit and determination and listening to some good music.   I told her I've been planking to the BBC News, apparently that's the problem.   Listen to Bastille she said - so this morning I popped in my earplugs and listened to Pompeii whilst planking!   It only bloody works - 60 secs, wobble free, no knee down or bum up just a good 1 minute plank!  How amazing is that!

I wasn't really looking forward to going to the gym following my last visit when they were queuing for everything!  But, today I went a couple of hours earlier so was hopeful it would be a bit calmer.   It couldn't have been better, only about 6 people in the cardio and machine area (couldn't tell you about the inner sanctum of the weights area as I wasn't intending to head there).

Today's gym session looked like this

Bike : 30 mins - 12.5k
Cross Trainer : 10 mins 0.5k
Rowing machine : 6.5 mins 1k
Swim : 30 minutes

Back to the gym tomorrow.

Day 14 done !

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