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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

National Cycle to Work Day & Home Again !

I have wanted to cycle to work for ages but it all seemed a bit too much involved.   Coupled with that and the fact my workplace isn't very cycle friendly (no showers and not particularly secure bike storage).   One of my colleagues (a confirmed non-cyclist) suddenly decided in April she was getting an e-bike on the firm's cycle to work scheme and she wasn't going to be using public transport for the whole summer - she's done brilliantly and I'm so impressed by her determination - she even cycles in on the most disgusting weather days, not that we had many during June and July. 

My other excuses include :-

  • the hill out of town is horrible and I have to join it at it's steepest without warming up my legs!
  • I have to get back for the dog when Shaun's at work
  • I don't want to be at work whilst I'm a fat, sweaty mess.
But, today is National Cycle to Work Day - Shaun is on a rest day and the weather is ok and of course I love a challenge (who knew?)

Shaun, bless him, having only got to bed at midnight got up early and took the dog out for a quick walk round the block, loaded Candy into the car and drove me to Saltdean where I could set off in relative ease from on the Undercliff path which runs into Brighton Marina.   It was a very pleasant ride, a ridiculous headwind which was confirmed by my colleague when we compared notes, but yes, a lovely ride. 

What did I learn today ?

  • Planning is key 
  • I should've taken most of my stuff into work the day before
  • a few baby wipes in selected areas worked just as well as a full shower (which I had when I got up this morning)
I had a lovely ride home, albeit the cycle path and Undercliff path were a bit busier than they were at 7.30am.   I didn't really save myself any time cycling to and from, and as I get a staff pass for the buses I certainly don't gain financially.   What I do gain though is a very smug feeling at the end of the day as I've had a good workout instead of sitting on my bum looking at my phone!  Wish I'd stopped for some photos now.

Will I do it again?


Maybe not every day - you still can't convince me that riding to work in hefting rain is good for me! 

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