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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Juneathon Day 29 - I'm out !

I can't believe that with one day to go I'm ringing the drop out bell.   The plan was to go out on the bike today and do 20 miles, unfortunately I didn't reckon on my favourite saboteur getting sidetracked and then running out of time.   I haven't even reached my step target today - only missed it by 1,663 but I seriously have run out of energy to go for another walk! 

Today's target was 13,570 which ordinarily wouldn't have been a problem, hubby shot out and did the morning dog walk and then we headed off to do a small food shop.   He then decided to drive to Lancing to look round a motorhome dealership, and then back to Peacehaven to look round this

That took us up until 2.30pm - he kept promising we could go out after the afternoon dog walk, but that ended up with going via the pub and not getting home until 6!   By that time I'd given up on the whole day and decided Juneathon was finishing today.   To be fair I feel like I've been a bit of a lightweight during this whole thing.  I thought it would be a lot easier to get out on the bike than it has been but I didn't reckon on Mr B putting up obstacles at every point, he really hasn't embraced the whole Juneathon thing this year.

So that's that - I'm out!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 410,671
Distance : 281k (175 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles

On the Garmin Connect 95k challenge I'm 4th this week!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Juneathon Days 27 & 28 - One good, one bad!

I've got a bit behind with the logging and blogging but I have good reason - excuses later!

Friday (27th) I had a lovely walk into work, instead of walking along Marine Parade (top road) I got off at Marine Gate and dropped down onto Madeira Drive and walked along the beach path. 

Way to go!

Started from there

Usually walk up there!
 In Brighton you should never be surprised at what you witness even at 8.30 in the morning.   On Friday I saw a man doing push-ups in his budgie-smugglers, a number of people working with PTs including this young lady who was really going for it with the TRX hooked up to an arch!
I also spotted these strange pictures on the pavement - apparently it's interactive music "Walk of Fame" experience - one of these every few steps shows a musical link to Brighton (from Abba to The Who)

 and then I walked past Steve Ovett (it's traditional - apparently - to rub the big guys foot)

 After work I took Archie out for his walk and then hubby and I headed back into Brighton for dinner and to see Dawn French at The Theatre Royal in her show "30 million minutes".   If you're a fan of Dawn French and haven't been yet - go!   She'll having you roaring with laughter, crying with sadness and pity, and then crying with laughter! 

 A fantastic way to start my week's holiday and our wedding anniversary celebrations.

Day 27 steps were 16,877 = 7.3 miles

On to Day 28 - today has been a massive fail on the steps front and it was always going to be.  I hope I can be excused from failing because today was all about celebrations, spending time with much loved family and friends.  Today was the celebration of my parents 50th wedding anniversary and our 25th.   There's not much more I can say about today except that it was amazing, we've reminisced, eaten, drunk and generally had a bloody good laugh.  Here's a few photos

One of my gorgeous bridesmaids 25 years ago and her daughter

The young ones!

my amazing parents

Today's rubbish total steps are 4,620 = 2 miles 

Day 29 will be much better - if it's not chucking it down with rain we ARE going out on the bikes!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 398,764
Distance : 273k (170 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Juneathon Day 26 - Iffy weather stops bike ride!

Sorry this is getting really repetitive - I'm hoping that next year's Juneathon will involve something more exciting ........ like running!

Today's step goal was 13,812.

Today's walk into work was a little different - I got off at the usual stop and walked along Marine Parade.  When I reached the steps that take you from Marine Parade down on to Madeira Drive I took a diversion and carried on walking past the wheel and Brighton Pier and carried on towards the poor old West Pier and then crossed over to walk up to work!   That made a nice change.

Dog walk this afternoon was a slow one, Archie seems to be running out of enthusiasm for walking this week so we took it slowly, stopping every now and then to play ball or chase rabbits (Archie that is, not me).  

I was aiming to go out on the bike tonight but when hubby got back from work the sky looked like it was about to dump a load of rain - so no bike ride.   There will be no bike ride tomorrow as we're off to see Dawn French at the Theatre Royal and Saturday we are having a family party for a double celebration (more of that in Saturday's post).

