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Saturday, 30 June 2012

30th THE END Thank you very much

Today's June fact  


The last day was always going to be a challenge, mainly because Shaun was working which meant I had two dog walks, fruit & veg shopping, washing and housework to do as well as throw in a few miles run.  I think Archie knew I had to run this evening and lead me on a couple of nice, easy walks - around town this morning and down the riverbank to Piddinghoe this afternoon.  A very gentle 4 miles.   Now that there won't be as much running I will be coaxing Archie on some longer walks for the rest of the summer! 

I waited until Shaun got home from work before I went for my run.  I really had no more than 2 miles left in the tank so 2 miles it was!

Day 30 mileage :
Run : 2 miles
Walk : 4 miles + 2 miles to pick up Dani from a party on the other side of town

Juneathon Totals :
Run : 107 miles
Walk : 88 miles
Hours spent exercising : 81 hours
Weight lost : 3lbs

I was saying yesterday that taking part in Juneathon (and Janathon) is a double-edged sword.  The first half is fun, getting used to going out and running, the 3rd week gets more difficult as the mileage starts to take it's toll on your body (well it did on mine) and by the final week you're running out of things to say on the blog other than I ran!   But it's still enjoyable in a strange sort of way!

Having only completed a few running miles during Janathon I really wanted to up the ante - and I am more than pleased with the results!   Getting up and going out early has been a revelation, however I can't imagine achieving an early morning run during autumn/winter.  I'm off on holiday in just over a weeks time and I will be taking my running kit to run the beachfront walkway at Playa des las Americas.  I need to keep my fitness/stamina up for a 10k when I get back.

I couldn't have done any of this without the support from Shaun - who loves to sabotage and on more than one occasion has said "you don't have to run tonight" or "you're not going out in that weather". Trouble is he hasn't worked out it actually makes me more determined to get out and just do it.  It's been a lot easier to go out with the longer daylight hours.  I also couldn't have done this without the support and motivation from fellow Juneathoners - thank you for reading the blog and leaving comments and to @jogblog with going along with the bet - it certainly helped to have that hanging over me every day!  The motivation from Twitter is a major part of getting through the challenge.

Congratulations to my brother, @stevierun71 who is top of the Table of Doom tonight - great running this month, so proud of you x

What's next?

August 19th Seaford 10k
October 7th RISE Undercliff 8k
November Brooks Brighton 10k
February 2013 Brighton Half

I've still got to do a Parkrun - I really need to get that sorted!

Not sure if I'll be back for Janathon - will have to wait and see how the half training goes.

I'll still be blogging, just not every day!  There will be a few things with Danni coming up, including GCSE results and also the small question of getting Shaun back to walking long distance after he's had an MRI next week.

Well done everyone - it's been a great month x  
Good night and thank you

Friday, 29 June 2012

29th - Anti Climax

On 29th June 1613 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre burned down!

I hate that feeling when something you've been looking forward to and planning for ages is all over, and no doubt Sunday I will be feeling the same about Juneathon.  Yesterday was an amazing day and today was back to normal very quickly with the added benefit of feeling absolutely knackered.

I was surprised that feeling so knackered that I was able to do anything this afternoon after work.  When I took Archie out he kept heading to the woods so that's where we started and then headed back towards the river bank, it would have been a nice 2 mile walk if Archie hadn't decided to roll in foxes poo and end up in the shower when we got back.

Danni had another party tonight so whilst she was getting ready to go out and I was waiting for Shaun to come home, I had a little nap!  This set up me brilliantly for a run when he got back, and although I told him I was probably only doing 2 miles, I ended up pushing through and did 4 miles, getting back just in time for turkey kebabs coming out of the oven!

Day 29 totals
Run : 4 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles
Hecklers : Zero
Cyclists who made me run through brambles, stinging nettles & long grass : 5

Total Miles
Run : 105 miles
Walk :81 miles


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 28 Promathon

Today is the day we've all been waiting for - no not the last 2 days of Juneathon, but my daughter's Prom Day!

I took the day off work to taxi Princess Dani around as required so was able to go out for my run first thing. I had only planned on doing 2 miles a day for the last 3 days but of course Juneathon madness took over and I decided to head out for 4!  That was a big mistake.  It was a very warm morning and although I took it very slowly it wasn't long before the sweat was running off me.  I had to keep wiping my sunglasses because they kept steaming up!  There were a couple of other runners out and we all agreed it was a warm one.  Not sure why but on the way back I began to feel a bit unwell, whether it was the fact I hadn't let my breakfast go down, over hydrating or over-heating I don't know but after a while I got that impending feeling of doom in my stomach that every runner dreads - I can honestly say I have never been so glad to see those golden arches.  Had a quick pit stop and then set off for home.  My Garmin was also playing up and didn't stop when I got stuck at the train crossing (again!) so all in all not a good run.  I'm sticking to 2 miles for Friday and Saturday ..... maybe!

