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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Juneathon Day 8 - Supporting, cycling, pub and a BBQ!

Got up early this morning to head out on the bike to get to Seaford to support at the Half Marathon.   It was lovely on the road just after 8am, hardly a soul about!   Found all the Bosh runners at the meeting point - it was great to see everyone and meet new friends.   We all walked down to the start line where I left them and cycled off down the promenade to cheer them further up the route.    After they'd all gone through I headed back down to the start/finish area to find the other supporters but couldn't find anyone so headed off to cycle my weekday route.

I even tried the hill Shaun's had me working on - on my own.   Didn't get very far up as there were lots of cars driving up to the hilltop!   I headed back to the seafront to look for Julia and wait for the runners to return to the finish line.     After we'd cheered everyone back over the finish line I headed for home, not expecting to see Shaun coming out on his bike to meet me.  I wasn't really ready to go home so we headed back out to the Barn hill to give it another go!

This time I got a bit further up - so excited.   Up until this point my elevation gain on these rides has only been about 60m, but today I got to 106m.    I've been trying really hard to get up this hill so it's great to actually see an improvement.
getting closer to the top!

scary downhill now I'm further up!
My step target today was 12,268.  I was a bit worried about how I was going to achieve this many steps spending all morning on the bike but somehow I have and I've actually done 15,492 (10.8k).   This afternoon we had a lovely walk with the dog to meet daughter from work, play ball in the local park and then to the pub for a quick drink before heading home for the first BBQ of the year - apparently the first one we've had in 2 years!  

Can't believe we're into the second week of Juneathon already!    How's everyone else doing - I'm a bit behind on blog reading!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 112,234
Distance : 79k (49 miles)
Cycle : 37 miles 

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