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Friday, 27 December 2013

#Run With An idea 8 - My biggest running achievement of 2013 / My biggest running disappointment of 2013

This week's discussion topic is a review of 2013 - highs and lows!

So my biggest running achievement has to be "running" my first half marathon at Brighton in February.  I'd been training really well and then injured my back on Christmas Day.   Following some physio and a 3 week break from running I managed to get up to 9 miles just before the half.  I had to adjust my finishing goal (I'd already set a 2 hr 30 min finish time) to just get round.  I didn't run all of it - there were a couple of walk breaks.   However my proudest moment of the day was crossing the line ten minutes over my original finish time and I beat Batman!   Gutted I won't be able to run it in 2014.

My biggest running disappointment has to be accepting my shinsplint injury and missing 4 races because of it.  I can't believe how stupid I was running through the calf and shin pain (my final 10k event in July was barely running I was in so much pain).   I've learnt rather a big lesson through this whole thing.  I have to warm up properly before running and I have to stretch and foam roll after, and do some kind of strengthening work alongside the running. 

Something which disappointed me at the time was my slow run at Bedgebury (although it's not surprising now I know why) and my near personal worst at South Coast Run.

I've not booked anything or set any targets for next year yet - just to get back running and enjoying being out on the roads and I have changed my mind about joining in with Janathon and I've set up a short term membership at LA Fitness!

Let me know what your highs and lows were and head over to Run with an Idea to see what everyone else's achievements were!

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  1. Very glad you are doing Janathon - see you at the meet up!