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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The 31st last day of Janathon - January Girl

I grew up listening to this crap stuff thanks to my parents.  It was the only January reference that I could remember! Sorry no video link as I can't find one!  Probably for the best!
So it's Tuesday 31st of January - the last day of my very first Janathon!   It's been very cold today and there was even talk of snow - luckily not in Newhaven just sky that looked like it could have at any minute.  Tonight was supposed to be a run with Sue, unfortunately she cancelled when I got back from walking the dog.  Luckily I'd already put my running kit on under my other clothes. 

Today's efforts are :

Dogwalk 6.2k in 1 hr 27 mins (lots of runners, dog walkers & cyclists - Archie told     everyone that it was his last walk of Janathon including the lorry drivers in the big lorry!)
Run  5.7k in 43 mins (didn't see any other runners out)
What have I learnt during this challenge?   

  • That I can actually rise to a challenge and meet it, most of the time.   
  • That it doesn't matter if certain parts of my body hurt a little, it won't kill me to go out and run.   
  • I do need to be a bit better organised.
  • That it doesn't kill me to go out in the rain and wind and impending snow.
  • That I can go out for a run even if it's only a couple of miles.
This time last year I think I'd probably done one 5k run/walk - but more likely none.  I think I've run more in January than I did the first 3 months of 2011!  I'd never run in the dark, always dodged running in the rain and certainly never written a blog!  

I have thoroughly enjoyed Janathon, the support of fellow participants has been awesome and I will be eternally grateful for all the kind comments left on my blog & Facebook, and support provided by my new Twitfam.   It has also made the long winter evenings enjoyable reading everyone's efforts.

Hubby has been brilliant although there were times when I think he would have rather not had me dashing out the door or up into the attic to complete my exercise.   My daughter says I take running far too seriously - maybe I do but I always hate myself if I don't give it 100%.  Even on the Race for Life & Santa Fun Run last year I wore my Garmin!  

I've always been envious of my brother's running ability and he was my true inspiration, without him I would probably wouldn't have started on my running journey!  Whenever I'm sitting in the car or on a bus and I see a runner I'm always jealous that they're out running and I'm not - how weird is that?  

My last thank you goes to Archie, my faithful furry companion who not only has accompanied me on 49 hours and 114 miles of walks, has had to put up with me making up ball games for him to join in and a little dogjog training.  

Going forward I already have a 10k event booked for August.   I will probably do a Race for Life 5k (which probably won't be 5k because they're not measured properly and are supposed to be for fun), the RISE Undercliff 8k in the autumn and hopefully repeat the Brooks Brighton 10k.   I'm hoping to get another event in between now and the R4L so the search is on.    I'd also like to take part in a Park Run.  There are two "locally" Hove & Eastbourne.  Neither are particularly local so getting there for a 9am start will be a challenge in itself!

I'd also like to take part in Juneathon - maybe I'll be able to get up earlier and do my run before work - that'd be a first.

Totals :

Walk distance & time - 114 miles, 49 hours
Run distance & time - 62 miles, 13 hours
Cross training time - 6 hours
Total distance - 176 miles 67 hours

Who on earth would have thought I'd acheive so much in 31 days - certainly not me!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 of Janathon Apparently it's Happy Monday - Really?

Hooray Shaun's last late shift, the penultimate day of Janathon and apparently Heart radio station advised me this morning that it was Happy Monday.     This lot look cheery!

According to them we're all happy today because we got paid and it was the weekend when we're most likely to have booked our summer hols.   Ok I can tick those of - I got paid Friday and yes Shaun booked our summer holiday during the week.   Can't say it was the best Monday though - power cuts and a fire in the centre of Brighton have made today very trying, and I haven't been in the best of moods.

As well a 3.5k walk in 1 hour with Archie down to the boating lake and back, I also managed, thanks to Twitfam banter, a 3.4k run in 24 mins.  Pleased with that because I didn't think I was going to get out at all - bonus!  I've impressed myself as a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of going out.

Tomorrow is the last day of Janathon - and a run is booked.  

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 - Sunday Girl - the Green Eyed Monster & Weekend Run Fail

No run today - Dani urgently needed a new pair of school shoes so after the morning dog walk it was a dash to Brighton with my flexible friend and Dani.  First port of call at 11.30 was M&S for her to get some breakfast.   Our second port of call was New Look who had exactly what she/we were looking for so to celebrate I treated her to a Costa Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Brownie (any excuse to get myself a Medium Skinny Latte to go).

I was hoping to get out for a run when I got back from the afternoon dog walk, but Shaun had cooked a Roast Chicken (bought as part of our Dine in extravaganza yesterday) - he's working again tonight.  How could I say "right I'm off out again"?   As my lunch had consisted of a bite of Dani's M&S tuna roll, one MSL and a miniscule piece of Costa Chocolate Brownie which Dani reluctantly broke off, I was pretty hungry so a run would have been unfuelled.

To be honest this weekend has been very disappointing on the run/exercise front - I am so fed up at not having time to get out.   All I seem to have done is walk the dog, rushing to shops and doing washing.   During the bus ride to and from Brighton I was watching all the runners out on their runs - can't believe how jealous I was of them!   What is happening to me?   Not sure whether I'll be able to get out for a run Monday - Shaun's on his last late shift but a run is pencilled in with Sue for Tuesday so perhaps I can add a few more miles to my total on the last day.

Today's total Janathon effort were :

2 dog walks total 10k (ish) over 2.5 hours
1 pair of school shoes
1 visit to costa
2 bus rides

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 When Saturday Comes

Another revisit to my teenage years!

So Saturday comes around again - with hubby being on lates and not finishing til 1.30 this morning it was only fair to let him sleep in and me take the dog for his walk.   Also a perfect opportunity to get the run art out of the way before footballers appear at the pitch and spoil my fun plan.   So off we trotted down to the pitch - it was easier to do it with the dog on his lead otherwise it would have been a very wiggly T as he likes to play ball on the pitch.  

