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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - Janathon Day 1

So the day has arrived - the first of Janathon!   Welcome to all new readers, hopefully the following 30 blogs won't be too boring.

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year - I hope that 2013 brings you health & happiness.

Cathy (@jogblog) has arranged for some Janathon goodies via Cafe Press.  

There are some lovely t-shirts with the logo on as well as mugs, bags etc, even a babygro.   I quite like the PJs, would be great to slip into those after a hard days exercise and sit & blog in!

So on to today's Janathon exercise.   I've been unable to run since Christmas Eve as I pulled a muscle(s) in my back getting a tshirt out of a drawer - one of those really stupid injuries that catches you by surprise, so no run Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day which was really frustrating.  This has had a big impact on my confidence in getting to the start line of Brighton Half, but hopefully during January I can salvage something.  Lots of advice on Twitter suggesting rest etc so I've given into it and only walked the dog all week. 

This morning, however, and despite a huge headache caused by a sugar overdose from a whole bag of shrimps consumed at the cinema last night, a bottle of Cobra beer and half a bottle of champagne, I decided enough was enough and set out for a run along the "exercise path" as it's fondly known.   My HM plan said 4  miles but I'd previously re-jiggled the plan to do 5 or 6 today.   When I got to the 2 mile point my back didn't feel too bad but it was at that point I decided perhaps I should play it safe and stick to the HM plan rather than do any damage.   Lots of people out enjoying the winter sunshine, mostly walkers and cyclists and only a couple of runners.   

At 3 o'clock I took Archie down to the beach  where we spent ages playing ball on the helipad!  It was really busy on the beach, lots of dogwalkers!

So that's day 1 done and dusted.

Janathon Stats :

Running : 4 miles
Walking : 4 miles
Cross training :Zero - that's for another day
Time spent exercising : 2 hours
Weigh in at 1st Jan 2013 : 66.1 - that figure will hopefully get less not more ;)


  1. nice work, and look after that back. I'm struggling a bit with a tweak that I'm treating by not really resting. But that's because I'm an idiot. You're right about the PJs!

  2. Good stats so far!