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Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 31 - Finally

Thank you Ce Ce  !!!!!!!

Yes we're finally on the last day of Janathon - actually it's a bit of a sad day, I'm going to miss my exercise challenges, think I might have to come up with something else, there's plenty to choose from.  Unfortunately my gym membership runs out next week - I'm holding out for a good deal offer to come along!

Another gym day :-

Bike : 11.86 km in 30 mins
Swim : 30 mins

30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - 30 secs
Tricep Dips - 50
Squats - 100
Super Easy Push Ups - 20


Total time spent exercising - 42 hours plus 15.5 hours doing physio strengthening & stretching

Miles Biked - 114 miles

Miles Walked - 60 miles

Total planking time - 30 minutes

Tricep Dips - 1250

Squats - 1450

Super Easy Push Ups - 541

Weight lost - 3 lbs (1 inch lost of waist and hips)

So what did you get out of taking part in Janathon?

Me personally - I know it takes pissing off the rest of the family to a whole new level - having to wait for dinner and clean clothes because you're spending time exercising must be such an inconvenience!   I'm only joking - they've been great really, apart from encouraging the dog to commando crawl under me whilst planking and shouting abuse encouragement.

I think the bingo wings are starting to disappear and  I can definitely feel a difference in my glutes.  They feel much stronger and are becoming toned.

Janathon is great motivation - I spend the whole of January worrying that I haven't done enough and when I'm going to do what I've got planned.  I love the encouragement from other Athoners even if it's only a quick tweet or a well done comment on the blog.

Thank you for reading the blog this month - and for entertaining me with your blogs and tweets!

Til next time .............. that'll be Juneathon then !   I'm off to catch up with the washing and ironing!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 30 - so nearly there!

I got up a bit late to even do stretches and rolling this morning so had to wait until I got to the gym this afternoon.

Physio exercises and stretches done - 30 minutes on the static bike (about 11.5km apparently), and a 15 minute swim.

Also did a plank but it was only 60 secs - think I'm getting worse instead of better!

30 day fitness challenges (had to wait until after dinner for these tonight so not the full quota) :-

Tricep dips - 40
Squats - 80
Super Easy Push Ups - 40

Mixed feelings that it's the last day tomorrow - wonder what that will bring!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 29 - How Many ?

This morning was much the same as yesterday - boring huh, except it's Weigh in Wednesday today and you will be most impressed to hear that I have lost


this week !   So I think that's about 3 and a bit pounds during January - wish it could have been more but I'm happy with that.   I've also lost 1 inch around my waist and 1 inch around my hips. 

Wet dog walk - 1.5 miles 40 minutes

I got a bit scared when I checked the 30 day fitness challenges this morning, so left doing it until after the dog walk :-

Tricep dips - 95
Squats - 145
Super Easy Push Ups - 38

Plank - only managed 60 secs tonight - but I did do 3 planks !

Back to the gym tomorrow!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 28 - Oh look it's raining !

Whilst I managed to get up just after 6 this morning, for some unknown reason I only had time to do the physio stuff.  Did make super healthy lunch though, and a sandwich for daughter!

Had a really tough day at work today - doing lots of stuff I've never done before whilst a colleague is off sick.  I was glad to get out and go home for the afternoon dog walk, even if it was in the rain!  Because it's so wet on the riverbank we headed down to West Beach, no ball playing!

Just under 3 miles in 1 hour 9 mins!

Plankaday - 92 secs

Tricep Dips - 90
Super Easy push ups - Rest day
Squats - Rest day

Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 27 Fighting talk!

Apparently I was giggling in my sleep in the early hours - wish I could remember the dream!

Up at 6am to get this lot out of the way :-

Plank -  75 secs (it should've been 85 or 90 so I'm a bit disappointed)

Squat - 50
Tricep Dips - 85 !!!!!
Super Easy Push ups - 38

2 mile afternoon dog walk along the riverbank - I'm going to stop going down there, nearly had another date with arse over head.  It's so muddy and I'm useless at standing on my own two feet - imagine bambi on ice, yep that's me!

One bonus of tonight's walk - we saw one of these gorgeous little birds
I love seeing these little birds on our smelly, overgrown brook especially as there is a mink which wanders the banks regularly!

