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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Fitness - what's improved & what still needs work as I hit 50!

Not long now until we enter 2017 - the year I get to celebrate my 50th birthday.   I'm hoping to be a fitter, slimmer and healthier version so here's some observations on where I am and what needs working on.

When I first started at Boxercise I could barely do a single burpee, in fact because of the shinsplint situation I had to go to the lowest impact I could.   Two years later I can now do about 15 without stopping, proper ones, although by the time we get to 10 it ain't pretty and form goes out the window so I'd like to improve that next year.

Mountain climbers make me want to puke.    I can do about 8 each rep but my stomach starts to talking to my head and then I can't do any more.   Would be nice to get to 10.

Push ups are still a major fail - I'd really hoped I would be off my knees this year but it just isn't happening.  I'll keep trying in the hope that 2017 will see me on my toes for at least 1 full push up.   I've also got to perfect tricep push ups,   They're getting better (on my knees).

Claire introduced us to Turkish Get Ups at Kettlebells last week - that definitely needs work.   I can't even get it right without the weight, let alone adding a kettlebell.

I've started to swing a heavier bell - I started on 4kg but a few weeks ago I picked up a 5kg and used that for some moves.   4kg is too low for some of the presses, although add in lots of repetitions and the muscles are screaming.

More core work, sometimes I struggle with my balance but I'm not sure whether some of that is down to my feet and the overpronation.   Even if my core is engaged I'm still wobbling all over the place and my foot is overworking!!

One the bike hill climbing has improved slightly.   I'm less likely to get off unless I totally miscalculate.   Cycling in the Grampians (Australia) this year taught me quite a lot, although grinding up a mountain is a bit different to some of the short, sharp hills in Sussex.   Visualising the smell of the eucalyptus in the early morning sun helps.  I've just found out this visualisation also helps to reduce my blood pressure - even though the nurse taking it thought a little strange!

Good luck to everyone in 2017 - thanks for reading during the last year.

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