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Monday, 9 January 2017

Janathon Week 1

Here's the info on Janathon Week 1

Sunday 1st January :-

Day 1 Yoga Revolution 
2 dog walks
35 mins on the turbo - about 13kms according to my new computer
9000 steps
10 press ups (including one on my toes)

Monday 2nd January :-

Didn't feel too great today - gripey stomach & nausea

Day 2 of Yoga Revolution
10 press ups (2 on my toes)
8 miles (13km) on the bike (on the road)
3000 steps (yep lazy)

Tuesday 3rd January
 Back to work - bummer

1hr of kettlebells
1hr of Boxercise
14600 steps (included in the 2 hours of exercise)

Wednesday 4th January

Day 3 of Yoga Revolution (yep I'm working 1 day behind
Food shop (boooooo)
10 press ups

Thursday 5th January

Day 4 of Yoga Revolution
10 press ups
Dog walk
10146 Steps   

Friday 6th January

Day 5 of Yoga Revolution
Ran for the bus
Dog walk
10000 Steps
10 press ups

Saturday 7th January

Day 6 of yoga revolution (with spectator), 

10 press ups
1 dog walk, 
1 walk to the chemist for cough meds 
7100 steps

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