Meeting with the Council tonight about the future of Riverside Park - should be interesting as the  District Council want to use it for housing!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 26 - Oh My Quads!

Although hubby was working this morning he didn't start until a bit later so he kindly got up and walked the dog for me this morning, and made me a cup of tea which I drank in bed!

As it was absolutely tipping it down and daughter wanted a lift to work I had to do my physio and 30 day challenges in two bits but here are the totals :-

Squats - 125!!!!!
Tricep dips - 80
Super easy push ups - 36

PLANK - 80 secs

I then went out on the turbo trainer for 45 minutes

 - my quads now hate me.   I did wear my new cycling shoes which hubby got from Halfords for £20 !

I find it quite funny that my leisure footwear now outnumbers my everyday footwear !

Luckily the rain stopped/calmed down at about 3pm so I headed out with Archie for his afternoon walk - 2 miles in 45 minutes and we saw this amazing rainbow.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day 25 - Busy, Busy, Busy

As I said yesterday, hubby's working all weekend so I've had to do EVERYTHING.  Before heading out with the dog for morning walkies I did my calf stretches, and put some washing on.

1 and a bit miles - 40 minutes - it was a bit foggy along the river and out to sea!

I then had to go and do the food shopping - this involved first going to Aldi and getting everything on the list that I possibly could - anything leftover meant a quick drive next door (you can't leave your car in either car park cos of the fine thingy!) to Tesco where I finished the list.  The only thing left over was my favourite yogurt which comes from Lidl, which is on the way home.

Once I'd unpacked it all and put it away I made myself a fish finger sandwich for lunch - that has got to be one of the best lunches ever invented on the whole planet.  I had the posh version with tartare sauce!

Having caught up with Friday night's Silent Witness I took the dog out for a longer walk to Tidemills - tomorrow's weather is not looking good so a decent walk was needed today.
bit choppy out at sea
4.9k in 1 hour 45 mins (we bumped into a friend & got chatting and played lots of ball)

On the way back we watched this lovely sunset

After the dog walk I made a start on my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges :-

Tricep dips - Rest day
Squats - 50
Super Easy Push Ups - 34

PLANK - 75 seconds

Friday, 24 January 2014

Day 24 - An early one !

Getting up at 5.15 was a bit of a shock.   Only had time to do physio exercises and stretches before a dark walk with the dog at 6am.

1 mile done in 40 mins.

Got back from work a bit later than normal, it's been frantic today and I left masses on my desk ready for Monday morning.  Not ideal I know.

I took Archie out for his afternoon walk and bumped into a dog walking friend I haven't seen for ages, so we had a lovely catch up and walk with the dogs 

2 miles 1 hour and 30 mins

Time for 30 day fitness challenges :-

Tricep dips - 65 
Squats - 80
Super Easy Push Up - Rest day

I also did 2 planks - the first one was a fail at 60 secs cos I hadn't taken my socks off and my foot slipped from under me.

The second plank attempt was 70 secs - PB ALERT 

I can't believe how much I've improved considering I started day 1 on 20 secs and struggled like mad.

Tomorrow is going to be fun - hubby is at work all day so I've got 2 dog walks to do and the food shopping - not looking forward to it !

#Run With An Idea 10 "Sports nutrition products are a complete waste of money"

The subject of this week's Run With an Idea blog debate centres around sports nutrition products - are they a waste of money, or are they the be all and end all?

There is the train of thought that all we need is water for shorter distances, and that there is no need to fuel for a race under marathon distance, providing of course you're eating a healthy diet and have trained properly.   There is evidence that sports nutrition has no benefit to sports people other than maybe endurance athletes.   From a personal point of view whilst my diet is fairly healthy I have slipped up occasionally during preparation for an event after all I have a family who aren't in training and occasionally they like to eat pizza or fish & chips!   I've never been totally convinced that the sports nutrition products I've used actually work.   A lot of my performance  seems to hinge on whether I've slept or not, and of course actually run some miles beforehand!  Having said that, I never leave the house without some kind liquid in a sports bottle, mostly just water.  I always get a dry mouth at about a mile - it's like a child's security blanket, holding that bottle!

An advert from Lucozade was recently banned as it was claimed that Lucozade "hydrates better than water"   Another clever marketing ploy to sell a product which doesn't live up to its claims.

