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Monday, 20 February 2012

The week when I ate too much and ran 8 Miles!

It was a really busy week last week what with Valentines Day and trying to fit in a couple of runs.

Monday was Asda shopping delivery day.  Hubby and I were alone as wayward teenager was out partying and not returning until the next day, so didn't really feel like going out.

Tuesday was a planned run day with Sue, however I hadn't been feeling too good all day and after the dog walk all I wanted to do was sleep - so run was cancelled and I had a nap before being taken out for  Valentines Day meal at  our local Italian Restaurant.   The food, as usual, was superb!

No run on Wednesday, although it probably would have been a good day for a run with all the fuel from the previous night.   Really pushed the boat out and had crumpets for dinner!

Thursday was a planned run day with Sue - so feeling very guilty at not having run for a week we went for a double Industrial Estate circuit.

Friday - no run but I did get the Lidl/Sainsbury dash done to free up Saturday.

One of the highlights of my weekend was deciding late Friday night I was going for a run Saturday morning - the reason being was that there would be no run on Sunday due to supporting family and friends at the Brighton Half Marathon.   I had only intended on my 10k route to Seaford and back along the seafront; however when I got to the turnaround point I was feeling great.  Fortunately it's quite easy to carry on for a bit longer and turn around at the cliff where the prom ends - so that's what I did!   It was pretty windy and sometimes sideways running could not be helped.   I decided that as long as I completed the 6.2 miles I'd intended to do, it wouldn't matter if I did some run/walking afterwards to get back home.  I don't know where the strength came from but I managed to stagger, shuffle "run" the whole 8 miles, not very quickly it took 1 hr 40 minutes!  My breathing was steady and although the legs didn't like the hill climb back up to the house I can honestly say that is the very first time I've run that far - pretty chuffed with myself, just hope I can do it again!  Maybe the 10 miler events aren't that far off!

So to the other highlight of the weekend - supporting my brother Steve and his girlfriend Jo and other friends at the Brighton Half Marathon.   So, up early (although not as early as the runners!) and off to Brighton I drove with daughter Danni (yes she can get up early when she feels like it - especially when there's a bribe promise of a cup of tea and sausage sandwich).   Shaun walked in with the dog, missed most of the race but made it in time for race analysis and support team meet up!

It was a lovely sunny and cold day and very busy down on Madeira Drive where the start/finish line is.   We have a great way to support everyone - blowing vuvuzela.   They make a great noise if a little annoying and hard going on the lips, especially after 2.5 hours.   Don't think we will be able to use them for the Marathon -
don't think the lips will cope with it.

Lots of controversy over the length of the course but now everything's been sorted out - my brother's girlfriend managed a PB, and Steve was a couple of minutes off his! It was great to see so many runners taking part -I think I will be running in this event eventually - if only for the fab medal!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The one where freezing rain forces 8 mile walk!

Had a good week this week - managed to get out for a run Tuesday and Thursday.   Tuesday ended up being a solo double Industrial Estate circuit as Sue postponed at the last minute.    Thursday was another double Industrial Estate circuit with Sue.

Saturday I took Archie for  a 3 hour walk over the hills.   There was still quite a bit of snow left from the week before, quite deep in places.    It was lovely, not very many other walkers.   We didn't arrive back home until  dark.

Sunday (today) we'd arranged a longer run.  The other two in the week have only been 5-6k and I really want to do some longer runs.   I got changed into my running kit and when I pulled the kitchen blind up it was snowing - which hadn't been forecast.   Ok not a complete disaster I can run in a bit of snow - so I rang Sue - she was cancelling because she was hungover.  Shaun was out with Archie and the snow had changed to freezing rain - he rang me and said it was way too slippery underfoot to contemplate running and he was on his way back to get me so that we could take the dog for a long walk.  I ummed & arred for a bit - really wanting to get out for a run but was it worth hurting myself?  In the end I decided to take Shaun's advice. He came back for me and after half an hour I was layered up ready for a trek across the Downs.

Once again it was amazing - hardly anyone around and still a good lot of snow to make it interesting.   I think I'd actually got too many layers on as I was sweating like a pig nice & toastie with two pairs of trousers and 4 layers on top plus my walking coat!  Quite a lot of sheep out on the hills, some with early lambs so Archie had to stay on his lead for quite a bit of the walk.  We reached a favourite stopping off point The Plough & Harrow at Litlington at just the right time for lunch.   We stopped for a bowl of Spicy Parsnip soup.  Unfortunately they sell Stowford Press made by Westons which just so happens to be one of my favourite ciders so thought I'd do some quality control - well it would be rude not to and I was gasping!

Shaun and I visited Westons in 2010, primarily to check on his tree I bought him!

 My other favourite - the Organics (now called Wyld Wood) is still made from hand picked apples, in oak barrels.
 Supplies !

 Shaun's tree - lots of apples!

