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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas & My First Ever Boxing Day Run

It's Boxing Day night - can't believe how much food and drink I've consumed since lunchtime Christmas Eve.   Good job I managed a 5k run this morning.  

We'd travelled up to East Grinstead to spend Christmas Day with Shaun's family and then stayed overnight with my parents in Horley.   I woke at about 8am and had a cup of tea with Mum, Shaun and Dani and then got changed into my running kit.  I don't normally run without food but I think I'd eaten enough the day before!  Plus there was the promise of a bacon sarnie when I got back - how could I refuse.   So I set off not really knowing how far I was going or which way to head.   I lived in Horley for the first 22 years of my life so went for a running jaunt down memory lane - the town centre, my first home, comprehensive school, various pubs etc.   My perception of time and distance is rubbish - I didn't look at my Garmin til I got back when I found out I'd done 5k - I was surprised as I thought it was further than that.   I wasn't very quick either, although I thought I was going faster than normal, and the two hills in town which I've always thought were horrid I managed to get up quite easily - must be the hilly runs I've been doing at home  I think if I'd chosen my route more carefully I'm sure I could've gone further but never mind - must have been the thought of a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea!   If someone had said even 2 years ago I'd be going for a run on Boxing Day I probably would have laughed hysterically - think I've been bitten by the bug.

So that's Christmas 2011 done with - lots of lovely presents (including the obligatory running socks, etc) and time spent with my lovely family. "The cold" is still lurking somewhere and I'm hoping it doesn't kick in as Janathon starts.  We've got a couple of days before Shaun goes back to work so I'm hoping to get into town to get some new running shoes and also get out for some runs and dog walks.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The run up to Christmas

Wow it's Christmas Eve!

Not much running this week although I did manage a 7k on Wednesday in less than favourable conditions.  Tuesday was called off because run buddy was otherwise engaged and had rescheduled for Wednesday.  I got back from walking the dog and got changed and waited for the call to say she was ready - my Asda shop was due between 5 and 7 so either the shopping had to come or hubby had to come in from work. She then rang to say she wouldn't be able to go - Cinderella was all dressed up with no-one to go with!   Shaun came in from work and took one look at me - "off you go then", and before I knew it was on the road to Peacehaven ( my "hilly" run although some would call it undulating).  I quite enjoyed being out on my own for a change and have decided that even if Sue cancels in the new year I'm going out - must be the Janathon evil magic working!  Not the quickest of runs, funnily enough I think I was slightly overdressed.  Having donned the winter running kit I think I could've got away with a short sleeved top & capri leggings.   I got back an hour later and the shopping still hadn't been - typical Christmas week and not unexpected.

Work this week has been very strange - lots of tins of Quality Street but I'd been looking forward to the tray of mince pies which never arrived.   I managed to get out of the Christmas lunch because the dog needed walking - one of the best excuses I've ever had.  Don't get me wrong I do appreciate being taken out for lunch but I'm not particularly keen on spending an afternoon with people I don't have anything in common with.  They all think I'm weird because I like to run and walk for miles.   Anyway, I enjoyed being at home with the dog and going out for a lovely long walk.

Work finished Friday lunchtime, all the presents are finally bought and wrapped.  On Christmas Eve we've always done something family orientated and had a lunch out.   Some years it has been ice skating at Brighton Centre, other years we've been to the cinema and watched the Christmas film.   This year we went on the Brighton Wheel.  Not very exciting for some but I have watched this structure going up from day one so it was great to finally to get on it.   The views are amazing!  Shaun and I have decided we want to go back for a sunset or night time ride.

So Christmas Eve is nearly done.  Shaun's taken the dog for a nice walk and I'm at home doing the housework - and on here!  So no exercise for me today and tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone, and here's to Janathon!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Winning & 20k in one day!

Thought I'd just do a blog although it won't the humorous one I had hoped - I've been updating my Running Free training to get into the swing of adding stuff, so I suppose I ought to blog too!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been entering loads of competitions, RW Advent Calendar mainly.   A couple of days ago I had an email to say I'd won a Shock Absorber Run bra.   It shouldn't have been but it was a surprise I don't normally win stuff!   Sue, my running buddy, couldn't believe how I excited I was!

The last couple of days have been a trial - hubby has been on late shifts, starting at 5pm and finishing at 1am.   Friday and Saturday night I was home alone for most of it as Dani was out with her friends - the worst thing is dinner for one!  Luckily I had my little furry mate Archie to keep me company, and hundreds of channels of rubbish to flick through.

Today has been better - Shaun at home all day!   He walked the dog this morning so that I could go for a run and this afternoon we took the dog to Seaford on the bus and walked back across the Downs.  It was very muddy and towards the end dark.  Shaun has cooked a lovely dinner and the pint of New Forest cider is going down nicely!   After doing 20k in one day I am now stiffening up nicely - tomorrow will be a challenge with no lift at work!

This time next week it will all be over with only Boxing Day to enjoy, and a week off work.   Hoping to get out running Tuesday and maybe Friday this week - and I will be taking my running stuff to Mum's to try and run Boxing Day before we have a second roast.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

10k, Santa Run & Janathon

Not much has happened since my last attempt in October.    I completed the Brooks Brighton 10k 3 minutes faster than the British 10k in July which I'm pretty chuffed about - 1 hr 9 mins is not that brilliant but it was an achievement for me.   I would have been happy for 1 hr 10 mins but the extra minute has been a great boost.

On the running front I've got myself a run buddy.   I'm not sure if it's doing me any good - we spend a lot of time talking and of course running even if it is a bit slow.   It does mean that I can't really concentrate on what I'm doing speed and distance wise but then it is dark so is it more important that we are just getting out there?   I think the answer is yes - we are hoping to get out and do some weekend running in the daylight so hopefully we can push each other to improve.  We've already managed to push each other to go out when the weather has been less than favourable.

I've also taken part in a 5k Santa Fun Run with my brother and his girlfriend and a Twitter friend.  It was a very funny day with 200 santas running round Reigate Priory Park.   There were many wardrobe failures and I think I'm right in saying that we were the only ones who had "pimped" our outfits by adding bells and a name badge.  It was a horrid day weather wise and my finishing time, thanks to a bad breathing spell, was rubbish.   Still never mind it was all for fun - apparently - and the mince pie was reward enough for getting over the finish having completed the full distance!   

I now have to decide what events I'm doing next year.   I'm obviously going to do the Race for Life and the Rise Undercliff - I'm also considering increasing the distance and going for a 10 miler in March.   This is going to be a massive challenge and I'm not sure if it's a step too far!   Shaun's not keen on me doing longer distances so I think 10 miles will be the furthest I will do.   

So, Christmas is coming - I can't believe it's only 10 days away.  

I've decided to join in with Janathon - all will become clear in January (funnily enough).   I won't win because most of the time I will only be walking, some days I will be walking & running and other days I will only be running.  Other people will be running every day and not little 5k jobs and also some will probably cycle.    I'm hoping to get back to the gym too - just in case the weather turns bad and I can't get out running.   Janathon will mean that I will have to exercise and I will have to blog - I'm quite looking forward to doing it and seeing what everybody else is getting up to around the world.

So that's it for now - sorry this is so boring.   My next blog will hopefully be more humorous!