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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Juneathon Day 3 First Ever Solo Ride on my Road Bike!

Last night hubby informed me that I was getting up early to do the morning dog walk - the alarms went off at 5am (at least it's light at 5am unlike in January when I was doing early dog walks - in all weathers).    It was quite nice first thing, Archie and I headed down to our favourite morning walk along the riverbank to the marina and back again.

My goal steps today were 11,793 so with the dog walk and getting off the bus a mile from work this morning I was well on the way to reaching my target by the time I got home and took Archie for his afternoon walk around the park and along the riverbank.

I'd been keeping an eye on the weather forecast since the weekend and decided that today was the day we were going out on the bikes after work - OH was due back nice and early so had time to get the bikes ready whilst I was out walking Archie.  When I got home he was watching telly, obviously not going anywhere!   He was too tired so I ummed and arred (went on FB and Twitter for a moan) and in the end decided I was going out alone.   Not something I've done yet on Dawesy, I've been far too scared.

I took a route we've done regularly during the week apart from the hill which I struggle to get up.  There were a couple of inclines thrown in but nothing too taxing, I just wanted to ride!   So glad I went now.  Apparently he was testing me to see whether I'd go alone or not!

All in all a good Juneathon day today :-

Steps total today is 16,398 = 11.5k (quite a few more steps than goal!)

I'm still trying to work out how the Vivofit works.  Despite the fact I've smashed my steps goal, been out on the bike for an hour and not sat still at work I'm still over 50% sedentary, including only having 6.5 hours sleep!  If anyone knows how to get the highly active to show too that would be great to know!

Forecast for tomorrow is pelting down with rain all day - so the bike will be going on the turbo trainer !

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 43,993
Distance : 30.72k (19 miles)
Cycle : 10 miles 


  1. do you recommend the vivofit? I so badly want one (I use a garmin anyway so it would make more sense than a fitbit or whatever) but does it do any other cool stuff apart from counting steps?

    1. I do recommend it hon - it makes you paranoid about sitting on your bum for too long. It's got a HRM which I like and it also analyses your sleep patterns - I never knew how much I moved about when I'm asleep (which I think is the coolest thing about the Vivofit). Come find me on Garmin Connect - Lilbee67 and have a look at what you get. You can also take part in step challenges - I guess it all depends on how competitive you are. I'm still learning how it works (got it in April). I find it quite frustrating though that I'm so sedentary and can't work out how. I know I've got a job that I spend a lot of time sitting down but apart from that I'm walking and cycling and it rarely goes below 45%!