Personally, I've never used Lucozade - as a child of the 70's it brings back less than fond memories of being ill and Mum buying the sweet, fizzy stuff in the orange, cellophane covered bottle to "keep my strength up".   My daughter used similar products when she was competing at karate.   When I asked her a couple of days ago if she thought they actually helped she said all they did was wake her up a bit if she'd been waiting a while for her fights to start.  Drinking them during fights was apparently bad as they made her feel sick, as opposed to a bottle of plain water which refreshed her.  It now turns out that I was a bad mother as I shouldn't have been feeding an under 16 year old caffeine based sports drinks - although in my defence she only competed maybe once or twice a month for 3 or 4 months a year for about 4 years - she wasn't drinking them every day, and certainly not for breakfast!

Over the last couple of years there have been the deaths of runners linked to use of sports nutrition products the two which spring to mind are Claire Squires who died at the end of London Marathon 2012 having taken a preparation containing DMAA which caused a fatal heart attack and Sam Harper Brighouse who died during the Brighton Marina in 2013 having taken recognised sports nutrition and doses of ibuprofen.  These kinds of reports frighten the life out of me, although I'm never likely to run any further than a half marathon, and probably scare anyone related to a runner, especially if they're taking on a marathon.

My personal choice for hydration is High 5 sugar free hydration tabs 
- especially the Pink Grapefruit and Citrus flavours, hubby uses the caffeine loaded Xtreme for cycling, apparently they help him.   I'm not a great one for using caffeine laced products but I have been known to take Clif Shot Bloks and during half marathon training I ventured into the world of gels.  Not a great fan of those, and I'm not sure they had any benefit at mile 9.  I strongly believe that the mind was more powerful than any other fruit flavoured drink or gel on that day!   Why do I take them then?  As I said before I never leave the house without a bottle of something, water becomes boring after a few miles so it's nice to have a flavour. 

There are some great articles giving advice on what's on the market  and here's one that advises on protein supplements.

Having looked at the nutrition for use during exercise, the next thing to look at is post exercise - I went to the Running Show a couple of years ago where one of the talks was on preparing for a half or full marathon - how to follow a training plan and how to fuel.  The talk was taken by Sam Murphy  the health and fitness writer.  Her post run favourite was a glass of chocolate Nesquik rather than spending money on sports branded recovery chocolate shakes.  I think personally it tastes better.  The market for recovery drinks is almost as extensive as the hydration market.  Apparently chocolate milk is the next big thing.  

During this week alone I've been bombarded with emails from sports nutrition firms - SIS want to set me up with nutrition plan to aid my training and For Goodness Shakes want to give me a voucher to use for Pay As You Gym.

Orbana, another hydration manufacturer sent me the usual offer email, and whilst looking through their website I found a very interesting blog on how caffeine affects the body

So, what are your views on sports nutrition?  A load of hype?  The only way of getting through training and an event?  

Have you got any great advice you could give me on using nutrition products, I may not be running at the moment, but I am building mileage up on my road bike?    

Please head over to the Run With An Idea site to see what other contributors are saying.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 23 - Overslept

Got up a bit late this morning so only had chance to do my stretches before leaving for work. 

This afternoon I took Archie for a lovely walk around the park - he chased rabbits and then we found somewhere nice to play ball!
Rabbit spotted

Dog - gone!
Dog Walk - 2 miles  1 hour 15 mins.

After our afternoon walk I did my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - 67 secs
Tricep dips - 75
Squat - Rest day (thankfully)
Super Easy Push up - 34

Didn't get any time to go on the turbo trainer tonight - hubby's been up with his parents all day moving them into their temporary accommodation while the house is sorted following the flood, so lots to talk about.  

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 22 - Everything hurts

After yesterday's falling over adventure I ache like mad today and I seem to have done something to my left thumb.  Up a bit early this morning to accommodate Wednesday Weigh in - nothing lost and nothing gained, not even any inch loss to report, which is frustrating.   Physio exercises done and this lot!

30 day fitness challenge :-

Plank - I think it was 60 but my timer thingy on my phone was messing about

Tricep Dips - 70

Squats - 125

Super Easy Push ups - 32

I was supposed to go to the gym after work but everything hurt so I gave it a miss and came home and was lazy for the rest of the day!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 21 - A pain in the arse!

