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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Juneathon week 1

June has arrived which can only mean one thing - it's time for the annual festival of exercise and excuses - Juneathon.

I'm always in two minds whether to bother taking part but this year I was gradually drawn in.  I've been recording my daily "achievements" on the Facebook page rather than filling up the blog (the part which takes the time every day).

1st June  Recovery from double kettlebell/boxercise class the previous night.  Walked the dog in the afternoon - total steps for the day 11,100.   Set up my gym/class/swim membership and booked boxercise classes for the following week.

2nd June Somehow I only managed 8,369 steps (no dog walk always has an impact).  Booked another class for the following week.

3rd June Only 7,319 steps today.  In my defence we were packed up and ready to go away for the weekend in Tribby, and the most active thing I did was to make the up the bed (having drunk rather more wine than I intended!)

4th June  Better steps day today 11,028.  I took my bike away so managed to get out for a 2 hours 15 minute ride that didn't record on the new Garmin, and I got lost because I hadn't set it up quite right.  Lovely route though, lots of hills and quiet country roads around the Petworth, Sussex area.  Another bed making day (yes it has to be done every night).

5th June  Home from campsite today - only managed 3,194 steps (terrible!)  Lots of physical activity though dismantling & packing away.

6th June Woohoo Boxercise Monday - cycled down to the centre and back again on Dawesy, sweated my way through an hour of circuits and punching & crunching.  Steps 12,972.

7th June  Today is double class day - one hour of kettlebells and one hour of boxercise - cycle there and back too. Dog walk - total steps for today 13,330.

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