Only a couple of short walks for Archie with me today, one before we went to the hairdressers at 12pm, and a longer one at 2.30pm.

So on to the business of the day.   Just a few photos before they left !

Day 28 totals:

Running : 4 miles
Dog walk :  1 mile and a bit
No of car journeys : 4
No of tissues used : Zero - that surprised you (& me!)

Juneathon Totals
Running: 101 miles 
Walking : 79 miles 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27th June - Wimbledon link - 3 days & counting

On 27th June 1985 Anne White played tennis at Wimbledon in a white body stocking

Today had to be an early run - luckily Shaun was getting up at 5.30 to walk the dog before work so I got up as well and headed out to West Beach.  Following last night's heckling it was lovely to be out that early, not very many people about at all.  It was quite foggy and a fishing boat was already heading out to sea, disappearing into the fog, made me feel quite relaxed.  I did pass one dog walker who gave me a funny look up and down- had to check that I had put my clothes on in the right order and round the right way!

This afternoon's dog walk was an uneventful one, Archie's mileage has seriously dropped since Janathon - what a lazy little boy! 

Day 27 totals:

Running : 3 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles
No of hecklers : BIG FAT ZERO
No of fishermen : 6
No of dogwalkers : 4

Juneathon Totals
Running: 97 miles 
Walking : 78 miles 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26th June Blogging gets harder! 4 days to go

Today's June fact is a birthday :

Chris O'Donnell (actor best known for playing Robin in Batman Forever & Agent Callan in NCIS Los Angeles) was born today in 1970.

Nothing very exciting today, no dog walk because Mr B did both the morning and afternoon walks, just a solo run (even though it's a run with Sue day). It was quite nice weather wise - a light breeze, cool temperature which I later found out was due to a fog which had descended over the Downs.  I couldn't decide how far to go, Tuesday is normally a 4 to 6 mile but I wasn't sure if I had that many miles in my legs.  I decided to do the Cycle Path route so that I could turn around when I felt like I'd had enough.   Having walked half a mile while the Garmin continued to "locate satellite" I managed a further 4 mile run.

On the way back home I unfortunately had to run the gauntlet of some nasty young girls.  The 3 of them were walking across the bridge, 3 abreast with dogs, one moved out of the way and I said thank you, at which point they decided to advise me that I had a "lard arse" and "runbitchrun" along with mimicking a running action - not that they looked like they could run a mile between them!  There are times when I hate living in Newhaven - runners are in the minority!

Day 26 totals:
Running : 4
No Dog walk :0(

Juneathon Totals
Running: 94 miles 
Walking : 76 miles 

Monday, 25 June 2012

25 down, 5 to go

First things first, June fact - it's a biggy!  On 25th June in 1876 Sioux Chiefs Crazy Horse & Sitting Bull defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Read all about it here.  Beats a list of dead people ;0)

So on to Juneathon 2012. The weekend's Longest Day Run has definitely taken its toll, not helped by having a rotten night's sleep and no time for a nap after work!  I took little Archie out for his afternoon walk but he'd already been on a long walk with Mr B so he wasn't really interested and spent most of the 2 miles on his lead up to the pond and back. No ball playing, no chasing rabbits, pheasants, foxes or barking at the sheep on the other bank - just walk and get it done.   If it hadn't been for the fact that Weightwatchers have reduced my daily pro-points by a significant amount we probably would've only done 1 mile.

When we got back Mr B had made a cup of tea so I necked that and got changed.  Feeling absolutely shattered I planned to do a 2 mile recovery jog run, nice and gentle down to the beach and back.  It was a lot faster than it felt at just over 23 minutes - felt more like I was staggering.  Hopefully running with Sue tomorrow so should be able to get 4 done, providing I get some sleep tonight.

