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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Janathon Day 3 Meet My New Running Buddy!

Firstly, I must confess to having eaten a Peanut Cookie post-blog last night, oh and a piece of Soreen (without butter).

Contraversial entry in the "fact of the day". Today is the birthday of Mel Gibson, born 3rd January 1956. Mel Gibson is of course famous for films such as Braveheart, Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. He used to be one of my favourite actors but I've kind of gone off him a bit thanks to the bad publicity he has received over the past few years.

Day 2 at work and the dreaded "during Christmas break birthday cakes" have arrived. Unfortunately I did succumb to a 200 calorie doughnut ring but I am hoping that I can now avoid the rest! However, my favourite diet saboteur did tempt me with a Syrup Sponge pudding and custard after dinner tonight. Diet fail on Day 3 - I need to stop giving in.
Today's dog walk Archie and I ventured on to the piece of land locally known as The Dump, it is just that, an old landfill site which up until now has been given over to nature, and lately some huge puddles and mud!

The pathway takes us down on to the banks of the River Ouse (lately subject to a flood warning)

and we have lovely views of the South Downs.

It was good for Archie to be able to play ball today, not something we can do walking the roads, on the lead!

Controversially this land has been sold for £85,000 by our County & District Councils to Kuwaiti Developers Round Table Entertainments who want to build the world's largest indoor waterpark, on the edge of the South Downs in a see through dome akin to the Eden Project, together with 400 bed 4* hotel and car park.   Enough of that, Janathon is supposed to take my mind off it!

I have no idea how far we walked as the settings on my Garmin went a bit haywire, but according to Running Free my total walking is 7, which means we've walked only 1 mile. I'm sure it's further than that but hey, it was a nice walk, and it wasn't raining.

After the dog walk I took my new running buddy for a spin. Hubby bought me this headtorch for Christmas. It's a Silva Jogger.

The Headlamp has 3 Light modes (maximum, minimum (or dip as Shaun likes to call it) and
flashing and emits 45 lumens of light, with a lighting distance of 32 metres. It has a large on/off button that is easy to operate and the battery lasts between 20 and 50 hours and the whole unit weighs in at 82g.   It's easily adjustable and felt quite comfortable on my head, atlhough I did have my headband on, wouldn't want to run with it on my skin, I think I would end up with some horrid marks on my forehead. 

I did a circuit of the industrial estate and then headed out to the "exercise path" to test the 
headtorch. Normally in the pitch black I wouldn't go near the place as it's totally unlit and on the "crapping myself scale of 1 to 10", I would probably be on about 12, but tonight with the 
headtorch and a quickened pace I was only on about 5 or 6. 

My HM Plan said 5 miles so that's what I did, all alone, in the pitch black with my new mate.

Day 3 stats :
Running : 5
Walking : 3
Cross Training : Zero - back tomorrow!
Naughty food eaten : 1 ring doughnut, 1 syrup sponge & custard & 2 maltesers

Total Janathon Stats 
Running : 9 miles
Walking : 7 miles
Cross training : 50 minutes
Time spent exercising : 6 hours


  1. Brilliant. Doesn't Archie look happy! Good miles especially in the dark.

  2. Well done gwtting out there in the dark with a head torch. Very Brave. You'll bw all set for thunder run!

  3. Who wouldn't follow Archie anywhere? He's much more deserving of your adoration than Mel Gibson, I'd say :-) Good job on the exercise, but I'm leery of your diet "control" -- I'll be posting on diet myself, later -- so I should warn you to avert your eyes, lest I trigger further infractions!

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