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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Juneathon Day 5 - DOMS!

I got up this morning and felt the full force of yesterday's bike ride in the high winds - I ached all over - shoulders, back, arms and the tops of my legs - a reminder that Juneathon is here!

Today's step target was 11,986 - Vivofit had kindly dropped my target after yesterday's inability to do the remaining 1,000 steps.   It was a lovely morning so I decided to get off the bus and do the mile walk into work

Walk to work selfie
 After work I headed home to walk Archie - apart from that bloody eyesore (an incinerator)  I absolutely love the walk around the park and then down the riverbank and back.  Today we saw a sparrowhawk hunting for his dinner - that little black spot in the sky is a sparrowhawk (we were very close) and not a black speck on your screen!

Step challenge wise I've done 14,854 (made up for the 1,000 I missed yesterday and added some).   Didn't get out on the bike today - the bike was off the rack and ready to go but I needed to spend some time with my daughter.

I found the photo I took yesterday of the lovely view

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 69,869
Distance : 48.69k (30 miles)
Cycle : 21 miles 

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