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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Juneathon Day 17 - Bugs

Bit late tonight - on account of a long dog walk and a bike ride before dinner - more of that to come.

Today's step target was 13,302.  Another lovely summers day and although I got up later than planned I managed a slightly longer walk into work this morning.

After work I took Archie out for his walk - or more appropriately Archie took me for a walk down to the beach.  We haven't done this walk for ages so it was nice for a change.   After 2 hours I wasn't sure I had enough energy to go out on the bike.   It all depended on whether OH had left my bike off the rack and ready to go.   When I got back I checked the shed - yep Dawesy was on the floor and ready to ride.

I quickly got changed (faffed around on Twitter) and headed out to repeat yesterdays 8 mile out and back.  I really pushed myself and managed an average speed of over 12 mph (yippee).   A much better ride tonight with no idiots to ting my bell at or yell at and lots of happy, smiley runners and cyclists to nod & smile back at.

The only downside to summer evening rides is the bugs - they really don't taste very nice, and the ones that just jump to the back of your throat are horrid !

This was me for most of my ride
no wonder the bugs found their way in, really mustn't be so happy when I'm riding!

A nice 8 miles in 40 minutes!

Thought you might like to see how this year's food crops are doing
Courgettes coming on nicely

Some tomatoes - the other two plants are similar

Some green stuff which is a bit like spring greens so I'm told!

Broad beans flowering - first year we've grown these!

Today's total steps are 16,753 = 7.28 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 249,441
Distance : 173k (107 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

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