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Sunday, 12 February 2012

The one where freezing rain forces 8 mile walk!

Had a good week this week - managed to get out for a run Tuesday and Thursday.   Tuesday ended up being a solo double Industrial Estate circuit as Sue postponed at the last minute.    Thursday was another double Industrial Estate circuit with Sue.

Saturday I took Archie for  a 3 hour walk over the hills.   There was still quite a bit of snow left from the week before, quite deep in places.    It was lovely, not very many other walkers.   We didn't arrive back home until  dark.

Sunday (today) we'd arranged a longer run.  The other two in the week have only been 5-6k and I really want to do some longer runs.   I got changed into my running kit and when I pulled the kitchen blind up it was snowing - which hadn't been forecast.   Ok not a complete disaster I can run in a bit of snow - so I rang Sue - she was cancelling because she was hungover.  Shaun was out with Archie and the snow had changed to freezing rain - he rang me and said it was way too slippery underfoot to contemplate running and he was on his way back to get me so that we could take the dog for a long walk.  I ummed & arred for a bit - really wanting to get out for a run but was it worth hurting myself?  In the end I decided to take Shaun's advice. He came back for me and after half an hour I was layered up ready for a trek across the Downs.

Once again it was amazing - hardly anyone around and still a good lot of snow to make it interesting.   I think I'd actually got too many layers on as I was sweating like a pig nice & toastie with two pairs of trousers and 4 layers on top plus my walking coat!  Quite a lot of sheep out on the hills, some with early lambs so Archie had to stay on his lead for quite a bit of the walk.  We reached a favourite stopping off point The Plough & Harrow at Litlington at just the right time for lunch.   We stopped for a bowl of Spicy Parsnip soup.  Unfortunately they sell Stowford Press made by Westons which just so happens to be one of my favourite ciders so thought I'd do some quality control - well it would be rude not to and I was gasping!

Shaun and I visited Westons in 2010, primarily to check on his tree I bought him!

 My other favourite - the Organics (now called Wyld Wood) is still made from hand picked apples, in oak barrels.
 Supplies !

 Shaun's tree - lots of apples!

Anyway back to today - so although no run was possible thanks to the freezing rain, I did manage to get out and walk 8 miles - wish I'd taken a camera to take some shots of the snow covered hills and a decent photo of the Kingfisher we spotted on the river bank (that's him - the little blob on the end of the branch overhanging the river)!

Hopefully this week will be better running wise, although we have Valentines Day on Tuesday - meals not booked until 8.30pm so hopefully I can get out before we go, and probably no long run Sunday because we're off to spectate at the Brighton Half Marathon.

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