Today's total steps are 15,149 = 6.6 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 377,267
Distance : 258k (161 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Juneathon Day 25 - The Weakest Link

Today's step goal was 13,600.

After I'd taken the dog out I headed back into Brighton to support friends and fellow Bosh runners at an event called The Weakest Link.    The basic idea is a team relay race of 4 members per team.   Each team member runs a leg which is 2.5k in length and then the whole team run a leg together and the finishing time is taken as soon as the fourth member of the team crosses the line.   It was absolute chaos with lots of teams but a lovely atmosphere.  A lovely way to spend a June evening.  I did take some photos but they're rubbish!

Today's total steps are 16,825 = 7.4 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 362,118
Distance : 248k (155 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Juneathon Day 24 - Death on the streets ..... nearly!

Today's step goal was 13,556.

Did the usual walk in to work this morning and then met up with hubby for the afternoon dog walk.  I thought we'd arranged to go out on the bikes this evening but he seemed to have forgotten that ........ so I went out on my own.   Really wish I hadn't bothered - nearly got taken out by  a car pulling out of a side road and then another cyclist was in the middle of the cyclepath coming towards me looking at his feet!  Two very near misses - I may have scared the shit out of the cyclist by yelling "look up you wanker".   Not sure if he ended up in the vegetation at the side of the path but to be honest I really don't give a toss!  I take no prisoners on the cyclepath - if you're in my way beware - especially if I'm on a Strava segment.

9.7 miles in 48 minutes - think it was a bit more than that but the age old problem of locating satellites cropped up!

I've just downloaded my Garmin to Strava - I got a PR on a little hill.   It's amazing to see these little improvements, I really struggled to get up without going into the lowest gear possible when I first went up it 5 months ago! 

I'm also in 1st place on the 95k step challenge on Garmin Connect with 5 days to go!  

Today's total steps are 14,403  = 6.3 miles 

Tomorrow I'm supporting at a local race event called The Weakest Link - I'll tell you more about it in tomorrow's blog, hopefully I'll get back in time!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 345,293
Distance : 240k (148 miles)
Cycle : 93 miles 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 23 - Hot .......... again !

Today's step goal was 13,491.          

Not much to report today apart from Archie getting a bit hot on his walk and ball playing this afternoon

Time to stop with the ball & go home!
"We" (not me) decided not to ride tonight as tomorrow's forecast was ok and we had more time.  The forecast has now changed and tomorrow evening it's going to rain!   Hope it's wrong because I haven't got many days I can ride this week!    "We" (not me) also decided to have fish & chips for tea, so bang goes my calorie controlled day!

Today's total steps are 14,667  = 6.4 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 330,890
Distance : 230k (142 miles)
Cycle : 85 miles 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Juneathon Day 22 - A proper bike ride

Today's step target was 13,453 - I got up and took Archie out whilst hubby got the bikes ready for a trip out.  We'd decided that hubby would ride to the meeting point at the Long Man and I would drive out and meet him and then we'd cycle out together.

It was very hot - really we should've got up earlier and gone out but never mind, just had to get on with it.  Luckily I'd decided to wear my vest top and SF50!

Really pleased with how the ride went - I've really struggled to get up the hill on the return to the car but today I managed it with a couple of "shoves of hope" from Mr B.  Isn't it great when you see an improvement!

A lovely 20 mile ride around the roads of Sussex in 1 hour 37 mins.   Looks like I might be getting a bit quicker too!

We took the dog out for his walk this afternoon which meant that I got to complete my step goal for the day.

Today's total steps are 14,129  = 6.1 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 316,223
Distance : 220k (136 miles)
Cycle : 85 miles 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Juneathon Day 21 - The long one!

Today should've been an easy day to get the steps done - my stomach had other ideas following lunch!

