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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Update - the "To Do List"

My last update for the to do list was in August, we're now almost into December 2015 - where has the year gone?

1 Lose Weight

I'm still really struggling with this.  We've got 6 weeks until we go to Australia and I'd love to duck under 11 stone but I've got about 5lbs to lose and my current 1lb on/1lb off status I'm not sure if I'm going to make it.  I'm going to try and get some extra exercise sessions in - Dawesy is on the turbo trainer and when I stop being a wuss about how cold it is in the shed I'll be braving the "man cave" for some sessions.   I've bought a turbo training plan which should help.  I'm going to start going to kettlecise on a Monday too.   I'm trying to keep my step count on target but it's difficult with the current weather conditions and lack of dog walking distance!

2   Read More Books

I've read two more books since August - pathetic I know by some people's standards but there you have it.  I've just started "Little Girl Gone" on my kindle.  I can't decide whether to take the kindle to Australia or get a couple of paperbacks - need to seriously think about that in the coming weeks.

3   Explore Great Britain

Exploring is currently on hold - Tribby is being packed up in the next couple of weeks ready for winter storage but we're already planning next year.   I'll only have 8 days holiday to take between February and December, so careful planning will be essential.  We're already making plans for next year, including our annual pilgrimage to Roubaix, but Easter is first and we're planning a trip to the New Forest in Tribby !

4    Get Running Again   

I was really upset to have to hang up my running shoes having got to week 2 of Couch to 5k.   I really need to get my legs sorted when we come back from Aus, hopefully I will be start running again in a couple of years.

5   Increase the Mileage on the Bike

I took part Pedal in Preston Park again in October.  We didn't quite manage the 50 miles I was hoping for but we did manage to get to 43 miles which has in fact increased my longest ride this year.   Next year there are big plans for the 103km Davina Big Ride in June.  In 2017 we're looking at a London to Paris !

6   Try Some New Recipes

I've tried a couple of new recipes over the last couple of months.  I'm gradually getting  my cooking confidence back after relying for too many years on Shaun.  

7   Australia

My previous post is the last update for Australia plans.   I don't really think there's anything else we can add to the trip apart from general adventures when we get there.   I can't believe we're now actually only 6 weeks to go!

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