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Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Years Resolutions - No Thanks

I've always been pretty rubbish at sticking to New Years resolutions and most years I haven't bothered making any.  I'm not a "plan" person, I'm more of "wing it" and in the last couple of years I've learnt to go with the flow.  Plans get screwed up, life gets in the way and then you have to make new plans, there's not much point in plans! 

I'm always being told I should plan my meals during the week but I can't do that, I never know what I want until I want it, and neither do Danni & Shaun.    The only plans we make are holidays - that's it, all that's on the calendar is Shaun's rest days and when we can go on holiday!

A couple of days ago I found an email in my inbox from Pinterest inviting me to start a board showing the things I'd like to do in 2015 - that sounds far more like me.  Nothing is set in stone, these are the things I've chosen :-
  1. Lose weight - yes I know this is probably a given, but rather than a NY resolution I'm going to try a different approach.  I have yet to work out what that is but I have to lose this weight.
  2. Read more books - I love reading and up until I got married if I wasn't out I was reading - a proper bookworm.   I need to find time, or maybe use my time more wisely and get through a few more books than currently.  At the moment I'm reading my third Peter James but also have lots on my Kindle and some paperbacks in the house which haven't been read yet.  I've got quite diverse tastes in reading material but I love autobiographies and have a couple of cycling ones to read.   I also love crime books, hence the Peter James.
  3. Now that we've got Tribby I'd like to explore Great Britain  more - we've spent a lot of holidays in the South, South East and the West Country.  Very few holidays north of London (apart from York last year).  I've never been to Wales, which at nearly 49 years old upsets me.   Shaun's never been to Scotland apart from Stranrar and I'd like him to see the Highlands.
  4. The next one is obvious - to get running again which will probably kind of tie in with No 1!
  5. I'm going to increase the mileage on the bike this year.   Last year's highest mileage was 37 miles.  I'd like to get to 50 this year, or somewhere near it.
  6. I have a whole load of cookery books which I've collected over the years.  This year I'd like to try a few more recipes from those books and the piles of paper I've torn out of magazines.   At the moment Shaun does a lot of the cooking so I think it's time I took back control in the kitchen!
  7. The biggest to do on this year's list is planning our trip to Australia.   At the moment we're going in January 2016 so that we can spend as much time with Lou, Andy and the girls and maybe even take in some of the Tour Down Under (the first Grand Tour on the calendar).  Having looked at flight prices we may have to amend that and go slightly later before winter sets in.
Here's a link to my 2015 board I might add some more stuff over the next couple of months as I think of things.  

So that's it, not much but it will be nice to see where the "To Do List" has gone in 12 months time.   Hopefully this time next year I'll be updating the blog with posts from the other side of the world !

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