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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Janathon Day 2 - Back To Work

Today was the first day back to work - let's hope it's not as much of a trial as last year's return!  So far so good, I have a jar of Quality Street on my desk from a contractor but it's still sealed.  None of the Christmas/New Year birthday cakes materalised either!

Anyone who has read my Juneathon blogs will know that I like to provide a fact of the day (useful or useless is for you to decide!)   Today's fact is that on 2nd January 1979 Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols fame was put on trial for murdering his girlfriend Nancy in 1978.
Nancy & Sid
 A month later, at the age of 21, he took a dose of heroine which killed him.

Today's Janathon exercise consisted of a 2 mile very wet walk round the streets with Archie.   We've run out of nice places to walk thanks to the disgusting weather we've had since June last year.   All the places we love to walk (apart from the beach where we went yesterday)  is just a saturated, muddy puddle.

The second part of Janathon saw the return of the Airwalker.   My Half Marathon training plan has 2 cross training sessions a week and other than joining the gym this is the next best thing.  For anyone who does not know this fabulous piece of kit lives in my attic, along with lots of other exercise kit and a hell of a lot of toot!  So, back to the day's exercise.  Plan said 45-50 minutes so I slogged my way through 50 minutes with the assistance of my Ipod!   Shaun took these delightful photos, along with a video which I won't be adding, firstly because he filmed it on the side and I can't turn it around and secondly it doesn't run properly and at some points I look like I'm about to take off!

Update 3/1/2013 - You Tube video added

Janathon Stats  Day 2:
Running : Zero - back on the pavement pounding for Day 3!
Walking : 2 miles
Cross Training : 50 minutes on the Airwalker
Total time spent exercising : 2 hours (according to Running free)
Naughty stuff eaten - None

Total Janathon Stats 
Running : 4 miles
Walking : 6 miles
Cross training : 50 minutes
Time spent exercising : 4 hours


  1. I want to see the video! Upload it to youtube and if it doesn't rotate itself (mine did the other day), you can rotate it on there.

    1. I've downloaded to youtube, hopefully that will sort it! WHen it's done I'll add it to the blog, specially for you Cathy ;)

  2. I've never been on an airwalker! They look better than being out in the rain, it feels like it hasn't stopped raining for months!

    1. It's good fun, and yes better than getting wet! I don't think it has stopped since June!

  3. "Naughty stuff eaten - none" made me laugh. I had decided to curb my poor eating habits for Janathon... but just now, I breached! I plan to blog it tonight, as the temptation was amusing :-) I'm glad ONE of us is having success with restraint!

    1. I did succumb to a Peanut cookie after I finished the blog but considering what I've eaten over the past few weeks that is restrained. I fancy chocolate but Mr B has put all that out of my short arse reach ;)

  4. Well done! Let me know if you fancy a run some time?

    1. Will do Alma need to sort out when Mr B is off so I can fit it in! Running out of time now!