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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Juneathon Day 29 - I'm out !

I can't believe that with one day to go I'm ringing the drop out bell.   The plan was to go out on the bike today and do 20 miles, unfortunately I didn't reckon on my favourite saboteur getting sidetracked and then running out of time.   I haven't even reached my step target today - only missed it by 1,663 but I seriously have run out of energy to go for another walk! 

Today's target was 13,570 which ordinarily wouldn't have been a problem, hubby shot out and did the morning dog walk and then we headed off to do a small food shop.   He then decided to drive to Lancing to look round a motorhome dealership, and then back to Peacehaven to look round this

That took us up until 2.30pm - he kept promising we could go out after the afternoon dog walk, but that ended up with going via the pub and not getting home until 6!   By that time I'd given up on the whole day and decided Juneathon was finishing today.   To be fair I feel like I've been a bit of a lightweight during this whole thing.  I thought it would be a lot easier to get out on the bike than it has been but I didn't reckon on Mr B putting up obstacles at every point, he really hasn't embraced the whole Juneathon thing this year.

So that's that - I'm out!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 410,671
Distance : 281k (175 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles

On the Garmin Connect 95k challenge I'm 4th this week!

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