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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Letter to a Scumbag

Dear Scumbag

Please accept my apologies for not addressing you with your correct name, unfortunately that's your fault as you were too cowardly to introduce yourself.

Just over a week ago you for some reason which I am yet to comprehend you decided in the small wee hours to vandalise my vehicle.  I thought at first you wanted to steal my car but it would appear that the latest form of vehicle vandalism is to destroy the lock.   Whilst in itself this doesn't affect the aesthetic look of the car, nor does it affect the locking mechanism it does cost an absolute arm and a leg to mend.   I've ignored the massive scratch on the paintwork, after all with the paintwork damage from other car drivers who have little care for other people's possessions this pales into insignificance.

Having now had the damage inspected and set up a claim through my insurance the total cost of repair is going to be £500 plus VAT.   Luckily it wasn't any higher, the car only has a book value of £800 and would have been written off by the insurance company.  There is actually nothing else wrong with the vehicle, it's very reliable so writing it off would have been hard to bear.

The worst thing about this whole situation is that this car was bought with my own hard saved cash, it's not a lease vehicle, nor am I paying extortionate loan repayments.  No, I worked hard and saved to buy the car I wanted.  I'm hoping that one day Karma will come back to bite you on the arse when you have something that you've worked hard to save for and some little scrote destroys your faith in humanity, and your property.

Good luck with the rest of your life scumbag, you got away with this one but one day your luck will run out or you will grow up and see the error of your ways.


Lil B

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