Anyway back to today - so although no run was possible thanks to the freezing rain, I did manage to get out and walk 8 miles - wish I'd taken a camera to take some shots of the snow covered hills and a decent photo of the Kingfisher we spotted on the river bank (that's him - the little blob on the end of the branch overhanging the river)!

Hopefully this week will be better running wise, although we have Valentines Day on Tuesday - meals not booked until 8.30pm so hopefully I can get out before we go, and probably no long run Sunday because we're off to spectate at the Brighton Half Marathon.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The One Where I Ran in The Snow (well slush)

You know that saying about there being a first time for everything, well today was one of those days.  Normally when it snows I'm the first one to say I'm back off to bed.   I hate snow and I hate being cold, so why on earth would I want to strip down to a layer of lycra and go for a run?   Well the problem is that if someone goads me into doing something I normally can't resist a challenge.

I got up this morning to find a layer of snow - not a huge amount, probably less than an inch.  The night before there had been a lot of talk on Twitter about running in the snow and whether it was a good idea.   I did have a run booked with Sue so I decided to go for it, even if she didn't want to.   First thing was deciding what to wear.  

Two long sleeve running tops and an old Tshirt, two pairs of gloves my running tights with the thigh protection panels, and my running jacket.          Next, risk assess running area

We decided not to run until we were on the flat, the closer we got to the main road the slushier it got.  We managed a very wet 5.6k in 44 minutes.   Not very fast but it was more about getting out in it, not setting any PBs.  By the time we got back we were soaked, but it was certainly exhilarating being out in it, lots of people telling us we were mad to be running.  We didn't slip once and we only stopped to wait for traffic - all in all a good run!

Whilst I was out running Shaun was out with Archie, walking up to the Downs on the other side of town.   They look like they had a great time.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

February 4th - Forgive me Father for I have sinned!

So it's Saturday 4th February.  Forgive me father for I have sinned - I haven't donned my running kit since Tuesday 31st January (the last day of Janathon).

I did go to my first ever Zumba class on Wednesday but to be honest it wasn't the greatest experience.

I have never been blessed with co-ordination, I was rubbish at step aerobics and I could never do the rub your tummy whilst patting your head.   It's always been a case of "you can have arms or legs, but you can't have both at the same time.    Zumba was therefore attended with trepidation.  Dani wanted to go too, but she declared she wouldn't stand anywhere near me.  She's already done a couple of sessions in PE at school so she knows more or less what she's doing.   Anyway, the "leader" is a bit of an Italian Stallion type - a bit like Gino the chef on This Morning.   All the "regulars" were at the front of the class, looking very confident so when I couldn't follow him I followed them.   It was all a bit of a disaster and if I'd been there on my own I probably would have left at the half hour point.   I kept on telling myself to hang on in there and the fun feeling would come.  It's all supposed to be about having a good time and hey how can you possibly know the moves when you've never been before.   Well, unfortunately, when I do something I like to do it properly so I felt like a complete numpty.  You're also supposed to feel like you've been on a dancefloor for an hour - I didn't even break into a sweat.  I think I'll give it another couple of goes but to be honest I think I'm better off running (and I'm not particularly good at that).

In other news - I have also fallen off the wagon for #nocoffeefeb.   I was doing really well up until today.  Everyone might think, oh it's easy not to drink coffee, you just don't reach for the jar, but when I tell you I am responsible for making sure that my 35 colleagues are supplied with coffee each day you will see that it's not quite as simple as that.   Every morning I have to refill the coffee machine, clean it and test it!  It's been very hard not to drink the tester - instead I've tipped it away and pretended to everyone it tastes lovely.  Instead I have been drinking Lemon & Ginger Tea and a low calorie hot chocolate drink.   That is until today, when obviously I am not at work.   Hubby stopped at a petrol station to fill up - dangerous territory when it has a Costa in it!  Anyway, he bought me my usual skinny latte.   To be honest it was the worst one I've ever had and I ended up tipping most of it away when we got home.  Complaint on it's way to Costa for that one.  Maybe I'll just stick to no coffee during the week rather than trying to kill myself not having any at all!

So, it's 9.15pm on a Saturday night - there's nothing on the telly worth watching and we're waiting for the snow to arrive.   Twitter has been alive all day with snow reports, but I don't think we're going to get any.  I have a run planned with Sue tomorrow morning so it's going to be interesting.  She's already said she's only going if it's not laid, but I would quite like to give it a go, mainly because I've failed all week to get out.   I'm not too good in the cold, and even going for a walk with Archie has meant numerous layers - god only knows what I'm supposed to wear.  I hate running with lots on because I get so hot and end up tying everything round my waist.  So here's hoping no snow will mean a couple of layers and a scarf and gloves.

It's also weigh in day tomorrow and I think my lack of exercise will mean a gain, last week was a plateau so it's not looking good.

While we're waiting for the snow to arrive here's some photos from the snow at the end of 2010 - unprecedented in Newhaven!

Spoke too soon, the snow has arrived whilst I've been proof reading and salivating over Becks on Wossy!