Runart T for Janathon

A nice 6k walk in 1.5 hrs - a little soggy under foot meant a bath for the dog!

Usually on Saturday I have to do the Sainsbury-Lidl dash, however Shaun had already done the Lidl bit during the week so instead we decided to go to Marks & Sparks to buy a Dine in for £10.  As we can never decide what to have we always buy two lots - oh woops that means two bottles of wine!  As he's working we decided on 1 bottle of wine to be consumed at a later date, and two brandy chocolate drinks (which he can neck drink when he gets back in the early hours).   That just left Sainsbury for bread, then home and lunch.

This afternoon's dog walk was a new route for me - from home along the cliff top to Peacehaven and then down on to the beach/undercliff walk.   It was very nice apart from the stairs you have to descend to get down to the beach.  Problem is you have to come back the same way!

A very nice 6k walk in 1hr 11mins - all helped by the fact that I forgot to switch the Garmin off when we boarded the bus - Shaun was running out of time to get to work!  No time therefore for a run or cross training today - I'm knackered and think the steps up and down should count for Janathon, oh and jumping of course - on and off the bus!

Day 28 totals

Run Art x 1 - 0.13km in 1min 10
Dog walks x 2 12k in 2 and a half hours
Steps - loads but forgot to count
Jumping - one on and one off the bus
Shop dash - 1

Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 27 Friday I'm In Love !

Continuing with the days of the week tune theme  - I've always loved The Cure - they are a band from Crawley in Sussex, a town near to where I lived until I was in my early 20's.   I even have a claim to fame - Robert Smith's wife had the same wedding dress maker as me, except her wedding dress was made of black velvet - and mine wasn't.   I've tried to download the video but for some unknown reason it won't download to my blog, so instead here is a link to youtube!

Shaun is now very much on late shift - he crawled into bed at 1.15am today and having walked the dog down to the beach this morning was chomatose fast asleep on the sofa when I returned home after work at lunchtime.  So after a quick 4.6k walk with little Archie I got home and quickly got changed into my running gear to be back before he left again at 4.45pm.   Dani was also home tidying her room & revising getting ready to go out for the night with her mates.  I told her not to leave until I got back as I hadn't got a key.   I hadn't planned on going far just a quick couple of miles.  So I whizzed shuffled down to the marina and back.   I think I would have been quite quick if it hadn't been rush hour again and it seemed ages for the traffic lights to change so that I could safely cross over.   On my way back I spotted a yellow blob racing towards me on a bike - Hubby!   He skidded to a halt in front of me and gave me a quick kiss - nice one, not every day that happens.   Not only was my quick 3.2k run interrupted by traffic but also being snogged by a high viz clad cyclist.

Back home 24 mins later and Dani was ready to get out and it was just me and Archie for the evening.  Quorn Cottage Pie and veg for one - and an evenings telly of my choice.  

Janathon Day 27 stats

1 dog walk 4.6k 1hr 18 mins (lots of dog walking friends out because the weather was good)
1 quick jog/shuffle  3.2k in 24 mins
1 snog (en route)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday 26th January - (Under my) Umbrella

No, not Rihanna - McFly (my daughter's favourite band- and one that I have seen live on many occasions) this popped up on my Ipod tonight - great mid-run track to lengthen the stride

Not a great start to the day - got to work to find that I couldn't get in as the two early key holders were both off today - great planning.   The only thing was to visit my local coffee bar for a small skinny latte to replace the usual vending machine liquid that calls itself coffee!

Today is the first of hubby's late shift stint - my biggest challenge will be getting to bed before he cames home at 1am and not eating everything in sight because I'm bored!   He took the dog for his afternoon walk so getting out for a run was no problem.  

Today's Janathon effort :

solo 5.7km in 43 mins

Pretty pleased with that - not the best because it was rush hour and lots of waiting to cross roads.   It's very true that exercising (especially outside) makes you feel amazing - I am now buzzing, just hope that it helps me to get out again tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 25 - Wednesday Week

Thank you Elvis Costello & The Attractions 

- this time next week Janathon will be finished and another goal will need to be set - although the running will be more structured (or not as the case may be).   I will continue running as I have one 10k event booked and another couple in the pipeline.   Plus I still need to lose some weight before the summer!

I also have a holiday booked in July when teenage daughter has finished her GCSEs and caused havoc at a local hotel enjoyed her prom.   It will be great to spend some family time in the sun and warmth - hubby doesn't know yet but I'm planning on taking some running kit so I can do some running while we're in Tenerife!  I just hope that they get in the suitcase and not like last summer's trip to France when I had to sit in the car for 700 miles with my running shoes on my lap! 

Yesterday I was a bit negative as I'd wimped out on going for a run.   Thank you to everyone who gave me support and made me feel much better.  Still quite cross with myself that I didn't go.  This has happened twice during the month.   Day 24 had been a weird one - didn't seem to have any energy for much apart from consuming food.   

Today hasn't been much better and having got back from the dog walk I was soaked through to the skin and cold - which made me feel more like sitting down with a nice cup of tea.  I was trying so hard to push myself to get changed into running gear - instead I wimped out once again and did half an hour on the Wii Active doing jogging on the spot, tennis, lunges, squats and an upper body workout.   Sue blew me out again, but not until I was 15 minutes into my workout!   

The rest of the week is going to be a challenge running wise - Shaun is on late shift!  I am determined that I am going to get back and do at least one run before Sunday's next long run with Sue. 

Today's Janathon efforts include

30 minutes cross training on Wii Active
7 minutes (800m) of run art
6.2 k, 1hr 37 mins of dog walk in the pissing rain 
Hubby took this video of the dog playing on the beach the other day!  Have absolutely no idea what he is trying to achieve - but it is very amusing!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ruby Tuesday - 24th of Janathon

I wonder how far I can go with the song titles this week.

