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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Planning, Planning & More Planning

We're just about 6 and a half weeks until we depart for Australia and our holiday of a lifetime.  We've gone through crisis with the checked in baggage, annoyed the hell out of our lovely travel agent Claire (poor love) and then run out of things to plan and book.  That was until we had a massive Skype session with Lou and Andy on Saturday night!   We'd just about finished the Sydney side of it and now we're onto the finer details of our stay in Melbourne.   This is where we're at :-

Fly from London to Sydney leaving on 9th January, arriving late on the 10th!

11th - explore Sydney - ferry trip to Manly booked with stop off at whatever takes our fancy - mine is Fort Denison and Shaun's is Shark Island (not many ferries stop there during the day so I'm not sure about that one!)

12th - morning exploring some more - need to have breakfast at the Fish Market, or lunch.

12th - afternoon SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE CLIMB - so ridiculously excited/nervous/anxious about this one.  I'm not great with heights but reading through the blurb on the website I'll be fine.  There will be tears - not sure whether it will be joy/anxiety or what but it will be the chance of a lifetime, and there was absolutely no way I was going to sit at the bottom for 3 hours waiting for Shaun.  I'm a bit gutted that we can't take a camera up with us though!

13th - last minute bits in Sydney before we depart for Melbourne at lunchtime.

14th - chill at Lou & Andy's (think I may need it by then)

15th - to be booked all day LUXURY VINEYARD TOUR of the Yarra Valley IN A CONVERTIBLE MERC!   This is going to be an amazing day.

We already know we're off to Halls Gap in the Grampians for a few days and the Tour Down Under starts in Adelaide on the 17th - Wallunga Hill stage is on the 23rd so I'm guessing we'll be leaving Halls Gap on the 22nd.

The Australian Open Tennis is on while we're there too - Andy's looking into it!

Australia Day is the 26th when we're back in Melbourne and I'd love to go to the parade - need to let Lou and Andy know about that one.

No idea what we will do until we leave on the 31st - guess I need to do some more research on Melbourne.

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