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Friday, 27 December 2019

Not much time for blogging - 2019 is nearly done

My god what has happened this year - the blogging is really slipping.   I have considered stopping altogether and just leaving it as a memory bank.  We'll have to see how next year goes I think.   I'd like to document my mayoral year, but this year's been busy enough with functions and learning the ropes.

Since I posted in July it's been quite busy.   Some nice Deputy Mayor duties including 3 carol concerts, a radio appearance, a Breakfast Prayer Meeting, Dieppe Landing commemoration in Newhaven, Remembrance Sunday and a tree planting event which saw 800 trees planted on Riverside Park.

Plus lots of Council meetings!

We've spent a lot of time on the house getting the roof mended and to a stage where we have a spare room ready for Christmas guests.  Just the living room and garden to sort now.

Sadly we lost Shaun's mum last month.  She'd had Alzheimers for a long time and her condition deteriorated fast one weekend.  It has been a very hard time for all the family, notwithstanding the fact we haven't been able to arrange a funeral yet. 

My 1000km cycle challenge hasn't gone as well as I expected due to weather in the latter part of the year and Shaun changing his shifts meaning I couldn't do the other 200k with cycle commutes.   I have done 800km which I am ok with.  It's been a busy year and the bikes have barely been out the shed.  Must do better next year.

I've swapped gym provider.   Wave was getting boring so Danni and I now go together to Underground.  It's much better although we have yet to try any classes.  Danni's doing really well, I'm not and really need to get myself sorted.   The wedding is now only 10 months away and I've still got the same amount of weight to lose as I did this time last year!

That's about it for this year I think - see you in 2020!

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