I awoke this morning with a strange "feeling" at the back of my knee - is that my hamstring waving hello just to remind me that exercise efforts for January are coming to an end and it needs a rest!  Well it won't get one just yet.   A run with Sue was planned tonight but she cancelled before I had chance to get my running kit on.   If I'm changed and she cancelled I normally go out by myself.    Consequently having done a 7k dog walk in the damp and cold, I wimped out at going back out on my own again.   Instead I went up into the attic and used the Airwalker for 45 mins.   Hopefully Sue will join me tomorrow for either an industrial estate/harbour circuit or hill training circuit as she can't run Thursday due to work commitments.  So far this month I have had a painful ankle/heel, painful right knee, sore calf muscles, tight right quad and stiff hips - nothing that hurts when I'm running or walking, just when I'm sitting down!

So a rather wimpy day :

7k dog walk in 1 hour 45 mins
Airwalker 45 mins

Monday, 23 January 2012

23rd Janathon - Monday, Monday (thanks Mamas & Papas)

It's Monday, again, the fourth one of Janathon, and another musical title for my post!  A lot of stuff sorted out at work today connected with my future at the firm so pretty pleased with getting that out of the way! 

Shaun was on a rest day today so we went for a walk with the dog together - 7.2km down to the beach with a bit of excitement as we spotted a helicopter landed in a field (not something we see everyday).   Once  we got close we could see a very flash Aston Martin parked up with an aviation firm's truck and fuel tanker.  The helicopter had a huge camera attached to it and 5 minutes later the rotor blades started up and off it went into the sky.   No idea what was going on but it was buzzing backwards and forwards the whole time we were on the beach.

The tide was out when we got to the beach so we decided to walk along the sand for a change.  

As soon as we got back from the dog walk I got changed into my running stuff, just a quick jog to the marina and back to take advantage of loosened off muscles from the dog walk.   Not bad considering I haven't actually managed to run on a Monday during Janathon because my lower half has just been so uncomfortable on a Monday, together with family stuff that goes on on a Monday.   The only problem was that I arrived back at home at the same time as the Asda shopping delivery and I forgot to turn my Garmin off.   I felt like I was running quite fast so I'm hoping I was quicker than the last time I did this route!

Janathon 23rd stats

Dog walk : 7.2km in 2 hours
Recovery run : 3.4k in 30 mins (including walking round the house sorting out the shopping!)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22 - New Route - Undulating! Really?

Sunday is long run day!  Sue and I had already decided we needed a new route for our long run.  Since the bad weather has moved the beach onto the footpath it has made the run to Seaford difficult, and the Peacehaven uphill and undulating run is boring, boring, boring.   Hubby came up with a fantastic idea after going for a long dog walk the other day.   Instead of carrying on the cycle path to Seaford why not cross the A259 (busy road!) and head into the picturesque village of Bishopstone and follow the road till you get to the track?  Wow we thought, brilliant idea, so that's what we did when we set off this morning.

The first 4k was OK as usual, a few miserable fellow runners who refused to acknowledge us, a few little kids with parents on bikes, lots of dog walkers and people heading to McDonalds for their brekkie (yuck).   We crossed the road and ran down into the village, chatting about the lovely houses which line the lane - deciding which one we wanted to buy - as you do!   Well we hadn't even done half a kilometre when we were presented with the first incline - Sue powered away as she always does going uphill (but then she's not doing Janathon) and I coaxed my tight lower limbs and huffed and puffed up to meet her at the top! It's ok I said it can't get any worse than that, and least it'll be a nice one to run back down!  So we carried on further into the village, another uphill.  Off we go again, except this time I couldn't run up it, it was way too steep and not enough recovery time from the last one!  Ok, so we're not quite at 5k at this point.   Sue kept encouraging me to carry on, there couldn't possibly be another one, could there?   Hahaha - one more, 5k was about halfway up.  Sue decided we should aim to get to the top of this "incline" and then head back.  On the way back down we were both cursing Shaun and his brilliant ideas, think he got called every name under the sun!  

It's a lovely route - rolling hills all around, the odd pretty cottage, people filing out of the village church - lovely.   We are going to do it again (mugs) but only because we want to conquer the hills inclines.  It will be good to be able to get up them without having to resort to walking.

So today's stats :

10.44k in 1hr 20 mins

Not by any means fast, but there was some rulking up them hills and afterwards the hips were done in.  Feel really good that we've found somewhere new to run, and we've got a challenge on our hands to do it again next Sunday - will be good to end Janathon with me saying I've run up all of them - hahahaha.

No dog walks today - Shaun stole the dog this morning to take advantage of the goodish weather and go for a long walk, the only thing I have left to do is cook the dinner and plough through another 2 hours of ironing.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

21st day of Janathon - The Bodysnatchers Have Landed!

Shaun started work at 5am this morning (or as we like to call it "stoopidoclock").  This meant double dog walk for me as well as the Sainsbury-Lidl dash for fruit, veg and bread.  Consequently no run for me which is fine because I think I should save myself for a long run tomorrow.   I'm now beginning to feel like a bodysnatchers victim - my lower half does not belong to me it must belong to some 90 year old who forgot to take their cod liver oil!

So lovely 10k walk in 2 hours over the Downs this morning - windy and cloudy, a few spots of rain and a little bit of sunshine.  We did a bit of the path we haven't done since the summer because it's a 2 hour walk which means either doing it in the morning or going out soon after lunch to complete before it gets dark.

A quick dash to the supermarkets for fruit, veg and bread and back for lunch.   The afternoon walk was a more sedate affair - a quick 3.7k in an hour along the riverbank to the boating/fishing lake which is our regular quick walk.