Got up a bit late this morning so only had chance to do calf stretches and roll, which meant I spent the whole day worrying about when I was going to get my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges done !

First thing that needed doing when I got in from work was to walk the dog.  Another lovely clear, dry day out so we headed to the river bank which is now drying out nicely.   On our return home Archie decided to knock his tennis ball down the bank into the river.  Unfortunately Archie doesn't really like water and won't swim out to get a ball floating in the water, but he will stand at the waters edge barking for all he's worth for someone else to get it for him.  I was stood at the top shouting at him to leave the ball but he wasn't interested, only one thing left for it - me to go down and get him.  Well that was a really stupid idea - this was the photo I tweeted just after
my left arse cheek!
Scrambling back up on to the path was fun!

When we finally got home I showed the damage he'd caused!
2 miles in 1 hour 15 mins including a slide down the riverbank!  Oh and just in case you were wondering - the tennis ball is probably somewhere in the English Channel heading to France.

I then had to do my physio rehab exercises and 30 day fitness challenges (interrupted by a phone call from the mother)

Plank - 65 secs
Tricep dips - 65
Squats - 75
Super Easy Push Up - 30

As soon as I finished that lot I headed to the shed for 40 minutes on the turbo trainer (about 12.5k).

Day 21 well and truly done.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 20 - Another 65 sec plank !!!!!!!!

30 day fitness challenges :-

Tricep dips - Rest Day

Squats - 40

Super Easy Push ups - Rest Day

Plank - 65 seconds thanks to Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach

This afternoon's dog walk was along the riverbank :

muddy innit?

I was going to have a turbo session tonight but my shins are feeling a bit sore tonight so back on it tomorrow!

Dog Walk : 2 miles

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 19 A Gorgeous Sunny Day

Today was a bit of a topsy turvy day - didn't wake up quite as early as I had hoped.  Normally I do all my physio exercises, stretches and fitness challenges before I leave the house - this morning I had to walk the dog before we headed out on the bikes so all I had time for was the calf stretches and a quick roll with the tiger tail.

We had a lovely walk this morning, it was such a lovely morning.   We went down to the marina and back again which was about 1.5 miles.

This is what it looks like in the daylight!

the sea was pretty choppy outside the harbour wall!
We don't normally get this far on dark mornings!

When we got back Shaun had loaded my bike into the car - I drove to Brighton Marina again and he cycled!  We had a lovely ride from Brighton Marina to Shoreham Harbour again - apart from the stupid people walking in the cycle lane and the very slow pigeon who nearly had my tyre marks across his back!

11.65 miles - bit quicker today we were only out 1 hour 15 mins.  Apparently my top speed was just under 40kph.

When we got back we quickly showered and then rushed out again to buy a hoover - exciting stuff hey!  Shaun blew the old one up during the week and I was desperate to get the carpet done.

Whilst Shaun was out with the dog I did my physio exercises and 30 day fitness challenges and some more stretches.

Plank - 65 seconds - yes that's a whole 5 secs longer than the whole week!

Tricep dips - 65

Squats - 120 (that nearly killed me!)

Super easy push ups - 30

What a bloody brilliant day - I love weekends!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 18 - Slacking

Just a quick short one today.  I always find Saturdays when Shaun's working hard to get to do any proper exercise, but today is especially hard.  Last night I received some very sad news that a lovely friend had died suddenly.   I don't really feel like doing anything today apart from cuddle the dog, but I have done my physio exercises and my 30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - a full 60 second plank to Sex is on Fire
Squat - none - today is a rest day
Tricep dips - 60 !!!!!!
Super Easy Pushups - 28

I've also done the weekly food shop and I will be walking the dog for a couple of miles this afternoon.

Shaun and I are going for another ride to Shoreham tomorrow.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 17 - POETS Day

It's Friday, at last!

I've come to the conclusion that having a rubbish night's sleep does not help planking performance, neither does having an audience eating breakfast (the audience (daughter) I might add gave up on plankaday on Day 4 - no staying power the youth of today)!

