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Friday, 30 August 2013

It's official - I am Injured

Yep time to fess up - I have been running through my calf pain for quite some time now and yesterday I could put it off no longer - I had to get to the physio!

After a chat to ascertain what the problem was Matt did some investigations into the pain in my calves and shins.  It was quite painful especially the mid point on my shin.   Apparently I have a high pain threshold which is why I've continued to run through (or is it just that I didn't want to accept the inevitable?)  I'm also very naughty and don't warm up properly before or stretch after, and only occasionally (once a week) a session on the foam roller.

Matt did some deep tissue massage on my calves - I think at one point there was a 12 on the 1 to 10 pain scale, although he didn't quite reduce me to tears.   I've had ultrasound on my shins too, and now I'm taped up on both legs to aid recovery.

I've been given strict instructions - absolutely NO RUNNING for at least 2 weeks (bet it'll be longer!) and no walking hills with the dog or going further than about 3 or 4 miles, which quite frankly is a pain.   With the days becoming cooler I was looking forward to getting on the Downs with Archie for some longer walks instead of our little walks we've been doing in the heat, and I was looking forward to getting out running!

I've got some exercises to do throughout the day, including toe pumps, and foam roller for 10 minutes every evening while I'm watching the telly.  Back to Matt in 7 days for another assessment and some more ultrasound.

I'm hoping to get some swimming in whilst I'm not allowed to run - that's on the "can do" list.   Shaun was hoping to get me on the bike soon, but that's on the "no, not at the moment" list!   I'm going to be a nightmare getting through this injury.   Oh well, it's all my own fault - yes lesson learned!

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  1. Downward facing dog is fantastic for calf muscles. I've almost doubled my mobility since doing them for the last month - I used to have insanely tight calves!