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Sunday, 29 March 2015

To Do Update

Can't believe I haven't blogged for nearly 3 months - where has the time gone?

I thought I'd update the blog on how the To Do in 2015 list is going.

On the losing weight front I've lost 5lbs.   Not entirely sure whether this is due to starting Intermittent Fasting (or 5:2), or if it's a mixture of IF and exercise.   I've been taking part in Jantastic so have had the motivation to get out and do sprint sessions and interval training on the turbo and do a 10 mile ride once a week.   I've also started a spin class one night a week (I may be a little in love with indoor cycling) and I'm still doing the Boxercise class once a week.  I really need to find some motivation to do some free weights at home as well.   The secret of getting through fasting days is to eat tasty and filling food but keep the calories down.    Starting 5:2 has enabled me to cook more - ok so it's only 2 nights a week but that's a start, and normally I'm the one who cooks Sundays.   So that's 2 "to do's" in one.  To add on to that I've also been cooking more.   I'm in charge of cooking dinner on fast days !

On the reading front this has been a bit hit and miss, and I really must try harder to fit in more.   I started reading "Inside the Peloton : My Life as Professional Cyclist" by Nicolas Roche,

but I was finding it a bit hard going so I've put it to one side and started reading the next Peter James book on my Kindle.

We're now getting Tribby ready for the first big trip of the year - Paris-Roubaix bike race.   We put all the seating back in a few weeks ago and used the van when Shaun did a sportive.   It was great to send him off on his 50 miler and go back to the van and have a cup of tea and read for a while.  When he got back he was able to have a decent hot cup of tea and some recovery cake for free.   It also meant he could get changed out of his cycling kit & travel home in his civvies. I'm sure there will be other trips out soon although there don't seem to be many weekends that Shaun is off!

I still haven't braved any running - I'm going to wait until it's a bit warmer.   I've been going out once a week and doing a 10 mile ride and even one week managed 23 miles so hopefully when the weather gets a bit better we'll be getting out on longer rides.   I've just signed up to take part in the Diva Sussex event with my buddy Nik.  40 miles around Sussex in a ladies only event, so I'm going to need to get out and do some serious distances soon.

Our trip to Australia is still on for January 2016 - we're keeping an eye on the flights.   We've finally decided it's either going to be Cathay or Malaysian Airlines, stopping off in either Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we get booked up.

So the to do list is going fairly well.

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