30 day fitness challenge

Plank - pathetic 40 secs
Squat - 45
Tricep dips - 55
Super easy pushups - 24

The fingers are feeling much better today (at the time of drafting this post 0922!), so far, the blister plasters are still insitu and they only get sore when I start using them - as opposed to last night when they just hurt ALL THE TIME.   When I told hubby I'd had an accident he automatically thought I meant on the bike - thanks!   Anyway, thanks everyone who came to my virtual rescue - especially my mate Nikki who said she'd come over and cook me some tea if she lived nearer and Rachel for the blister plaster tip!

Today is POETS day, so that was what I did - left work half an hour early, rushed home to have my passport photos done and head to the beach with the dog !

Dog walk : 5k 1hr 15 mins

Turbo time : 35 mins (say 8k but really no idea)


Bike : 72 miles (6 hours)
Walking : 34 miles (15 hours)
Cross training : 2 miles (time spent 1 hour)
Total time : 23 hours (not including fitness challenge and physio exercise time at 45 mins a day)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Day 16 - We're halfway !

Sorry, these posts are getting a bit boring aren't they?   I need to find something interesting to say!  All the usual physio stuff when I got up at 6 and then I did my 30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - 60 secs
Squat - 50
Tricep - 50
Super Easy Push Up - Rest day

First day of keeping an eye on the calorie intake today and I have measured myself too so I can keep better track of what's going on!

This afternoon's dog walk was fun - it started raining just as I got in from work but had stopped by the time I'd got changed and we were ready to leave.  I left my phone at home so no walk photos today!

2 and a bit miles in 1 hour 15 minutes - it was very windy but at least it stayed dry.  The riverbank is becoming very muddy, not sure how much longer we can keep walking there!

I was all kitted up and ready to get on the turbo trainer whilst cooking daughter's dinner.  My mind was on other things (like what I was going to have for my dinner and how long could I do on the turbo) and by accident I picked up a stainless pan lid which I hadn't noticed had been sitting in a flame

I actually caught my thumb too !  Anyway I ran the coldwater tap for ages, then wrapped my hand in a wet tea towel and went out on the turbo for 20 minutes.   I couldn't cope with anymore and had to come back in and carry on running the coldwater over it.   After a little while I thought I'd sit and hold my ice block.  That helped!  When I went on Twitter to announce my misfortune the lovely @fairweatherrun (Rachel) suggested blister plasters to reduce the pain and cover the burn.   So that's what I've done - who knew blister plasters would be so useful.

Todays Janathon effort :-

2 miles dog walk
20 mins turbo (about 8k) (with hurty hands)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 15 - Are We Nearly There Yet?

Wednesday is weigh-in day.  Bit frustrated that I didn't lose anything this week, need to concentrate a bit harder on what is going in I think !

30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - should be a Rest day, but I did 40 secs
Triceps - Rest day
Squats - 90!
Super Easy Push up - 24

Today is also the day which marks 1 month to go until Danni goes on her Lapland trip - got lots of kit and a bag, just need to work out how it's all going to fit in!

Gym session today :-

Bike - 40 mins 16.5k
Rowing machine - 12mins 1.5k
did my stretches properly too as Cathy, my physio, was in the gym!
Swim - 25 minutes

Back to dog walks and turbo training tomorrow (if Mr B puts the bike on the turbo - if not, I'll dust down Davina Fit).

I picked up my OMM Sonic Smock from Runners Need today - it's very thin and scrunches up very small, it's going to be ideal for taking out on the bike in case of inclement weather, and look at the colour! It's very bright.

Thank you to Steve and Jo for giving me the gift card for Christmas x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 14 - A Lie In!

No early dog walk this morning as Mr B has a day off so I was allowed to lie in til 6am!  Busy morning even before getting off to work packing some healthy lunch for me and Danni.   Physio exercises and stretches done, interspersed with 30 day fitness challenge :

Tricep dips : 50
Super easy push up : 22
Easy Squat : 60

Yesterday I tweeted a young lady I'm following on Twitter after she'd said she'd done a 100 secs plank. I asked her for some tips as you'll all know I'm struggling with getting past 50 secs without a bit of a wobble and a mild amount of cheating.  She suggested grit and determination and listening to some good music.   I told her I've been planking to the BBC News, apparently that's the problem.   Listen to Bastille she said - so this morning I popped in my earplugs and listened to Pompeii whilst planking!   It only bloody works - 60 secs, wobble free, no knee down or bum up just a good 1 minute plank!  How amazing is that!