Today's step goal was 13,795

We did get the chance to walk around some lovely motorhomes at a local show.  It's been a long time (25 years in fact) dream to own a motorhome and go off for long weekends and holidays all over the place and of course spend 3 weeks in France following our favourite cycle race - the Tour de France.   Going was probably a big mistake as it's made us realise just how much we want one, unfortunately we don't have enough money (and we don't like borrowing) and we have nowhere to store the thing.   It will happen but we'll just have to wait a bit longer.   At least now we have an idea of which one we want (or the layout and setup anyway).   These are some of the ones we liked

Old skool & basic


Mr B liked the cab in this one!

BIG money 

Our favourite - it has a garage & a lovely big bathroom

and a separate sleeping area!
Because of the dodgy stomach situation I didn't get to take the dog out this afternoon or get out for a short bike ride so today is a big fat fail.  Hoping to make up for it tomorrow with a bike ride (which is far more like Juneathon).   I am not ringing that drop out bell yet!

Today's total steps are 6,948  = 3 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 302,094
Distance : 210k (130 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Juneathon Day 20 - Man flu

Today's step goal was 13,657.   The usual morning walk into work from Brighton Marina along the promenade and when I got in was told most of the management team were off on a golf day - it was going to be a very long day!

On the way home got a message from OH to say he'd been asleep all day and hadn't done anything 'cos he was aching all over - great manflu alert.   The poor dog hadn't been out very far so off we trundled to the local Park.  

I was supposed to be going out on the bike tonight but there was so much to do thanks to Mr Manflu I just had to let it go!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get out even if it's on my own although if OH is still crook I'll be doing 2 dog walks, the shopping and the washing!

On the upside - today's total steps are 15,362 = 6.7 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 295,146
Distance : 205k (127 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Juneathon Day 19 - Podiatrist

Today's step target was 13,495.  Got up a bit earlier this morning so I was able to walk a bit into work
It was a lovely morning

The sea was dead flat & seemed to go on forever this morning
After work I had my Podiatrist assessment.  I've got another set of orthotics.  The Podiatrist doesn't think there's anything else they can do so I've got to go back to the GP and request a physio referral.  I'm slightly worried about seeing an NHS physio following a previous experience of having a "mass appointment" with a physio and being left in a cubicle to do exercises and only 2 visits.   I think I'm going to wait until after my holiday in a couple of weeks before I visit the Doc.

Because of the appointment I was struggling to get my steps done so I met Shaun and the dog on the other side of town where they were playing ball.  To celebrate getting through the day intact we went to the pub for a pint!

Today's total steps are 16,651 = 7 miles 

Tomorrow? No idea! 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 279,784
Distance : 195k (120 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Juneathon Day 18 - Slacking but I blame Mr B!

Today's step goal was 13,478

Usual walk into work.

Dog walk after - got a bit worried about the clouds moving over the Downs!

The photo doesn't do the blackness much justice!

Mr B was supposed to get back from his meeting by 6pm and had promised me he would come out for a bike ride with me.   He didn't get back until gone 6.30pm and was too knackered and fed up to go out so we didn't.  Bit disappointed, if I'd known that was going to happen I'd have gone out at 6pm without him.

Wednesday weigh in - stayed the same ......... again!

Podiatrist appointment tomorrow to get my orthotics and review progress of my recovery!  Feet are much better but the calves are still tight and some days the shins hurt too. 

Today's total steps are 13,692 = 6 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 263,133
Distance : 183k (113 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Juneathon Day 17 - Bugs

Bit late tonight - on account of a long dog walk and a bike ride before dinner - more of that to come.

Today's step target was 13,302.  Another lovely summers day and although I got up later than planned I managed a slightly longer walk into work this morning.

After work I took Archie out for his walk - or more appropriately Archie took me for a walk down to the beach.  We haven't done this walk for ages so it was nice for a change.   After 2 hours I wasn't sure I had enough energy to go out on the bike.   It all depended on whether OH had left my bike off the rack and ready to go.   When I got back I checked the shed - yep Dawesy was on the floor and ready to ride.

I quickly got changed (faffed around on Twitter) and headed out to repeat yesterdays 8 mile out and back.  I really pushed myself and managed an average speed of over 12 mph (yippee).   A much better ride tonight with no idiots to ting my bell at or yell at and lots of happy, smiley runners and cyclists to nod & smile back at.