At work today I had a health check which was arranged by Brighton & Hove City Council with a proper qualified nurse to advise on preventing Type 2 Diabetes, heart & kidney problems and strokes.  The main reason I wanted to do it was to have my cholesterol level checked which I've never had done.  Luckily I was able to answer most of her questions about weight, height & general lifestyle - she was amazed that I even knew my BMI!  Anyway glad to report that whilst my bad cholesterol is a bit high at 5.61 my good cholesterol negates it completely by being nearly 3.   She gave me a leaflet so that I can tweak my diet - mainly oily fish intake. Job done!

Day 25 Totals
Run : 2 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles
Fingers pricked : 1

Total Juneathon Mileage 
Run : 90 miles
Walk : 76 miles

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Juneathon day 24 and Longest Day Run Pt 2

Today was the second half of Longest Day Run.  There have been some amazing runs done already and no doubt by the end of the day there will be some huge totals.  It has been a great challenge and it has been an honour to take part in the inaugural event, hopefully I will be able to take part next year.   The support and motivation from Twitter followers has been great, and pushed me further than I thought I could go.

Being Sunday it was a booked long run with Sue first thing.  It was raining and I needed to do at least 4 miles to take my total above 10 which is the furthest I've run this year so far.  Sue wanted to do 6 so that's what we headed out for.  The rain wasn't too heavy but when we got to Seaford beach the spray from the sea made it worse.  The wind was very strong, probably the worst it's been since Friday.  Sue hasn't done much running for the last few weeks so once we hit 3 miles there were a few walk breaks which my poor Juneathon legs were pleased about, but my head got a bit frustrated.  All in all not a great run, Sue likes to talk way too much and it's difficult to get breathing and pace right - I like running with her but I'm much better on my own!

No June fact today - can't find anything which is remotely interesting.  Instead here is a link to a list of people who have died on 24th June.

Day 24 mileage :
Running : 6.8 miles
Dog Walk : 2 miles
Weightwatchers WI day : 61.9 kgs (stayed the same)

Total Juneathon mileage :
Running : 88 miles
Walking : 73 miles

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 23 Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone

First things first - today's June fact :-

on 23rd June 1996 (the year my daughter was born!) Nintendo 64 went on sale in Japan!   and I like this one : 23rd June 1295 - Pope Boniface VIII enters Rome!

As well as completing my daily Juneathon run I am taking part in Longest Day Run this weekend.  

I'm not doing it for charity, as there will be opportunities for charity running later in the year, I'm just doing it because I can and it will motivate me to run longer on both days (well that's the plan), bumping my total for Juneathon up. 

This morning Shaun and I were alone as wayward teenager was sleeping over at a friends house, he'd already said he wanted to spend some time together so we got up (late) and took the dog out for a nice (windy) 2 mile walk along the river bank and up to the pond and back.  Next up was a quick shopping trip to Sainsbury and Lidl to get some provisions. Home for a spot of lunch and wait for the clock to tick over to 3pm when I'd planned my run.

When 3pm came I got changed into my kit and headed out.  It was still quite windy as I headed to the cycle path only planning to do 6 miles but as usual wanted to push it on a bit, but decided at the 3.5 mile point to turn back.  Think I could've actually gone on to 4 miles and turned back but of course have to bear in mind that I have to do another long one tomorrow as Sue will be joining me, and I'm heading for a total of more than 10 miles for the Longest Day Run Challenge.  So a not too bad 7 miles in 1 hr 18 mins, a few niggly pains but I suppose that's only to be expected after 23 days of running and walking over 100 miles! Pleased with the stats for the run - average mile just under 10 min mile, 5k 33 mins and 10k spot on PB at 1hr 9 mins.

Day 23 Totals

Running : 7 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles
Amount of wind run/walked into : 9 miles worth!

Total Juneathon Miles

Running : 81 miles 
Walking : 71 miles

Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 22 Running with Cankles

Today's June fact :

According to today in 1847 the first doughnut was created.  Not sure how they would have looked but they certainly wouldn't have looked like this 

Last night I went to bed with a swollen ankle thanks to a mozzy bite from the dog walk through the woods the other day.   This morning I got up and the swelling had gone down but the bites were pretty itchy so I took a one a day anti histamine tablet and found some out of date hydrocortisone cream!   I didn't apply the cream because I got completely sidetracked and left for work.

During the day the itching got worse and the more time I spent on my feet the more swollen my ankle got, by the time I got home my ankle was so swollen there was no difference between my foot and my calf.  I text hubby to ask him to bring home anti histamine cream and/or hydrocortisone and went off to walk the dog.  By the time I got back from the dog walk both ankles looked broken with great big swellings on each.  I couldn't decide whether it was OK to run on them but hey it's Juneathon and no excuse will be good enough to not run!

