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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Juneathon Day 11 - A bit further

Today's step target was 12,629 so I got off the bus early and walked along the prom into work.

After work I headed home and took Archie out for his walk with hubby for a change!

After the dog walk Shaun got my bike out of the shed - he'd been on rest day and had already done a 40 odd K bike ride so tonight was another solo one.   I'm still trying to get up a hill at the turnaround point on my weekday circuit.   Tonight I got a little bit further up - it took two attempts as it was busy with cars driving up and down it!

First stop

Nice view - whilst I got my breath back

Second attempt & practice standing up pedalling

and then there's the downhill!
The highest elevation gain I've had on this ride has been 60m - tonight's effort took me up to 80m!!!!!!   I'm determined to get to the top before the end of the month.  A nice 11 mile ride in 1hr 3 mins.

Total steps for the day was 14,165 = 9.9km

Wednesday weigh in - stayed the same at 71.7kgs (need to concentrate!)

Something different for tomorrow - I'm going for a trial session and I'll update you in tomorrow's post.

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 154,950
Distance : 108k (67 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

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