I wasn't really looking forward to going to the gym following my last visit when they were queuing for everything!  But, today I went a couple of hours earlier so was hopeful it would be a bit calmer.   It couldn't have been better, only about 6 people in the cardio and machine area (couldn't tell you about the inner sanctum of the weights area as I wasn't intending to head there).

Today's gym session looked like this

Bike : 30 mins - 12.5k
Cross Trainer : 10 mins 0.5k
Rowing machine : 6.5 mins 1k
Swim : 30 minutes

Back to the gym tomorrow.

Day 14 done !

Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 13 - Hail Hurts

Eurgh another 5.15 alarm this morning, thank god it's the only one this week.

I've added a couple of new stretches to my physio list - glute stretch & hamstring stretch!

30 day fitness challenges :

Tricep dips : 45
Squat : Rest day
Super Easy Push up : 18
Plank : 60 secs (but I did do it in 2 goes - my core is rubbish)

Dog walk - 1 mile, half an hour in the very dark at 6am.

Boring day at work, nearly fell asleep posting invoices!

I rushed home to take Archie out for his afternoon walk as the sun was shining through some bits of cloud.  By the time we got to the river bank the sky looked like
This on one side 

This on the other side

and this behind us!
We were quite happily doing this

That is a ball by the way - just in case you were wondering!

When it started to hail, rather hard and Archie picked up his ball and headed for home!

I did manage to catch him up by which time the hail and rain had stopped and we carried on with our walk - 2 miles in 1 hour and a bit!   Archie had a lovely warm shower when he got back - wish I'd captured how dirty he was but I wasn't quick enough.

I know I said I was going to put in some proper Janathon effort today, and I did plan to do something unfortunately the bike hadn't made it back on to the turbo and Mr B was cooking dinner when we got in, then I was going to fire up the Davina Fit DVD but dinner was ready - no chance after cos Mr B is sitting all cosy watching telly!

I promise I will do something more worthwhile tomorrow - I'm back in the gym, might even get to have a swim this time if I get in there early enough.

Thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday - MIL has been discharged from hospital.  She's not too badly hurt and has no recollection of what happened - but that's the Alzheimers.  They move into the temporary accommodation on Wednesday so hopefully they can have a couple of months of settling down time.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 12 - Brought down to earth with a bang

After a great day of exercise and enjoying the outdoors, we went to bed last night having received a phone call to say that Mr B's mum had been rushed to hospital following a bad fall.   Not much more information than that but as some of my regular readers will know my mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimers last year, so this deterioration was no surprise but still a shock.   Father in law didn't feel the need for us to go up last night as there was nothing we could do.   He rang this morning to update us - she's ok but she knocked her temple during the fall which caused a bleed on the brain, which has made her very unstable on her feet.  We're hoping that she will be able to stay in hospital for another night, even if it's just to give father in law some respite.   He also told us that they had been found somewhere to live following the Christmas flooding, which is good, a nice little ground floor flat - which we are extremely happy about.

With all this in mind Janathon has been put on the back boiler slightly.   Whilst Mr B walked the dog I did my physio exercises and 30 day challenges :-

Tricep Dips : 40

Planks : 55 secs (still a bit iffy)

Super Easy Push Up : Rest Day

Easy Squat : 60

We've rushed around and done the food shopping and had lunch and as I write Mr B is on his way to see her.   Hoping that when he returns he will have some better news.

I am taking the dog out for his walk later and will log it, but probably not until tomorrow.   I also need to start tackling the humungous pile of ironing which no longer fits in the cupboard and because I'm running out of clothes.  Back to proper Janathon effort tomorrow!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Sunday of Janathoning x

Update : 2 mile dog walk to meet Danni from work & then 3 hours ironing :(  Now icing !!!!!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunshine, Bikes & a Dog Walk - Janathon day 11

It was lovely to wake up without the alarm this morning!   The "plan" as such was to get up, Shaun to walk the dog whilst I did my exercises and stretching and then load the car up with my bike ready for me to drive to Brighton Marina and meet him there.  

