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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Came Early - New Shoes!

I have recently been receiving the New Balance News via email - it's a nice read, some interesting information about New Balance products, events for the running community and sometimes the offer to review  kit.   One newsletter offered a pair of stability shoes - New Balance 1260 V2.

First impressions were good - they are a lovely colour (Lilac & Silver) and feel quite light ( the New Balance website tells me they weigh 13oz).  They look quite narrow which was a worry to start with as I have "fat feet" but when I tried them on they felt fine.  I wore them around the house that first evening instead of my slippers and my feet didn't feel hot at all.   I did manage a quick jog around the block as I'd had to park Mum's Taxi in a different street.  They felt quite airy, I think they will be good at keeping my feet cool during longer runs.

This is the third pair of New Balance I've run in - my first pair I bought from a ladies sports shop in Brighton which were properly fitted and I had my gait analysed for the first time.   They were a great shoe and they did a lot of miles, more in the gym than on the road.   My second pair I bought from a well known sports outlet, which doesn't have the benefit of trained staff to fit running shoes, and I had a terrible experience with the shoes, spending an absolute fortune on blister plasters.  Since then, as regular readers will know, I have been running in ASICS and a pair of Sauconys!

So back to the New Balance..............

I decided to wear the new shoes for my run on Friday morning.   I was a bit worried about how they were going to stay on my feet as the back felt very low, but having sorted out the lacing actually they stayed on well.  As you are running you can feel the air flowing through them from the toes which helped to keep my feet nice and cool.  5 miles later and there were no blisters, no soreness on the soles of my feet and more importantly post-run I haven't had any aches in my feet,or further up my legs, which means the stability must be correct.  

I am really pleased with these shoes and New Balance seem to have worked quite hard on getting the feel, look, design and mechanics of the shoe just right.  Definitely a thumbs up from me ...... and my feet!  

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  1. Ooooooh they look lovely too. I must get myself a new pair soon to start marathon training to Amazon I go!