I headed for the cycle path route having told Mr B I was only going for 2 miles.  Going was ok but coming back was horrendous - the wind was really strong running into it for a whole mile.  If it hadn't been so windy I think tonight would have been a faster time!

Day 22 Mileage :

Running : 2 miles
Walking : 2 miles

Total Juneathon mileage :

Running : 74
Walking : 69

Thursday, 21 June 2012

My 21st Run for June

Today's June fact :

In case you didn't know it today is Prince William's birthday (born 1982)
Happy birthday your Royal Highness.

Today's weather was a complete pain.   Most of the day it was lashing it down with rain, periodically it would stop but the sun never came out until Archie and I ventured out at 3.30pm, after we'd prepared for a wet walk.   A nice 2 mile road walk with a game of ball on the playing field at the other side of town, absolutely boiling and gasping for a drink by the time we got back.

Waited until Danni went to her Guides meeting at 6.30pm before I went for a run.   Shaun has been on Union duties all day and wasn't going to be back until late.  As I was getting ready to go out it was absolutely tipping it down again so I changed from the vest top to a short sleeved top and my running jacket.  It was pretty windy out and I had to keep holding on to my cap.  By the time I'd done the first 1.5 miles the rain had stopped and it was back to blazing sun and I was completely overdressed.  Anyway, a very pleasant 4 miles in the bag - yippee!  

21st Totals :

Running : 4 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles

Total Juneathon mileage :

Running : 72
Walking : 67

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

20th Juneathon - Garmin Operator Fail

I really struggled to get going today, don't know why it was just a massive struggle.  Not even coffee had an effect.  I got home, had lunch and took the dog out - today Archie appeared to want a walk through the woods, so that's what we did but just to add some extra mileage and the chance for me to throw the tennis ball without it getting lost in undergrowth we also crossed the road to the playing field for a short while.  A lovely 3 mile walk.

Had to wait until 6.30pm for my run as daughter was on her way home, and also it was a bit warm to go straight out. I was soon halted by this 

With one train already in the station and the barriers staying down that meant there was a train coming the other way so I decided rather than cross the road and use the footbridge I would stop my Garmin (mistake) and wait for the barrier to go up, which it did after a couple of minutes.  So off I set in my own little running world.   I checked my watch at the point I know is a mile from home - yes you've guessed it, it was stopped on 0.5 miles - I'd forgotten to restart it.  I decided to go a bit further - unfortunately Running Free has rounded down by total mileage.  Lesson learned - don't stop Garmin at any time!

June fact - Summer officially kicks off today, with the summer solstice marking the longest day of the year. An interesting article in the National Geographic

Day 20 mileage

Running : 1.6 plus 1/2 mile = 2
Walking : 3 miles 

Total Juneathon mileage :

Running : 68 miles (according to the Table of Doom!)
Walking : 65 miles

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 19 Jelly Legs Have Arrived!

After yesterday's massive achievement, today's run was a completely different story.  Don't know whether it was the heat or the fact that I'd just done a 4 mile walk with the dog down to the beach.  Tuesday is run day with Sue and normally would be at least 4 miles - but tonight I got back from walking the dog to a text saying she was busy with work and couldn't make it. I decided to reduce the mileage down to 2.  Even that was a struggle!   

Day 19 totals:

Running : 2 miles
Walking : 4 miles 

Total Juneathon mileage :

Running : 67 miles 
Walking : 62 miles

No June fact tonight - I'm running out of interesting ones!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Juneathon the 18th - 2 PBs & An Unnecessary Request

For the 18th day of Juneathon I give you :-

June Whitfield, much loved English actress.

After 3 mile walk with the dog (in the sunshine for a change) I had to wait for hubby to get home & take over as chief Asda delivery receiver.  Not much point as the delivery was half an hour late!  Hubby got back at 6 and I was ready and off out for my run at 6.30pm.  I couldn't decide how far to go tonight so headed towards the cycle path where I have lots of turning points if the going gets tough or time's running out.  I thought maybe I'd only do 3 miles but at the 1.5 mile turning point I felt ok so carried on for another half a mile and turned at the 2 mile turnaround.  I glanced at my watch at the 3.1 mile (5k) mark and it said 33 minutes - that's a minute faster than I've ever done 5k even in "race" conditions.  I carried on back home and reached 4 miles in 43 mins 56 seconds (the fastest I've done that distance is 46.23 last Monday!)  Can't believe how happy that makes me feel - I would've thought I'd get slower running every day but I can actually feel (and see) an improvement.

