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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Juneathon Day 26 - Iffy weather stops bike ride!

Sorry this is getting really repetitive - I'm hoping that next year's Juneathon will involve something more exciting ........ like running!

Today's step goal was 13,812.

Today's walk into work was a little different - I got off at the usual stop and walked along Marine Parade.  When I reached the steps that take you from Marine Parade down on to Madeira Drive I took a diversion and carried on walking past the wheel and Brighton Pier and carried on towards the poor old West Pier and then crossed over to walk up to work!   That made a nice change.

Dog walk this afternoon was a slow one, Archie seems to be running out of enthusiasm for walking this week so we took it slowly, stopping every now and then to play ball or chase rabbits (Archie that is, not me).  

I was aiming to go out on the bike tonight but when hubby got back from work the sky looked like it was about to dump a load of rain - so no bike ride.   There will be no bike ride tomorrow as we're off to see Dawn French at the Theatre Royal and Saturday we are having a family party for a double celebration (more of that in Saturday's post).

Today's total steps are 15,149 = 6.6 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 377,267
Distance : 258k (161 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles 


  1. I must admit I am getting to quite enjoy the cycling to and from work! Enjoy Dawn French and the party xx

    1. Sorry Alma only just spotted your comment! I really wish I could cycle to work, but there's nowhere safe enough to keep the bike when I get there! This month's weather has been amazing & I've been very jealous of everyone who I've come across cycling into Brighton!