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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Back to it - Nearly!

This time last week I was in a fair amount of pain after I pulled a muscle in my back at the weekend.  Having been to the GP that evening and got some tablets, and following a discussion on Twitter about seeing a physio to get me back on the road to Brighton Half Marathon, I made an appointment to see Matt at Studio 57 on Friday afternoon for an initial consultation.

He assessed the situation quickly and following a fantastic half back massage, he released the tension in my back muscles and moved on to some strengthening exercises.  Strictly NO RUNNING of any description until week 3 of the rehab plan.  Lots of tilting, bridges and one legged dips morning and evening for one week, and then week 2 some more exercises with hopefully a view to start jogging in week 3.   Also in week 1, bending down has been banned.  Not helpful when you have an active Jack Russell cross who loves to chase after a thrown ball - yes bending down to pick the darned thing up is essential!  I had to purchase one of these from Poundland :-

The only thing I didn't think about was picking up the poo, so lunges & bending at the knee had to be adopted (sorry Matt if you're reading this), but I am a responsible dog owner and I would be mortified if I had to leave it for someone to tread in, or worse.  It's one of my pet hates as a pedestrian.  I also didn't take into account that I'm one of the clumsiest people around and am forever dropping things - got quite annoying for poor Mr B over the weekend.

So how is the back - well the back is great, none of that flinching pain as I move around, just a small spot where I think the damage is, at the top of my hip.  That is gradually going and every morning when I get up it feels a little better.  I haven't taken any painkillers all week (what a waste of the Diazepam I paid for!)  I've got another appointment with Matt next Tuesday to run through week 2 exercises, apparently he wants to look at box jumps, multi planar lunges and band walking.   I've looked all three up on You Tube and I think I'm going to be in trouble.   Still, if it gets me running again, I just have to go with the flow!  

It's been a very long week, mentally.  I'm not used to being stopped from running, or exercising.  I'm now worried about how my aerobic fitness will be affected, I just have to hope that I can build it up from next weekend gradually to get me back to some decent distance where I feel comfortable attempting to run 13.1 miles on 17th February.    Somebody at work said to me today that I'm way to competitive for my own good, maybe they're right but surely that's what keeps us running.  Without that demon inside that says "run" or "exercise" we wouldn't.  I've been quite down today, but once again my Twitfam have been more supportive than anyone could be.  Thank you all.  

All I need to do now is get through the weekend, see Matt on Tuesday and get some details for week 3's exercise (I won't call it running yet!)


  1. glad your back is better! Take it easy, and don't worry about 17/2, we WILL get around! :)

  2. Yes, follow the rehab plan, so you can be good as new in no time! :-) Wish I could walk your Jack Russell for you & play ball, so you don't have to bend. I'd even pick up his cute little poops! (now that's a real show of how much I wish you were better, just sayin')