The unnecessary request ?  3 young lads asking me to reveal my breasts (except they didn't ask so nicely)! 

Day 18 stats :

Run : 4 miles
Walk : 3 miles
2 PBs
1 unnecessary request

Total Juneathon mileage :

Running : 65 miles 
Walking : 58 miles

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day & 17 days of Juneathon

Today is Father's Day. Presents for Father's Day gets more and more difficult every year.  This year has been a little easier - normally my Dad and Shaun's Dad receive gardening vouchers (both being keen gardeners) but this year we decided to go for something completely different.  After a lot of searching on the internet I found Cadburys do chocolate hampers - perfect for my Dad, and apparently well received by FIL!

Hubby is impossible to buy for at the best of times.  Over the last few weeks he has spent some time in the garden planting and tidying and has bought some tacky nice solar powered lights.  In a local shop Dani and I found a Buddha statue with a solar powered light - perfect and now has pride of place in the flower border!

This morning I headed out for a long run (6 miles but if I felt ok a few more).  I was supposed to be running with Sue but she was feeling unwell so I went on my own, a little later than anticipated and because of things I wanted to do later meant I would only be able to do 6 miles.

When I got back I text Shaun who had gone out with the dog to find out where they were headed.  He wanted to meet at the pub by the Seven Sisters Country Park (Golden Galleon) and then walk back.   We had a quick bite to eat and then set off back home across the Downs.   A lovely 7 mile walk in the sunshine.

Day 17 miles :
Run : 6 miles
Dog walk : 7 miles

Total Juneathon miles :
Running : 61 miles
Walking : 55 miles 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 16 - a shove out the door !

Today's June is :
June Brown who plays Dot (Cotton) Brannning in Eastenders. 

On Tuesday I went for lunch with Mum and Dad and mum's Australian cousin and her husband.  I promised a photo so here it is 

and this is Mum & Leanna
Seems a shame that after 50 years they only got to spend a couple of days together - thank heavens for the invention of Skype!

Back to today's Juneathon.  I knew it was going to be a busy day.   Mr B started work at 10 and doesn't finish until 9 tonight!  I took the dog for his morning walk, now the rain has stopped he's happy to walk on grass.  We went along the river bank to Piddinghoe and back - a nice 2 ish miles.  When I got back I had to get Danni's gift for her dad - it's no good asking her to do it she was sleeping "revising"! Back home to drop off purchases and straight back out again to drive to the outskirts of Brighton and buy Sunday lunch from M&S (Dine in for £10 weekend!), back to Newhaven to do the veg shop and then to Peacehaven to pick up the laptop from the menders!  Back home to unpack the shopping, swallow some lunch, check the laptop was working ok and then back out with the dog for the afternoon walk.  It was lovely this afternoon, a bit windy but otherwise lovely & warm.   We headed to the beach where the sea had been whipped up well and truly and there were between 10 and 20 surf dudes out on the water.  It was quite a spectacle.   Another 4 and a bit miles and the dog walks were done for the day.

Because of this fun packed day, when I got back from the dog walk my legs felt like jelly so I decided (foolishly) to ask Twitter if it was OK for me to forego my run today.  I suppose I knew what the answer would be @ReNcEsTaR said it was ok if I sprinted round the block; @mrafletch said it was fine; then @jogblog reminded me of our bet & that I'd promised to run at least 2 miles every day; plus a couple of others saying that it was fine but a bet's a bet, so off I went - leaving Danni to sort out dinner (like that was going to happen!) and did 2.7 miles. It was quite speedy up to the 2 mile mark and I was a couple of seconds off my best 2 mile time!  Maybe it was the thought that dinner was waiting for me!  I did get back to find two plates with a tomato on each!

All in all a good day - thanks guys for pushing me out the door, if it hadn't been for the shove the blog would've been done before dinner!

Day 16 miles :
Dog walk : 7 miles
Run : 2.7 (which running free has taken as 3!)

Total Juneathon miles :
Running : 55 miles
Walking : 48 miles 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Halfway & A Swift Kick up the Bum Needed !

Today's June fact :

15th June is the national flag day of Denmark to mark the Anniversary of the Battle of Valdemar in 1219 in Lyndanisse, Estonia

Can't quite believe I've made it to day 15, and not sure how much longer I will be taking part in Juneathon.  Mr B has lost enthusiasm for me running daily, the laptop is still sick so logging and blogging is becoming time consuming and generally I'm knackered. Anyway enough moaning.