Hopefully my body parts will be returned to me by tomorrow morning as Sue and I are going for our long run.

Janathon day 21 totals

2 x dog walks 13.7 km in 3 hours

Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20 of Janathon - Archie Doesn't Like my Wii Avatar

Writing yesterday's blog was hard enough but I'm running out of time and again I'm on my daughter's netbook whilst Shaun is trolling the net for a holiday on my laptop - so no photos.   I will make up for it tomorrow.

So today's Janathon effort is a dog walk down to Tide Mills, 6.24 km in 1 hour 37 mins.   I must remember not to run in my walking boots - my ankles are now killing me!

When we got home there was nobody in - Dani is staying in Lewes for the evening with mates, and Shaun was late home from work!   The ideal opportunity to fire up the Wii and do some cross training - so 20 mins Zumba  & 30 mins on Wii Active and my legs feel completely done in.  Today Archie decided he didn't like my Wii Avatar on the telly - he spent 30 minutes barking and growling at it which was most offputting!

So today's totals are :

Walk (including running after dog & ball in walking boots) 6.24 km 1hr 37 mins
50 minutes of cross training (including squats, lunges and running on the spot for 5 minutes)

Time to get on with reading some blogs!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Janathon the 19th - Some Improvement & Race Booking

So day 19 - the local football team, the Seagulls, played against some unknown Welsh team last night!  I don't mind people talking about their hobbies etc but my god - my colleagues gave up work this morning  and spent it doing a match analysis.  So I sat and started to write my blog in readiness for adding my Janathon efforts.  Luckily the main culprit moved to the basement just after 9.30 so that helped a little!

I had a lovely walk with Archie today - we went down on to the riverbank which is a regular dog walk and means that he gets a good off lead walk for an hour or so.  He wasn't really interested in ball games today so we just walked and he sniffed and got left behind lots.  The river walk is also a busy thoroughfare for people living in the lovely village of Piddinghoe where some friends live.   Today was no exception and we met up with them.   Unfortunately this then meant not much walking as the afternoon descended into girly catch up chatter.   It was good to have a laugh with them as we haven't seen each other since the New Year.   It gets quite muddy and Shaun and I haven't bothered going that way.    All in all a nice 4.2k walk which took us 1 hr 30 mins (don't think it normally takes that long!)  I was going to put some photos of the river and boating/fishing lake but I'm doing this bit on my daughters notebook - therefore no photos!

My run tonight was a repeat of Tuesday (17th) up through the industrial estate and then down on to the river wall and back home, except that Sue came with me tonight.   She did make the comment that she thought I was speedy so I think Janathon is making my running better after all.   I even managed to get up the hill that I never do when we run together - another achievement !   A nice run (with not much talking but lots of puffing) 5.6k in 41 minutes.

We're going out again on Sunday and are going to try a new route so that will be interesting, we have no idea what the distance will be but I think we'll just keep going until we get to the end of the lane - update to come!

In other news, we have entered the South Coast Run 10k in August, which is on the same weekend as the South Coast Triathlon.   It'll be Sue's first event - only my third 10k event.   It was way to easy to sign up, didn't even have to get my credit card out of my purse - you've got to love PayPal!

Janathon 19th details

Walk & girly chatter 4.2k  1hr 30mins
Run & puff   5.6k  41 mins
Dog mess run through : none (yippee)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Janathon Day 18 - The Rebel Yelled - You Can't Touch This

Not really sure what to write today apart from the weather being rubbish.  Didn't see the sun today as it was just foggy, foggy, foggy.   I have decided that I prefer it clear, cold and icy (but that's only in January & February!)   I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to do anything but walk the dog today and maybe use the Airwalker.   Shaun came in at 5 and asked what my plans were.  As soon as I uttered the words "well I ought to go for a run" he was handing me my running kit.   I'd planned at some point to repeat the hilly circuit I did the other week in the rain and wind.   Not a particularly awe inspiring route but not many roads to cross - and this time no letchy men smoking on their doorstep!  So off I went, someone had tweeted me earlier in the day saying "slow & steady" so that was my mantra, unfortunately my Ipod had other ideas.  A replay of Rebel Yell followed by MC Hammers You Can't Touch this - one way of powering yourself up a hill!

Last time I'd only managed to run up the hill 1.5 times (mainly because of letchy smoking man) - today I really pushed myself and managed to do a second bottom to top without stopping.   The only problem with running these roads is the amount of dog poo one has to avoid - which I didn't manage!   Not a great distance covered but I was chuffed to get up the hills easier.

18th day of Janathon totals

5.66 k walk in 1 hour 34 minutes
2.08 k hilly run in 16 minutes
Dog poo avoided - lost count
Dog poo run through - at least 1 pile
Pairs of shoes washed & disinfected - 1

Carrying on from yesterday's favourite photo theme, whilst out with the dog this afternoon I spotted the Cormorants sitting on the Cormorant Statue in the middle of the river.   I took this photo in 2010 during the snow.   They're great little birds to watch as they dive in and out of the water looking for food.  

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Janathon day 17 - Rebel Yell in a Town Called (Newhaven) Malice!

This morning Mark suggested we put our favourite photos on our blog so I thought I would share some of my favourites from my holiday to Egypt in 2009 when we had the opportunity to go to Luxor

Me and daughter Danni crossing the concourse to the Temples at Karnak (something very strange happened here - I was blubbing like a whale - some people have told me that I'd found my place!)
Another blubbing moment - hot air balloon across the Valley of the Kings & the Nile Delta - awesome

Red Granite Cleopatra's Needle (a real one). Conspiracy theory that the heiroglyphs were carved by aliens!

This was on the day of my birthday - Shaun had to ride the camel (no lead) all the way along the beach while I rode in style in a clapped out old carriage.   The best bit was riding back to the Hotel beach with him - very romantic!

