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Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 27 Fighting talk!

Apparently I was giggling in my sleep in the early hours - wish I could remember the dream!

Up at 6am to get this lot out of the way :-

Plank -  75 secs (it should've been 85 or 90 so I'm a bit disappointed)

Squat - 50
Tricep Dips - 85 !!!!!
Super Easy Push ups - 38

2 mile afternoon dog walk along the riverbank - I'm going to stop going down there, nearly had another date with arse over head.  It's so muddy and I'm useless at standing on my own two feet - imagine bambi on ice, yep that's me!

One bonus of tonight's walk - we saw one of these gorgeous little birds
I love seeing these little birds on our smelly, overgrown brook especially as there is a mink which wanders the banks regularly!

Meeting with the Council tonight about the future of Riverside Park - should be interesting as the  District Council want to use it for housing!

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