Today's dog walk was looking iffy.  It started to rain heavily at about 3.15 and Archie never really fancies going out very far.  However, the rain stopped and we managed 3 miles in on and off showers.

I wasn't going for a run but then I felt guilty and after giving myself a good talking to went for a quick 2 miles down to the Marina and back.  

Day 15 Totals

Run : 2 miles
Dog Walk : 3 miles

Total Juneathon miles

Run : 52 miles
Walk : 41 miles

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Juneathon Day 14 - Exhausted & Pathetic

Today's musical reference to June is from 1956.   Julie London is one of my Dad's favourite female singers from that era!

Memphis In June -   Julie London : 1956 

Last night's Theatre trip was brilliant - an Agatha Christie whodunnit, set on a boat on the Nile. Luckily Mr B & Danni kept their thoughts to theirselves, I managed to work out the culprit about 20 minutes from the end!  

I have been very tired today, it has been a real struggle to keep awake.  I fell asleep on the bus home and after eating a sandwich headed out with the dog.   Shaun came with me but he was in quite a bit of pain with his knee so started back after a mile.  Archie decided he wanted to go back too so today's dog walk was only 2 miles.

We got home and had a cup of tea and I waited to hear whether  Sue was joining me for a run tonight.  She rang at about 5 to say she had broken down so wasn't going to be back until late.  I then promptly fell asleep for 15 minutes!   I finally summoned the energy for a run but could only manage another 2 miles.  I feel a bit fed up because today was supposed a 4 to 6 mile day.

Tomorrow we have some lovely weather forecast - thunder & lightning!  I shall look forward to running in that!

Day 14 miles

Run : 2 miles
Walk : 2 miles

Total Miles 

Run : 50
Walk : 38 miles

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13th Day of Juneathon - 2 mile PB & Some Culture

Up at 5.30am today to get another 2 miles done.   We're out tonight at the theatre to see Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile, starring Kate O’Mara (Dynasty and Bad Girls), Denis Lill(The RoyalDoctor Who), Susie Amy (71 Degrees NorthFootballers’ Wives), Chloe Newsome (Coronation Street), Ben Nealon (Soldier, Soldier) and 60s pop idol, Mark Wynter.   Hopefully, Mr B won't spoil it and tell me who dunnit after 10 minutes of it starting!

I did the same route this morning as I did last night and somehow managed to run it nearly 2 minutes faster.  Was it because I was more tired when I went out at 7pm?   Was it because there was less traffic, therefore less time waiting to cross roads? Or is Juneathon actually having a positive effect on my running?  We're not quite halfway through the month so we'll have to see!  Still nursing a blister which has come up on my big toe, which I think was caused by my twin skins! 

Not sure whether I'll get some dog walking miles in later but won't have time to blog (will update later).

Today's June musical reference is from 1962 - Never heard of Freddy Cannon myself but it's a catchy tune!

June July and August - Freddy Cannon : 1962

Day 13's totals :

Running : 2 miles with a near 2 minute better time
Dog walk : 3 miles with Mr B
4 Fisherman
1 dog walker
1 cyclist

Total Juneathon miles :
Running :48 miles
Walking : 36 miles

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 12 - Lunch with the Rellies

Today's musical "June" is from Carousel

June is Busting Out All Over from Carousel (Rodgers/Hammerstein)

Once again the horrid June weather has meant a dull, dark start to the day and me oversleeping and not getting up for an early run.

Today was very exciting as I had lunch with Mum, Dad and my Australian 2nd cousin and her husband who I had never met and didn't know existed until a couple of years ago when Mum "found" her whilst researching the family trees.  Hopefully a photo of us together will be available soon.

This afternoon's dog walk was another wet one, and as Archie doesn't do rain was only 2 miles.   Once I got back I backed up all the files from the laptop ready for it to go to the menders tomorrow, and waited for everyone to come home so that I could go for my 2 mile run!

Day 12 miles

Running : 2
dog walk : 2

New rellies from Aus met : 2
New blister found : 1

Total Miles

Running : 46 miles
Dog walk : 33 miles

Monday, 11 June 2012

11th day of Juneathon - On A Cliff Edge

For the next few days June related posts turn to music.  Can't find anything up to date so I'm going back to the olden days!  First stop - Bing Crosby - enjoy

Bing Crosby sang June in January in 1934 

I really should've got up and run this morning before work. Unfortunately because
of the weather my body found it very difficult to wake up early ;0) So instead of
running report I'll tell you about the dog walk.

