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Monday, 15 October 2018

When Trying Something New Seems Like a Good Idea

I get bored quite easily in the evenings when I'm on my own or not at spin, running a meeting or spending time with loved ones and quite often it ends up with me doing online shopping (poor credit card).   Saturday 6th October was no exception - can't remember why but I suddenly caught myself looking at booking a Les Mills Experience at my local gym.   5 mini "taster" classes, 3.5 hours on a Sunday morning ............ starting at 8.30am (did I mention it was a Sunday?)

I've wanted to try Body Pump & Combat for some time but have been put off going to a class for either as it always seems everyone there is super fit and knows exactly what they're doing, I just couldn't face being the newbie!   So when Wave Leisure advertised their taster morning I thought it would be a good idea - Body Pump, CX Works, Body Combat, Body Balance and Body Attack.   I couldn't get on Body Balance so would have to either sit it out or see if I could sneak into an unused space on the day - more on that later*!   I did manage to book on to the other 4 classes.

Sunday 14th October arrived - Shaun was less pleased at this fact as the alarm went off at 7.30am.  I arrived at the centre with about 10 mins to spare and then spotted a lot of familiar faces - the class was being done by most of the people who already do the classes but I tried not to be put off.   The Pump station was already set up to go (the regulars were busy changing weight plates over but after some advice from a friend who was there luckily, I left mine as they were set up - my friend Jeremy said "don't worry about the weight - worry about the technique" so that's what I did!   Quite enjoyed it apart from all the faffing around with equipment, it's quite fast paced so I got a bit behind on some of the moves, but otherwise quite enjoyable, and it was nice to be lifting weights again. 

45 mins later we were being thrown out of the studio so that the room could be set up for CX Works - omg really didn't enjoy that class, I'm definitely going to stick to my Saturday morning Core Blast class.   30 mins of doing I don't know what and we were out again so the floor could be cleared ready for Combat.  Luckily I can't get to the CX Works class to give it another go!

No idea how long Combat was but I actually quite enjoyed - the instructors were good and I think having done boxercise helped as I already knew my punches and kicks. 

The music is great and I think if I'm not concentrating on the moves so hard I could get quite a good workout from it. 

*Next up was Body Balance - the one that was full!   I didn't hang around in the end and cancelled Body Attack - I had other plans which included lunch out with Mr B and visiting Pelham House in Lewes for Danni as a possible wedding venue.  Beautiful isn't it - and that's before a major refurb for next year!!!!!!

I certainly didn't feel like I was missing anything I'd worked quite hard - my Garmin said I'd burnt over 300 calories so I was happy with that.

Monday morning and I'm in all sorts of ouchy - ouchy in a good way - quads are on fire and I can't raise my arms very high.     I'm definitely going to give Pump and Combat a go and need to try out the other two I missed. 

Operation #MotheroftheBride is a go!!!!!

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