The only downside to summer evening rides is the bugs - they really don't taste very nice, and the ones that just jump to the back of your throat are horrid !

This was me for most of my ride
no wonder the bugs found their way in, really mustn't be so happy when I'm riding!

A nice 8 miles in 40 minutes!

Thought you might like to see how this year's food crops are doing
Courgettes coming on nicely

Some tomatoes - the other two plants are similar

Some green stuff which is a bit like spring greens so I'm told!

Broad beans flowering - first year we've grown these!

Today's total steps are 16,753 = 7.28 miles 

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 249,441
Distance : 173k (107 miles)
Cycle : 65 miles 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Juneathon Day 16 - A Ride!

I promised a photo of Mr B after he'd done the London 2 Brighton bike ride

Back to today - step goal was 13,256, to be honest thought I was going to really struggle with even getting up and going to work but I did.  Got up too late to be able to walk in to work from very far so got off a couple of stops early just to make a little dent.   I even went on an errand to the Post Office for my boss just to add a few more steps.

After work I took Archie down to the playing field on the other side of town and we played ball for a bit.   As soon as we got back I got changed into my cycling kit and went out on the bike ........ on my own ........ again!    Only 8 miles in 42 minutes.  It was very windy and there were lots of people on the shared path, walking in the middle of it - I may have overused my bell tonight, and I may have developed Tourettes!

Shaun's back late tonight and tomorrow - so another lone ride tomorrow providing it's not raining.

Today's total steps are 13,741 = 10km

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 232,688
Distance : 162k (100 miles)
Cycle : 57 miles 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Juneathon Day 15 - Tired

Shaun was up at 4.30am today to get ready for his trip to London and return to Brighton.  I got up to help with the last few bits of preparation and then went back to bed when he'd left.

Today's step target was 13,113.  

I took the dog out when I finally woke up at 8.30 and then pottered around at home waiting for the clock to tick over to 12 o'clock which was when I planned to leave to meet Shaun at the finish line.  Mum rang to say he'd just left them at the halfway point where he'd refilled his water bottles and grabbed some food.

It was horrendous getting to the finish line - I ended up giving up and waiting just after the finish line and where they collected their medals.   The whole seafront was heaving!
He finally got back 5.5 hours after leaving Clapham Common - tales of bad accidents, and too many people have put me right off ever doing it!   He then cycled the 8 miles to home and I got the bus!  Photo of hubby tomorrow when I've got it off the camera.

As soon as I got home I took Archie out for his afternoon walk.

We're both exhausted, it's been a very long day so I'm outta here early.

Praying I can get out on the bike tomorrow!

Today's total steps are 17,780 = 12.4km

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 218,947
Distance : 152k (94 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Juneathon Day 14 - Saturday!

Today's step goal was 12,866!    Shaun worked today so I had both dog walks and the shopping to do so I could easily make up for yesterday's slacking!

Lovely morning walk (after the rain stopped) along the riverbank and then I did the food shop and had the company of my lovely daughter for a change.  It cost me quite a bit extra including lunch and a Costa.  After lunch I went to the town's annual Fish Festival and bought some lovely cockles, crayfish tails and crevettes for dinner.   The afternoon walk was a lovely wander - we almost made it down on to the coastal path, but Archie turned left at the wrong point!

Shaun's now frantically getting ready for his long bike ride tomorrow - he's doing the London 2 Brighton again.   Hopefully the weather will hold off.

Today's total steps are 17,780 = 12.4km

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 201,167
Distance : 140k (88 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Juneathon Day 13 - Slacking

Today's step target was 12,936 - I had to get up early this morning to do the dog walk before leaving for work.    Got out of the house a bit late so didn't get the chance to walk in.

Got home late too so didn't get chance to take the dog out but was left to do the boring stuff like washing and checking the bank statements!

I've also slacked on the bike front today too - I'm aching a bit in my shoulders after yesterday's visit to Bodyshapers of Sussex - with that and the early start I didn't feel like going out.

Consequently I've only done 11,415 steps (8.1k).

