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Friday, 3 January 2014

It's Friday! Janathon day 3

I'd forgotten how tired you get during Janathon - a mixture of exercise and late nights also makes for a very good night's sleep.   My light alarm didn't wake me up this morning - but at least it woke hubby!

I was supposed to get up a bit earlier this morning to get my exercises done and pack my gym bag - instead it was a rushed morning which saw the porridge oats scoot from the jar all over the kitchen top!  I did manage my exercises though without incident!  I actually counted my glute exercises this morning, something I've done occasionally since Cathy gave them to me to see if "fatigue" is getting longer.  When I started I was only doing about 25 of each - today I counted 50!   Good to see some things improving!  I'm also pushing the stretches out further too.

30 day fitness challenges are going according to plan too :-

Plank - 30 secs
Tricep Dips - 15 dips
Super Easy Push up - 5 push ups

Unfortunately there was another batch of birthday cake and whilst I managed to steer clear of the doughnuts I was sidetracked by a piece of flapjack that looked similar to a 9-Bar (pumpkin seeds etc).

I was supposed to go to the gym today, but unfortunately that was scuppered by my father in law locking himself out of the house and us being the only spare keyholder in the country!  Two hour round trip by hubby meant I had to come home and walk the dog.   The weather was ok when we started out - couldn't go anywhere exciting as it was pitch black.  As we were getting close to getting back home the heavens opened and it hailed - really hard, then it absolutely tipped it down and we got soaked!  1 and a bit miles done.  Poor Archie - don't think he's had a dry walk all week.

Really should've gone on the turbo trainer tonight but didn't fancy a second drenching walking from the back door to the shed!

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  1. I think we're the only part of the UK not to have had hail today if Janathon blogs are anything to go by!!