Danni and I on the banks of the River Nile (yes lots of Madness singing & silly walks that day)
A sunrise over the sea - Shaun has a thing about taking photos of sunrises and sunsets!
The Tomb of Hatchepsut - it was so hot there!
Such a brilliant holiday!

Back to Janathon 2012 and day 17 I was supposed to be going out with Sue this afternoon but she cancelled.  Fortunately I'd already got changed so there was no getting out of going for a run.   I felt quite good when I got out until I got to the level crossing which was down waiting for a train to leave the station.  Train gone, barriers up and I headed off into the industrial estate that we'd done the circuit of the other day.  I was only going to do one circuit of the industrial estate but felt ok so carried on and linked in another short run we regularly do.  All in all I managed just under 6k in 41 minutes which is brilliant considering over the last few weeks running with Sue I've been struggling to run 5k without stopping.  I've come to the conclusion that we talk too much - she always seems to ask a question when we're going uphill!   Sabotage I think!  

Two more great tunes played on my Ipod which always up the stride & speed - Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and the Jam's A Town Called Malice.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Janathon Day 16 - Just Another Manic Monday!

So here we go again apparently it's Blue Monday - for all I care it could be Red Monday - get over it, it's just another bloody Monday!  Shaun did tell me some good news - dawn is breaking earlier and today broke before 8am, sunrise was at 4.30pm - yeeha the days are getting longer - summer is on its way!  In the meantime getting up is still a struggle when it's dark and 3 alarms still didn't help the situation - not to mention that some plum had left the bedroom window open all night - brass monkeys was an understatement!

I did manage the "uphill bus dash" again this morning!  I've also walked 5 flights of stairs 3 times today.   I was hoping to get out for a short run but I'd arranged the online shopping delivery for between 4 & 6, so it was a dog walk and Airwalker day.   The dog walk was hard enough and the cold really got down in the lungs, and hubby decided for me that I wasn't running!    I'd forgotten what a great workout the Airwalker is - I found some muscles in my back and shoulders that had been lost!  One really good track I've got on my Ipod is Rock this Party by Bob Sinclair - I stayed on the Airwalker for an extra 3 minutes because it came on!

Hoping to get to a Zumba class soon, Dani wants to go as she's been doing it in PE at school and loves it.   I want to give it a go but don't know if a middle aged, unco-ordinated mother escorting her teenage daughter is quite right.   Apparently I will be standing nowhere near her!  Nice to know she has confidence in my dancing abilities!

So, Day 16 totals :

Dog walk 5.5k in 1hr 30 mins
Airwalker  33 minutes

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Janathon Day 15 - How Cold?

I'd arranged with Sue to run at 10am today, so up at 8.30 for some porridge and then got ready to go.  Whilst waiting I decided to hang some washing on the line - blimey how cold was that?  When I got back inside I looked at the weather station we have indoors, 5C!   So, out came the gloves, scarf and headband to protect the ears!  I prefer the headband to a beanie - the head doesn't get so hot!

Sue couldn't stop laughing at me when she called for me - she was running in 3/4 length capris (nutter)!

Not a brilliant run, we decided to do the route with the long slow hill out of town to the next and run as far as we could.   The hill was pretty hard going and we did have to slow to a walk, mainly because the cold was getting to my lungs and my legs were a bit sore.   We got to the top of the hill and it's a gentle downhill into the next town.  We had to walk some of it because it was quite windy too.   All in all not too bad but we could have done better - 8k in 1 hour 4 minutes.  My fastest for 8k is well below this so it must be down to the walking & talking - must do better.   Variety of people met on our run, including a woman who obviously wasn't wearing a sports bra, a couple who look like professional athletes, a man who'd only just taken up running who applauded us coming back down the hill and two cyclists who were on the path - luckily it was daylight!

We've decided to enter the 10k in Seaford in August - hopefully there will be other races before this.  I've decided not to do the Tempest 10 miles this year as I really don't think I'll be ready so a few 10 and 5ks during this year and then up the mileage for next year.   That's the plan!

Lovely dog walk to the beach and back, lots of families out walking and cycling, lots of dog walkers. 

Day 15 Totals : Run - 8k 1 hr 4 mins
Dog walk - 6.4 k 1 hr 43 mins

Time for some ironing! zzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Janathon Day 14 - A Cunning Plan

Ok it was bloody cold out there this morning and I decided that due to asthma I wouldn't run today and save myself for a long run with Sue tomorrow.   

Shaun took Archie for his morning walk mainly to get out of the way of the 3 teenage girls who were ensconced in the lounge and taking it in turns to use the bathroom (nightmare).  Consequently I didn't get to walk this morning because I was 5th in line for the bathroom and needed to do the Sainsbury-Lidl dash for fruit, veg, bread & milk. 

I was trying to work out how I was going to get some exercise - a few days ago Shaun reminded me about the kit in the attic. Our attic was converted before we moved in 25 years ago and up until about 4 years ago had been used to store the camping gear, summer clothes, suitcases & general unwanted tat that we can't bear to throw away!   Shaun then converted it into a mini gym with a bench and weights and also a fabulous piece of kit called an airwalker.        Gazelle Airwalker   

I was keeping this back for emergencies and today was an emergency.   So 30 minutes on this little baby and I would be soaked and puffing like I'd run a 5k.  

First of all Shaun wanted to take me and Archie on a local forest walk.  It's a lovely area and in the winter not very busy.   In the summer it's teaming with tourists trying to get the famous Seven Sisters shot.  This particular photo was taken by Shaun yesterday when he did his mammoth Eastbourne to Newhaven walk, and it was a much clearer day.

So back to the Forest.   After lunch we took the bus to the top of the Forest area and walked back through.  Archie had a wonderful time chasing squirrels, luckily not catching one.   It was a lovely walk, so peaceful.   However, I think these 200 steps should be a Janathon event of their own - absolute killer!  It was either these or walk on the road!

