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Friday, 13 December 2013

#Run With An Idea 7 - Why I Won't be Running on Christmas Day

The discussion blog #Run With An Idea is back!

This week's topic is a double header, although I've chosen the "negative one" - Why I will be running on Christmas Day/Why I won't be running on Christmas Day.

The last two years I've been super motivated to run over the Christmas break.  Unfortunately last year I pulled a muscle in back on Christmas morning getting dressed (yes I know, stupid way to pull a muscle!)  I couldn't have run Christmas Day anyway because we're always travelling somewhere for the festivities, but the previous year I did manage a Boxing Day run whilst staying at my parents - which was great.  A fresh place to run and a trip down memory lane all in one and a good way of burning all those excess Christmas dinner calories.

Unfortunately this year I won't be running on Christmas Day as my trip to physio on Monday means that I'm still not running until the New Year at the earliest (Cathy's not back at work until the 6th January)!  The shins are still too sore to contemplate running so instead I'm stuck with cycling (either in the gym or on the turbo), X Training, swimming and walking.  I'll also be dusting off the gym ball and free weights, and maybe the Davina DVDs will make an appearance.

If I had the opportunity to run on Christmas Day I think I would take it with both hands - what better way to set you up for the over indulgence.  Obviously some will say they'd never run on Christmas Day - it's time to spend with the family, relaxing and having fun.  However, I do think if it's your way of dealing with stress and you feel the need to run then do - even if it's only a couple of miles.  You'll de-stress, burn off some calories and be far more relaxed than you would if you hadn't been out!

So, would you run on Christmas Day?   

Are you dead against the idea and would rather spend your day doing family stuff? 

Come and join the discussion on Run With An Idea where you'll find lots of other people discussing the same topic.

Discussion blogs will be back in 2 weeks with a fresh topic.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry that you are injured :( Hope you recover soon!