30 day fitness challenges

Tricep Dips - 35

Super Easy Push Up - 18

Plank - 50 secs (should be 60 - tomorrow is supposed to be 90 -pah I don't think so)

Easy Squat - 75

So, exercises and stretches done I got ready for the bike ride, Shaun eventually left and I had 10 minutes to finish sorting myself out before I left to meet him as arranged.  We finally found each other in the Marina car park after a couple of text messages and the bike was out of the car and reassembled!

It was a lovely day for a cycle, dry and sunny.  It was quite busy on Brighton seafront and the amount of people who still haven't got the hang of the fact that there is a well used cycle path along it was astounding.  A few near misses, one old bloke did a funny backwards-forwards-standstill dance in front of Shaun, how it didn't end in tears I shall never know.   We steadily made our way to Shoreham Power Station, lots of practice using the brakes, changing gear and getting my feet in and out of the toe clips.   I spent the whole 5.5 miles grinning like a stupid thing - Shaun was quite pleased to see that!    When we got to Carats Cafe we stopped for a coffee.   It was lovely to get off the bike for 10 minutes and take in some of the sunshine.
Frustrating return back to the Marina with all the people getting in the way, including cyclists who were slowing down and stopping without thinking about what was behind them!  I was going to have a massive rant about parents making their kids wear bike helmet and then not wearing one themselves, but I've decided I really can't be bothered.    We did find a nice empty stretch near the end and we got some good speed up (well for me anyway - nearly 20mph)!  Bike back in the car and Shaun cycled back to home.

11.65 miles in 1 hour 25 mins

I really enjoyed the ride - was a bit wobbly but I can't wait to go out again.

Whilst Shaun was cleaning the bikes and putting them away I took Archie out for his afternoon walk - we headed for the river bank after yesterday's mudfest.

Long shadows

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

The pond was a brilliant blue colour

Off he goes after the ball!

2 miles walk done!

Friday, 10 January 2014

So glad it's Friday

We're a third of the way through Janathon and I honestly can't believe I'm still going (if I was running I probably would have wussed out by now) especially with these early starts - another 5.15am get up this morning.   I will be so happy to wake up naturally with the daylight tomorrow!

Usual shenanigans between 5.15 and 6ish and then I took the dog for his 1 mile bimble to the marina and back in the pitch black.

30 day fitness challenges :

Tricep Dips - Rest day - back to it tomorrow

Plank - 50 secs (I need to find a way of my feet not slipping on the carpet - anyone got any great ideas other than putting my trainers on?)

Super Easy Push Up - 18 (should have been 16 but I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see what I'd written down)

Easy Squat Challenge - 50 (buns of steel)

I treated myself to a Costa this morning - I think I deserve after all the hard work this week.

This afternoon's dog walk was lovely - we headed over to the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve again, but instead of taking the left fork we took the right fork for a change to the observation "wall".   
There goes the dog!

Didn't know my phone could take such a lovely photo!

The observation "Wall" for watching the birds
I didn't really think the walk through before we left - I didn't take into account that the east side of town has been flooded twice in the last couple of weeks.  The path was fine, things got a bit tricky when we went off into the wooded footpath area - luckily I only fell over once.   I think we'll avoid going that way again until we've had some colder, dryer weather.  

Total dog walking miles today - 5 !

Starting to get excited about taking my bike out ON THE ROAD tomorrow morning with Mr B.   We have a plan, which is a start - and it doesn't involve setting an alarm clock (well I don't think it does).  Also getting a bit worried that I won't enjoy it as much as I think I'm going to or that I get scared and cry - my anxiety knows no bounds!

#Run With An Idea 9 Who cares what you think about running?

This weeks discussion topic is questioning the purpose of running blogs and why do you write one? Who is it aimed at? Which do you read? Top 10 turn offs in a running blog?

I write my blog because I find it useful to read back what I've achieved, how I was feeling at a particular event or point in my life.   It's also nice to share fantastic moments like the family's events and achievements.    The blog has been quite useful during this period of injury - it's been quite frustrating and putting everything down in black and white means I can offload how I'm feeling.  If people want to read and be part of my recovery then that's fantastic.   I've not got anyone in particular that I write for - but if I can help someone get running or exercising regularly that would be great.