And who would want to walk on the road when you get this view as a reward for a couple of minutes hard work?  Not to mention the pub which is at the top right of the top photo!

And should these really be flowering in January?   I think not!

And this was my reward for walking 6k and up 200 steps!  Yum!

So back home I fired up the Airwalker.   With 30 minutes on the Airwalker and a 6k in 1hr 40 minutes afternoon dog walk Janathon Day 14 is done.   

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th of Janathon - It's just a Hobby

I thought I'd share with you a conversation I had with a work colleague yesterday.  It went something like this (and I'm sure many of you will have had something similar!)

Her (on her way to a fag break) : So, how's the running going then?

Me (slightly taken aback at someone being interested) : Yeah great thanks, now I've got my footwear sorted

Her : What' that all about then?

Me : Oh I went to Sweatshop up the road and had my gait checked and then bought a pair of running shoes that sorted it out.

Her : Blimey their trainers are a bit pricey - how much did you spend?

Me : well £90 but they were in the sale, and they fit beautifully and I haven't got any more blisters.

Her : Oh great, but that's a lot of money for a pair of trainers.  Still at least you can just chuck on a pair of Primark trackies & a tshirt!

Me : well I could but by the time I got down the end of the road I'd be ringing wet and cold, I have proper running tights and tops that I buy from Sports Direct.

Her : next you'll be telling me you have special underwear!

Me : of course - but I did got them for Christmas! (now slightly agitated at where the conversation is going)

Her : oh well it's a hobby, hobbies can be expensive (and off she wandered to drag on her fag in the freezing cold)

A hobby? Really?  I know what I'd rather waste my money on!

Anyway back to Janathon - no dog walk today as Shaun is on his long weekend off which means that he goes out at 9am and comes back with the dog at about 4.  The dog at that point was full of beans and still wanted to play ball.  Shaun on the other hand is struggling to get off the sofa!   

So tonight I went for a run on my own and without music (blimey that never happens).   Because of household chores I couldn't get on my Wii Active.   Unfortunately my Garmin had died so it's not a very accurate distance but it was about 4.6k in 34 minutes.   Not very fast but I think that was because I had to keep stopping to cross the road.  I didn't feel like I was running slowly!  It was quite enjoyable not being plugged in - my route took me to the West Beach area of Newhaven through the marina.   It was nice to hear the seagulls crying and the sound of the docks & marina still working for a change.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

12th of Janathon - Only a Run!

My god does all this exercise help you sleep.  I've got a sunrise alarm where the light comes on gradually and then the alarm goes off 20 minutes later.  The only problem is this morning I fell back to sleep after the alarm went off!  Oops

Glad to report the stiffness in my calves and quads is lessening and amazingly no new blisters since I've been using the new running shoes. 

Hubby was off today so no dog walking for me.   Instead I had arranged to meet Sue at 4pm to go for a run.  We hadn't really planned where we were going but a few weeks ago Sue had mentioned doing a loop round the industrial estate.   So off we went, I'm glad I had my Garmin on because neither of us had any idea how far it was.   After the first loop the Garmin was only reading 2.5k so I suggested doing two loops and then home.   I don't really like doing loops, find them more tedious than out and back!   In the end we completed 5.9 k in 44 mins.  Quite a lot of road crossing and avoiding traffic! 

I also did 30 minutes on my Wii Active when I got back - fully body workout on the highest level, including cardio boxing and running!  This is my avatar doing lunges!

Will have to find something to do tomorrow - Shaun is on another rest day and is planning to take the dog out for a very long walk.   

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

On the 11th day of Janathon - lovely sunset

After yesterday's exercise overload my right calf muscle is now a little sore - better keep quiet because the miseries at work will tell me to give up again!

Thankfully an uneventful day.   The usual dog walk this afternoon - except we went a bit further as it's not getting dark so early.    We managed 8k in 2 hours.  Archie wasn't really up for ball games today so it's been mostly straight walking and waiting for the sniffer to stop working!   I was amazed by the long shadows today - wish my legs were that long and thin!

The sunset was way better than it came out - bright orange ball!

Did 40 minutes on the Wii Active (god that thing is becoming addictive!) loads of squat reps including calf raises and a squat and hold for what seemed a life time.   Quite enjoy the cardio boxing but tonight it added in some basket ball and volley ball moves.  I'm not the most co-ordinated person in the world and I just couldn't get the moves right - hopefully I can sort that out with some practice.   Did a couple of minutes running on the spot.   Glad I didn't go for a proper run, the calf muscle is quite sore so it's probably good I've rested it today.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10th Day of Janathon - Boring!

Pretty uneventful day today apart from being told that I couldn't have a biscuit with my 11 o'clock cup of ginger  & lemon tea because I was on a diet and fitness regime - think my work colleagues are now taking this nonsense to the extreme!  

I took Archie out for his afternoon walk and ball games.  We have a new one today, kick the tennis ball as hard as I can and then run after dog & ball!  This was alternated with throwing and running - a great all over workout.  My throwing is coming along nicely and the ball now rarely lands in the middle of a tangle of brambles - my kicking skills are less impressive.  Unfortunately I didn't take my Garmin so I have no idea how far we went, but on past logging I think it was about 4k in 1hr 30 mins.

We got back from our walk and I quickly changed into my running kit as Sue was calling for me at 4.30 for our run.   I was determined we were going to do a fairly long run - it was an evil thing to do as Sue had been away for a week with work stuff, but she had been going to the gym so she should have been ok.   We did the long drag hill out of Newhaven to Peacehaven and then ran along for a bit.  At 20 minutes we picked a street to do our double back on and then headed home.  Coming back is always a joy as it's a lovely long downhill.  It used to kill my knees coming down but I think my joints are getting used to doing it!  Anyway we did 6k in 45 mins, not brilliantly fast but we did have a lot of gossip to catch up on and there seemed to be quite a lot of cyclists on the path who should have been on the road - oh of course they didn't have any lights!

