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Saturday, 25 June 2016

What A Difference a Week Makes

Thanks to the ridiculous summer weather we had no choice but to abandon a Tribby weekend away last weekend, that and the fact that, despite the weather forecast, all our favourite local campsites were fully booked.  Instead we had a nice gentle weekend at home.

On Friday during the worst summer thunderstorm I've experienced in a while we went to our local motorhome dealer to look round some upgrades.  We're not thinking of jobbing Tribby in yet, but if the right one comes up then we might consider it.   We know what we want and what we need now - the main thing being a fixed bed.   I can't be doing the daily bed making up and dismantling forever, it's exhausting and takes ages once you've consumed a jug of Pimms or a bottle wine !!!

Saturday we spent being lazy!

Sunday was Father's Day.  We should really have gone up to visit the parents but lets face it Shaun is a dad too and he wanted to go for a ride, to make up for the previous weeks ride in view of the change in the weather!   So glad we did.   I didn't question where we were going, normally he just says "we'll see how we go" or "depends on whether you want a flat ride or a hilly ride".  I just went with the flow.   Turns out he wanted a hilly ride, setting out from home along to Seaford along National Cycling route 2, down the hill at Exceat, a quick left to Friston Forest and then on up (and up, and up, and up) to the Chapel Hill which takes you into Wilmington (yes that's where the Long Man is).  I've never done that route before but wow what a bastard that hill is - but the view reward at the top is just stunning (the photo doesn't actually do it justice - but it brought a lump to my throat).

Here I come!

Trying not to cry!

Our Green & Pleasant Land
Coffee & Quiche reward !

Not the fastest 30 mile ride but sometimes it has to be about enjoyment - and I actually got my new Garmin to track the whole ride!   I've saved it as a route so hopefully I can take myself out and do it alone ...... maybe !

This weekend we've spent visiting the folks making up for last weekend's selfish activities - weather's still atrocious!   Hopefully we'll be out on the bikes tomorrow!

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