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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Janathon Week2

Week 2 already

Sunday 8th January

Feeling proper meh today with this stupid coughing thing - only managed 20 press ups but 5 were on my toes 😀 also went to Lidl to share my germs far and wide

Monday 9th January

Took today off sick - watched lots of crap on the telly.  Took Archie for a walk around the block in the rain.
20 press ups - managed 10 on my toes !!!!!!!  made me feel dizzy so I cancelled boxercise, guess it's not a good idea to go to class and spread the virus and make myself feel even more shit.

Tuesday 10th January

Another day off sick - another day of crap telly & not doing much.  Did manage a dog walk in the afternoon and 20 press ups.

Wednesday 11th January

Back to work (was a big mistake but there's only so much crap telly I can sit and watch - and my work was piling up!)  All I managed today was food shop and 20 press ups. 

Thursday 12th January

Too ill for spin - think I went back to work too soon!   Today's physical exertion including 20 press ups, a 40 step dog walk to the lamppost in the torrential rain and hefting boxes of disposable cups up 3 flights of stairs

Friday 13th January

Dog walk around the park and 20 press ups - 10 on my toes

Saturday 14th January

Shaun working today so morning dog walk with a couple of errands thrown in during the walk.  20 press ups with 11 done on my toes.

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