The weather was a bit iffy this afternoon and I was convinced the dog wouldn't want to walk far so wasn't really prepared when he lead me towards a walk we've only done a couple of times in recent weeks.  After following an unmade road away from home the track leads on to an area of Newhaven called Castle Hill Nature Reserve. 

This is most definitely an "on the lead" walk as in some places the path is only a couple of feet from the cliff edge.  It's lovely when the sun's shining and there are great views out to sea, even on a cloudy day!  Today's dog walk was 4 miles!

So now to my run.  I was feeling quite tired following the dog walk.  Clenching one's buttocks whilst concentrating on a rabbit-loving Jack Russell X is exhausting!   I was only go to do 2 miles as a recovery run following yesterday's 6 miler, and if I'd gone this morning it would only have been two, however I actually ran 4 miles.  Not only did I run 4 but I also shaved off a minute of the best time I've done that route.  It was a good time to run, only a slight drizzle, light breeze and quite cool.  The roads were very quiet because of the football too so all in all I'm quite pleased with myself tonight - so much so I celebrated with a small glass of wine with my dinner.

Day 11 Juneathon Miles
Running : 4 miles
Dog walk : 4 miles

Total Juneathon Miles
Running : 44 miles
Dog walk : 31 miles

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Juneathon Day 10 - A Near Disaster

Today's interesting June fact :

On 10th June 1902 a patent for the window envelope for letters was granted to HF Callahan. 

Yesterday was a bit testing after I'd logged and blogged, the laptop decided that it was not playing anymore.  No online shopping, no Weight Watchers logging and worse no more Juneathon.  Couldn't get Running Free Online to work on my Android phone and attempts to draft a blog were painfully slow.  Luckily we have an old lap top that Mr B uses for games, and he managed to get it going so that I can use it whilst we work out what's wrong with the workhorse. I've had to manually enter my miles on Running Free as my Garmin isn't set up on the old machine.

This morning's Juneathon effort was a Sunday long run with Sue.  There is always way too much talking when we run, which makes me struggle with my breathing and Sue has only been out with me twice since the start of the month but she wanted to do 6 plus miles.  We headed out to our usual 6 mile plus route to Seaford.  It was quite pleasant weather conditions, nice and cool with a few spots of rain.  I did 5 miles yesterday so it was a bit of a struggle to put in the extra mile.

This afternoon we walked Archie and Sue's dog, Molly as she has gone away for work - no running with Sue until Thursday at the earliest!  Only a 2 mile walk down the riverbank before the heavens opened.

Today's Juneathon miles:
Running : 6 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles

Total miles
Running : a nice round 40 miles
Dog walk : 27 miles

Saturday, 9 June 2012

9th day of Juneathon - Running OCD

Today's June fact

June has two birth flowers one is the Honeysuckle.  Apparently there are 180 varieties of the Honeysuckle and is used in herbal cough mixtures.

and the second is the rose.  This one is called June Bloom.

This morning I woke in a bit of panic, not because it was 8 o'clock & I wasn't out running, but because I got a bit OCD over the fact my total run miles were at an odd number. I was going to do a 2 mile run which would have left them still odd, so the plan when I was getting ready was to do 3 miles (long run Sunday so didn't want to go too far).  However, me being me 3 miles wasn't enough this morning.  The weather was lovely, still windy but sunny and warm.  I forgot to check my watch and missed the 1.5 mile marker (got distracted by a rather cute Jack Russell who wanted to play) and couldn't go back at the 2 mile marker because there was nowhere to turn around, so had to run on to the 2.5 mile turn around point, making total running miles today 5.   Unusual experience today, a runner catching me up for a chat.  I've never seen her before.  We ran together for about a mile before she had to turn back.  She wasn't training for anything but told me she liked to run 7 miles every other day.  I told her about Juneathon!  

Lovely dog walk this afternoon along the riverbank - only 2 miles but Archie had been out with Mr B on a 6 mile walk in the morning!  The only bit of excitement was me accidentally throwing the ball in the stinging nettles. Note to self don't try retrieving a tennis ball from stinging nettles when wearing 3/4 length jeans! 

Today's Miles:
Run : 5
Dog : 2

Total Juneathon Miles:
Run : 34
Dog walk : 25 (bugger my dog walking miles are odd too!)

Today's distractions
1 Jack Russell
1 Female Runner

Friday, 8 June 2012

8th day of Juneathon - Wind!

