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Saturday, 30 June 2018

And that was June !

I love June - it's such a lovely month as it heralds the arrival of summer!   Fingers crossed it's a "proper" summer and not one of the ones where it rains for half of it.

We definitely started June with a bang - our first Tribby trip of the summer and it all ended up at a vineyard in Sussex.   On Friday the 1st we headed to Meadowview Park in Seddlescombe to meet our friends Paula & Dave from Essex in their motorhome Bessie.   A lovely site with what we could make out were quite a few long term units and just a few bookable pitches.   We had a lovely evening chatting and catching up, eating too much and drinking far too much - I have no idea how I got into bed that night!

On the Saturday we packed up and walked across the road from the campsite to a lovely garden centre that served breakfast in it's cafe.  It was so much easier to have someone else cook and wash up!

Breakfast over we drove the 3 minute schlepp up the lane to the vineyard at Carr Taylor Wines.

Shaun had bought vouchers for us to have a mornings wine tasting, vineyard tour and lunch.  We'd previously asked the owners if we could camp that night so it meant that Shaun and Dave could enjoy the wine and not have to worry about driving to another site.  They said it was fine so we did - our first wild camp for a very long time!

The vineyard is a lovely setting for a night's stay, helped of course by the wonderful weather we had that weekend.

In between Tribby trips we've been tidying up the garden and painting the outside of the house to make it more appealing for prospective purchasers - we've only had a handful of viewings since we went back on the market.   It's all becoming very frustrating indeed.  It's ok all the time there's nothing on the market that catches our eye.  The agent is now suggesting we drop the price again.   I'll be glad when it's all over!

I've also been busy making Citronella candles for our Tribby trips.   We had some containers that we bought ready made candles in and instead of throwing them away I decided to buy some candle making equipment and reuse them.   Could get a little business going here, although we need some better equipment and a bit of practice!

We had another Tribby trip - this time we tried out a non Camping & Caravanning site at Sumners Ponds at Barns Green near Horsham.   A lovely site mainly for fishing folk but there's lots of lovely walks around the extensive grounds and the village pub and store are a 10 minute walk away.  We've been so lucky with the weather this month - it was only another 2 nights away but still so nice to get away and do very little. 

Very nice site but I don't think we'll come back during the height of the summer season - far too busy!

And in other good news - Tribby passed her MOT on Monday and Danni passed her driving test on Tuesday.  We went out to celebrate last night - Wahaca for dinner and then a trip to the local theatre to watch the Case of the Frightened Lady.   It was excellent as always - Gray O'Brien and Ben Nealon never disappoint.   Danni enjoyed watch a Weasley twin help solve the crime !

 We've just got to wait another couple of weeks before we find out what Danni's graduating with.    Next we're off to the Isle of Wight and the New Forest.

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