When we got back Shaun was cooking dinner (along the lines of cottage pie made with Quorn mince and topped with swede & carrot mash)!   So whilst he was doing that I set up the Wii Active and did 30 minutes on hard level, more running, squats, lunges, upper body moves and cardio boxing (I don't know how they can call it that 'cos the only bit that raises my heart rate is the punch bag bit at the end).   The attached link is the TV advert for the game - no it's not me!

All in all a pretty good day exercise wise.

Day 10 totals

Walk  : 4k in 1hr 30 mins
Run : 6k in 45 mins
Wii : 30 mins of cardio & toning
Unlit cyclists avoided : 5

Monday, 9 January 2012

I Don't Like Mondays

Unless Monday is a Bank Holiday, Monday is rubbish.   It's the one day when organisation goes completely out the window.  Get up late, leave the house late, get to work later than I'd like to, hubby working til late, Danni going to Guides = 3 different dinners!  The Asda shopping is due for delivery between 5 and 7 so any hope of getting out for a run tonight was practically non existent.

The only constant and organised thing was taking little Archie for a lovely long walk.   We did one of our favourite walks today - down to the beach via Tidemills again.

A total of 7k in just under 2 hours.  It would have been quicker had it not been for bumping into two friends (separately).

Waiting for the shopping delivery allowed me to sit and partially write my blog and log, and as soon as Danni  left the house & the shopping arrived I set up the Wii Active and did 30 minutes cross training.   I did a higher level tonight and wow was I puffing and blowing by the end!  Lots of squats and lunges, and running on the spot as well as some upper body moves!

So Day 9 done - tomorrow I have a run planned with my run buddy who was away on a conference last week.  I've quite enjoyed my solo running but it will be good to get out with someone.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8 - Running in Daylight !

I was determined to run this morning, so when I got up and could hardly move I was a little worried.  Once I started moving around though the stiffness started to sort itself out and having eaten some muesli I felt much better.  The Garmin was fully charged and so was my Ipod so off I trotted.  I wasn't sure how far I was going so I aimed to get to 4km and then turnaround if I was feeling uncomfortable.   It took a while for the hips to clunk back into place, but I got to the 4km mark and felt ok so carried on.   I usually run along the beach path when I get to Seaford but the beach seemed to have obliterated the path during the week so I had to change my route which meant running up a nasty hilly bit.  The only advantage to running up a nasty hilly bit is the nice long downhill after!  I managed just over 10k, not very fast but it was more about getting out and doing it! After running in the dark all week it was quite pleasant to meet other runners, dog joggers, dog walkers and cyclists - everybody was very cheerful with lots of "good morning", smiles and nods which is always makes a run more pleasant.

Archie and I have also done a lovely long walk over the hills this afternoon.  Not much ball playing & dog jogging today though because Archie wasn't really up for it - think he's knackered from the last couple of days. He's now curled up on the sofa next to me waiting patiently for dinner!

Day 8 distance : 10.6k plus 7.8k dog walk
Day 8 time : 1 hr 23 mins plus 1hr 54 min dog walk

Weigh in done - yes the scales went in the right direction, not a great loss but it will do for the first week!

I'm now off to tackle that huge pile of ironing that got a mention earlier in the week - wish me luck!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 - Walking, Shopping, Dog Jogging & 1 Dead Garmin

Not really sure what to write today.  I've decided not to run again for 3 reasons:- 

My hips are still a bit stiff and I want to do a proper run tomorrow morning
It's Shaun day off today (back to work Sunday lunchtime!)
and lack of time  

I have managed to raise my heart rate a little - while Shaun was out with the dog this morning I did the Sainsbury-Pet Shop-Lidl Dash.  This mainly involved walking very fast/jogging  to and from the car 3 times, walking very fast round the shop and then unpacking what I'd bought quickly!   I only buy bread & veg at the weekends as my main shop is done online so it only took me about an hour to do the lot.

After lunch we took Archie for a lovely long walk out over the hills towards Brighton, I turned my Garmin on so that I could download our route & distance only to find out that it was out of charge - disaster.   I also forgot to pick up the camera so no photos! We met  a few walkers, horsey peeps, pheasants and sheep and in the end walked a very pleasant 8km over 2 hours.   I also did a little bit of dog jogging with Archie.   Because it got dark and the only way home was via a busy road so we caught the bus which Archie loved.   Shaun managed use MapMyWalk to work out our distance!

As a Janathon first, for me anyway, Shaun and I walked to the pub for some dinner.  It's a first because we don't normally get to go to the pub in the evening and we certainly wouldn't walk!

All in all a good week, I certainly know I've done more exercise than usual, and thank you to everyone who's given comments this week on Facebook, Twitter and on my blog.

It's weigh in day tomorrow - let's hope the scales have moved and in the right direction.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6 - No Cake, No Wind & No Costa

Before the Christmas break Fridays have regularly been Costa Friday - my treat for getting through the week (although some weeks I'd had Costa every day).   As part of my new regime for January I am resisting the urge to visit my local branch - which will probably shock a few people!

This first week back at work has been a nightmare with all the ridiculous behaviour from my colleagues.  Today has been no different but for a different reason.  None of my colleagues take an active part in sport or exercise, other than avidly spectate football, and yet they all have an opinion on my training.   Today I am a little stiff which is not unusual and not  as spritely as I normally am so I have had continual remarks about overdoing it.  I have tried to explain what I'm doing but they just think I'm a nutter who's lost the plot.  Apart from the sore thigh muscles from yesterday's hill training I actually felt great, but by the time I went home at lunchtime self doubt was beginning to creep in, and a foul mood descended.   