Hopefully I can redeem myself tomorrow!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 183,387
Distance : 128k (80 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Juneathon Day 12 - Something different

Haven't we been lucky with the weather this Juneathon?   I'm so glad it's still dry - today's step target was 12,713 so on my way to work I got off the bus at Brighton Marina instead of near the hospital.  Luckily I had 45 minutes to get the walk done, although I was a bit of a hot, sweaty mess by the time I reached my desk.

This afternoon's walk was down to the big rec on the other side of town (think it's all about alternating for Archie) I sat on the grass and threw the ball whilst Archie ran like a loony and then collapsed in a big, tongue hanging out, panting heap.

Remember yesterday I said I was doing something different today - well, here it is.   This evening I've been for a trial session at Bodyshapers of Sussex.  I've actually poo-pooed this centre for years.  How on earth can you tone up and lose inches/weight using a machine that basically does the work for you?   Curiosity actually got the better of me when it was advertised on the local radio - a free taster session and then membership from £20 a month.

Bodyshapers use Shapemaster machines which are power assisted resistance machines.  Basically, the machine moves the part of the body you're working on and you provide  the opposing power.  You use each machine for 5 minutes at a time and there are 6 machines, making a total "workout" of 30 minutes.  I was quite surprised that I could actually feel it working.  My muscles started to feel tired by about 2 minutes into each machine.   When I walked out I actually felt like I'd done some exercise.

What I did like was that it was a ladies only "gym" - none of that male presence you get in ordinary gyms and all the weight clanking which always puts me on edge.   There's only room for a few people - 6 Shapemaster machines, 4 vibro plates and some new cardio equipment that they haven't started using yet.

What I didn't like - the membership pricing.  It was from £20 a month - that's the basic monthly fee.   They suggest you go 3 times a week at least to get the most out of the "workout" and it costs £3 for each session to use the 6 machines and another £3 to use the new cardio equipment.   Alternatively pay £40 a month to use the 6 machines unlimited and an extra £3 per visit to use the cardio equipment.

Guess we'll find out in the morning whether it's an effective workout and worth spending the money.

Total steps today 17,022 = 11.9km

Up early tomorrow as Shaun is starting work at the crack o'sparrows.   Hopefully I'll be able to get out on the bike tomorrow - that'll be nice !

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 171,972
Distance : 120k (75 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Juneathon Day 11 - A bit further

Today's step target was 12,629 so I got off the bus early and walked along the prom into work.

After work I headed home and took Archie out for his walk with hubby for a change!

After the dog walk Shaun got my bike out of the shed - he'd been on rest day and had already done a 40 odd K bike ride so tonight was another solo one.   I'm still trying to get up a hill at the turnaround point on my weekday circuit.   Tonight I got a little bit further up - it took two attempts as it was busy with cars driving up and down it!

First stop

Nice view - whilst I got my breath back

Second attempt & practice standing up pedalling

and then there's the downhill!
The highest elevation gain I've had on this ride has been 60m - tonight's effort took me up to 80m!!!!!!   I'm determined to get to the top before the end of the month.  A nice 11 mile ride in 1hr 3 mins.

Total steps for the day was 14,165 = 9.9km

Wednesday weigh in - stayed the same at 71.7kgs (need to concentrate!)

Something different for tomorrow - I'm going for a trial session and I'll update you in tomorrow's post.

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 154,950
Distance : 108k (67 miles)
Cycle : 49 miles 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Juneathon Day 10 - HOT

Another lovely day today - looks like the weather is going to hold too for a few more days.  OH is doing London 2 Brighton cycle ride on Sunday - would be nice for it to be dry but not too hot!

Today's step goal was 12,487 - absolutely no doubt about the walk in to work this morning.

After work I headed out with Archie for our afternoon walk.  Luckily he headed to the nearer park which is alongside the river which has some nice shady spots.
Can you spot the hot dog?

There he is!
After the dog walk I had intended to go out on the bike for half an hour but a voicemail message on the phone meant phoning my mum back!  Because I missed my window of opportunity I got on with my other favourite Juneathon activity - ironing (deep joy).   I WILL be going out tomorrow!