Following on with the "June" theme - Birthstone of the month is Pearl 

The healing properties of the Pearl are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the heart, spleen, stomach, intestine & ulcer problems.  June has two other birthstones connected to it - Moonstone & Alexandria.  Further descriptions here.

Day 8 welcomed in some lovely weather.  On Wednesday the forecasters had been telling us that 70mph winds were arriving on Friday, and there was an amber weather warning in place.  Mr B having seen this told me I wasn't running on Friday as it was too dangerous - whateva!  On Thursday the weather warning was reduced to yellow, 50mph winds.  Mr B was a little happier at the thought of me running but still not that happy with thoughts of me getting bumped on the head by flying debris!

So this morning I woke at 5, lay listening for the sound of stuff whipping up and down the road.  A few noises but it didn't seem that bad so I got up, got myself ready and headed out the door.  I decided not to risk exposed areas and places where I know there are wind tunnels, and headed for my industrial estate circuit which Sue and I devised for running during dark winter nights.  It was much better out than forecast, and because the route is a circuit I had no choice but to do 3 miles.  Back home for porridge (not something I normally eat in June!)

After work I took the dog for a lovely walk - a little windy but a great 5 miles on the Downs - one of my favourite walks.  This is how it looked in January - it looks very different now!

Archie did his best Roobarb impression through the wheat crop!

Running miles : 3 miles
Dog walk miles : 5 miles

Total Juneathon : 
Running : 29 miles
Dog Walk : 23 miles

Thursday, 7 June 2012

7th Day of Juneathon - Early Doors & Prom Hair

I think I have found my blog theme for June, no not bugs but everything June!

Meet the June Bug
Some interesting facts the June Bug is native to north America. 

I was up and raring to go struggled to get up at 5.30 this morning!  On checking my phone found Sue had cancelled so I was going out on my own.  Not a particularly nice morning which necessitated a running jacket and a cap to keep dry.   I had planned a 2 mile run down to West Beach again, normally I'd push on and do 3 but I wasn't really feeling like it so kept it at 2.  Back home to get ready for work and a cooked breakfast of poached eggs, grilled mushroom, tomato and toast.  I forgot it was half term and ended up getting into work nearly an hour early - won't be doing that again!

Today's dog walk was nothing to write home about either- the weather was so bad just before we went out I had to wear my waterproof and walking boots!  Only managed 2 miles with the dog too.  Hopefully we'll get out for some better distances as the month goes on.  

I had to escort Danni to the hairdressers this afternoon as well as she was having her prom hair consultation. Thinking it was going to be some kind of trial run I was a bit taken aback when it was all over and done in 15 minutes!  Danni looks no different to how she was when she walked in - slightly disappointed & I paid to park the car too thinking we were going to be at least half an hour!

We originally had an amber weather warning for tomorrow but its been downgraded to a yellow with only 50mph winds.

Juneathon Day 7

Running : 2 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles

Total :

Running : 26 miles
Walking : 17 miles

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

6th day of flaming Juneathon - and I'm wearing a long sleeve running top!

This is Flaming June by Frederick Leighton, a Pre-Raphaelite painter.

I took an extra day off work today to spend some time with Shaun, we were supposed to be away for the Bank Holiday weekend but that never transpired so today has been a day of running, mooching, shopping & dog walking.

Got up early and was only going to do 2 miles this morning.  Instead ended up doing 4 miles.  It was quite pleasant, the temperature wasn't very warm and the sky couldn't decide whether it was cloudy or sunny!  I wore a long sleeved top which was slightly unusual for this time of year.   I was a bit slower today but that's because I got distracted by a couple of lovely dogs.  One of which was a French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) or if you're a certain age and film lover a Hooch dog!

Mid-morning we went out - I had some birthday money left and needed to buy another pair of lighter hand weights.  A quick visit to JJB where I spent the remainder of my money on a pair of 3kg weights and a new running vest (cos you can never have enough running tops).  Hope I don't have to go out in a long sleeved top again this month!  I also bought a new pair of sandals.  We also went to M&S to get something "nice for tea"!

This afternoon's dog walk was another very soggy 3 miles.  I seem to be copping the short straw of dog walks so far this month, it will be nice to do some dry longer walks at some point.

Today's miles :

Run : 4 miles
Dog walk : 3 miles
Number of distracting dogs : 2

Total Juneathon miles :

Running : 24 miles
Dog walking : 15 miles