Anyway, enough miserableness - it's the weekend and hubby has Saturday off so lots of dog walking tomorrow if it's not raining.

Today's exercise has been a 6k (1hr 45 min) walk with Archie and 30 minutes on the Wii Active.  I have also done a little dogjog - although Archie was more interested in sniffing today.   Today's ball game was to throw the ball as far as possible and then chase after him and the ball so I have done a little running today.

Can't believe I've nearly completed a whole week.  My bad mood has disappeared thanks to some fresh air and time away from human beings.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 - Knackered & Verbal Abuse for refusing Cake Day 3

What a night last night - didn't get much sleep because I kept wondering if the bedroom window was going to blow out!   I will be so glad when these high winds do one!

Everything, but especially my hips are killing me this morning, and walking like spotty dog from the Wooden Tops is not a good look!   

I guess running into the wind was a foolish thing to do last night but it cheered me up no end, don't think I've laughed at myself so much when out running

Oh Joy - third day back at work and yet another round of birthday cakes.   The abuse I have received today for declining apple turnover with cream, cream slice and cream filled choux bun has been unbelievable - bugger off and leave me alone!  This situation is making me very grumpy :-(

My main Janathon exercise today has been a 7k walk with Shaun & Archie down to the beach and back which took 2 hours due to copious amounts of ball throwing and chasing.   

The walk through the wooded area was a bit scary as lots of trees have fallen down and some were looking a little precarious.   

In other Janathon news I have also sprinted uphill to catch the bus!  A very special effort in heels & long winter coat with a walloping great bag filled with the usual tat!   

At my brother's suggestion instead of running distance tonight I have done some hill work.   I live on a hill and I have done 3 laps of the roads where I live - a total of 1.5k in 12 mins.  It was very windy & the letchy bloke at the top of the road was having his teatime ciggie on his doorstep - otherwise I probably would have gone round again.   I think he was extending his fag break so he could say something letchy witty as I went past him.   

Because of my pathetic running tonight I also tried  out my new Wii Active game for 15 minutes.  I have done boxing, tennis, baseball, cardio dance (which wasn't), numerous squats, lunges, shoulder press and upright row.  It was supposed to be a 30 minute workout but Shaun had cooked a rather nice seafood paella for dinner.   Apart from the patronising Personal Trainer I think it's quite good.

Roll on day 6 - pray to god there's no more cake because my willpower and ability to bite my tongue is being seriously tested, and also that the wind has finished winding so that I can go out for a decent run.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Janathon Day 4 - Cake & Stuff

Today is the second day back at work and the second day I have had to run the gauntlet of birthday cakes!  Yesterday I succumbed to a very small slice of carrot cake.  Today I very nearly got away with not having anything at all - unfortunately I had to climb the last flight of stairs which took me to cake hell & a "smallish" flapjack thingy!  By virtue of the fact that I had a slice of rye bread and two poached eggs for breakfast I was already well on the way to using up my daily calorie allowance.  I have had to put up with a lot of verbal abuse at work because I've started back with the diet & exercise bit between my teeth.  Everytime someone says something I lift my "Keep Calm & Go For a Run" mug - not quite as rude as a v-sign!

I've done an hour's filing at work this morning, which made me puff and blow and felt like a workout.  There's more there than you think!

I didn't think I would be able to fit in a run today; as I said in Day 3 my daughter had her first College interview this afternoon (at optimum run time of 4.30pm) so hubby did the dog walk (damn), I did the rushing around, getting the shopping & meeting Danni.  She wanted moral support (and not Daddy's) so that was my role today.

Danni's interview was quicker than anticipated and we got back early enough for me to get out for a "quick" run.   I hadn't really taken into account the wind direction, I'd already told hubby which route I was doing so I couldn't change it without going back home.   So, I headed off into a headwind (stupid girl).  I have no idea how hard that wind was blowing but at some points I felt like I was running on the spot.  I did have to power walk part of it because I just couldn't get enough grip to run into it.   At least coming back the wind was pushing me along and coming back downhill I was back in no time.   Unfortunately it took me 40 minutes to do 5km, but presumably that's down to the walking.

Because I went for my run unfortunately I won't be able to tackle the huge pile of ironing which is falling out the cupboard again.    There is actually two piles one in front of the other, plus extra stuffed on the side !  Oops

Janathon Day 4 tally

Cake fail : 1
Filing : 1 hour
Running : 5k 40 mins
Ironing : None - damn it!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Janathon Day 3 (or the day the Brighton Wheel disappeared !)

What a lovely day after Day 2 - not!   I didn't really know what to title today's blog with as there are so many I could've chosen. 

The bus journey in was one of the worst I've experienced in 10 years of working in Brighton and how I didn't have to make use of the carrier bag I had with me was anybody's guess - hats off to the bus driver for keeping the vehicle on the road!  Walking from the bus stop to the office was interesting as I had that wobbly leg feeling you get when you come off a ride at a theme park!

At 12.30 I looked out my office window and the Wheel was gone!  In it's place was dense cloud which bought with it torrential rain & very strong gusts of wind.   I wish I'd had my camera on me!  I wasn't really looking forward to the return journey in half an hour!

The journey home was ok in the end and by the time I got off the bus it was sunny and bright blue skies - brilliant!  Time to take the dog out - because of all the rain I decided on a quick trip down to the beach as it's mostly pathways and not much mud.  Only got caught in one shower on the way back.  Walk total today 6.5 km 1 hr 30 mins.

As I had to get changed I decided that I would go straight out for a run.  I only managed 4km in 30 minutes but I actually hadn't banked on getting out today so run today was a bonus.

Got to sort out tomorrow now - no dog walk as I have to escort daughter to her first College interview at 4.30 - hopefully get back and go for a run afterwards - weather permitting.