Tomorrow is weigh in day - last week I forgot to update you but I lost 2lbs.  Hopefully I've lost more this week - I'll let you know.

Nearly forgot - today's step total is ............. 15,142 = 10.62k

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 140,785
Distance : 99k (61 miles)
Cycle : 37 miles 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Juneathon Day 9 - BIG Thunder & BIG RAIN

Today's step target was 12,433.   Although it wasn't particularly nice out I got off the bus at my usual bus stop and walked in - got to the office spot on 9am!

This afternoon Archie headed to a "local" park.   It's a walk we do every couple of days as there is a lovely big playing field where we can play ball without upsetting anyone else or losing the ball in undergrowth!    After we'd been out for about an hour there was a massive clap of thunder and then about 10 minutes later the big blobs of rain started.   That was the end of ball playing and we headed home.

Archie was less than pleased about the soaking he got on the way home !
One wet fed up dog!

Total steps today 13,409 = 9.37km

Itching to get back on the bike - hopefully tomorrow afternoon will be drier - if not I'll be demanding the turbo trainer comes out!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 125,643
Distance : 88k (55 miles)
Cycle : 37 miles 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Juneathon Day 8 - Supporting, cycling, pub and a BBQ!

Got up early this morning to head out on the bike to get to Seaford to support at the Half Marathon.   It was lovely on the road just after 8am, hardly a soul about!   Found all the Bosh runners at the meeting point - it was great to see everyone and meet new friends.   We all walked down to the start line where I left them and cycled off down the promenade to cheer them further up the route.    After they'd all gone through I headed back down to the start/finish area to find the other supporters but couldn't find anyone so headed off to cycle my weekday route.

I even tried the hill Shaun's had me working on - on my own.   Didn't get very far up as there were lots of cars driving up to the hilltop!   I headed back to the seafront to look for Julia and wait for the runners to return to the finish line.     After we'd cheered everyone back over the finish line I headed for home, not expecting to see Shaun coming out on his bike to meet me.  I wasn't really ready to go home so we headed back out to the Barn hill to give it another go!

This time I got a bit further up - so excited.   Up until this point my elevation gain on these rides has only been about 60m, but today I got to 106m.    I've been trying really hard to get up this hill so it's great to actually see an improvement.
getting closer to the top!

scary downhill now I'm further up!
My step target today was 12,268.  I was a bit worried about how I was going to achieve this many steps spending all morning on the bike but somehow I have and I've actually done 15,492 (10.8k).   This afternoon we had a lovely walk with the dog to meet daughter from work, play ball in the local park and then to the pub for a quick drink before heading home for the first BBQ of the year - apparently the first one we've had in 2 years!  

Can't believe we're into the second week of Juneathon already!    How's everyone else doing - I'm a bit behind on blog reading!

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 112,234
Distance : 79k (49 miles)
Cycle : 37 miles 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Juneathon Day 7 - Thunder!

Nearly forgot to log and blog - bad 'athoner!

Forecast for during the night was thunderstorms & torrential rain throughout the early hours of the morning - woke up to lovely blue skies and sunshine!  
No rain & no thunder!

Today's step target was 12,260 which shouldn't be a problem with at least 2 dog walks.  However, the torrential rain and thunder didn't arrive until 2 minutes after I stepped out the door with Archie so not a very long walk this morning! As some of you will know - Archie does not "do" rain.

After the dog walk we (as in me and Shaun) headed out to get the food shopping done and visit Costa for our weekly skinny fix!

In the afternoon we took the dog to the woods - it's lovely and shady up there,

plus there are great views when you come out of the woods!

Archie does love to play ball!

Didn't manage to get out on the bike today, turbo or on the road but I am definitely going out tomorrow - not far as I'm going to support at Seaford Half Marathon.

Total steps today are 12,367 (8.8k).

Juneathon Totals

Vivofit steps : 96,742
Distance : 67.64k (42 miles)
Cycle : 21 miles (still - I will increase that tomorrow)