I started blogging as part of Janathon a couple of years ago, I never imagined that I would still be writing now. 

I read loads of running blogs

Mrs B
Psycho Jog Blog
Marathon Widow
Stop the Jiggle
Fairweather Runner

and many more, especially during Janathon!
The one thing that turns me off is LOTS of stats - I'm a slow runner, I don't really need to know what each mile speed was, or proof of a negative split.  I am in awe of the fact that someone can run further than I can anyway.  
Don't get me wrong I like stats, just not a blow by mile of an ultra marathon!   I actually can't think of anything else that turns me off reading a particular blog.  I definitely like lots of photos.  I also like blogs that are general, incorporating running and lifestyle.

I know some of my posts, and my style of writing, aren't particularly funny, but I do like to read a blog that makes me chuckle, and one that makes me think "yeah I know that feeling".  

So, who do you like reading?   What are you blogging turn offs - be nice!    Why do you blog?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Up at Stoopid O'clock...... again

For the second time this week I was up at 5.15 am - why do people need buses so goddam early?  Apparently it has to do with the new statistic that 1 in 5 people now work shifts, we are a 24 hour nation and so public transport needs to be available.  Mr B told me this morning that apart from one bus route in the city which does actually run 24 hours - the earliest bus from his depot goes out at 4.45am (bugger that!)

Anyway I digress.

Day 9 started in the usual way with physio exercises (yawn) and my 30 day fitness challenges which today look like this :-

Tricep Dips - 35 (yes I did break them down sensibly today - a 15, 10, 15, 5)

Plank - 50 secs (it was another iffy one - was supposed to be 60 so I'm pleased it was an iffy 50 - hubby's comment as he walked out the door was not "bye love see you for dinner", no it was "get your arse down" - great feedback!)

Super Easy Push Up - 14 (done in one go!)

I've also added Easy Squat Challenge - 30 squats

I took the dog out at about 6 for a quick walk to the fishing boats and back, 1 mile done.

Repeat of yesterday's afternoon walk - measured properly!   A lovely 2 mile walk along the riverbank.   Could've done without two big dogs chasing after Archie (they were playing) and crashing into my right shin - icing will be concentrated on that spot tonight! 

Janathon totals :-

Recorded walking miles - 17 miles in 8 hours
Recorded bike miles - 32 miles in 3 hours

Guess I should've counted my cross training/exercise time too - with all the stretching & faffing it would be about 9 hours !

Up early again tomorrow - booooooo !

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Hump Day - Janathon Day 8

Didn't have a very good night's sleep - dog decided it was cuddle night & wouldn't get off the bed, or sleep in a convenient place on the bed, plus I had a niggling pain in my knee so I was a bit grumpy this morning.

Hump day also brings Wednesday Weigh In - I've lost 1lb, which I'm pleased about considering most of the week has been spent clearing up the odd bits of Christmas delights - there's still some chocolate to go! Shaun has done wonders with evening meals this week, I've just got to get my head round the rest of the day.   Only another 27 lbs to go and I'll be in a much better place.  Good job I've spent so long on the turbo!

Physio exercises took a bit of doing this morning - probably due to lack of sleep.  Side plank on my left side was hard work but the right was much better, and I'm really feeling the difference with the resistance band for my glute exercises.

30 day fitness challenges went a bit like this :-

Tricep dips - 30 (although I did have to have a break at 20 and then do the other 10)

Plank - 45 secs (another shaky, wobbly, swearing, crying 45 secs - just looked at the plan and it reckons I'm going to do 60 secs tomorrow - pah, I don't think so, will need to adjust that I think)

Super Easy Push Up Challenge - Rest day

This afternoon's dog walk was very enjoyable - we walked to Riverside Park and walked along the riverbank

It was extremely muddy, but Archie still enjoyed a good game of ball - we did about 2 miles and were out for over an hour until it got dark!  I did wear my Garmin to measure it but it reckoned we only did half a mile and were out for 15 minutes - whatever!

I'm not turbo-ing today, lower legs are a little sore today and I've got two days to go of double dog walks.  I need to be sensible about my recovery so no more bike until the weekend.   I'm now sitting on the sofa with my "chopped liver" ice pack on my shins.   

I will have to find another challenge to add to the list.

Happy Hump Day